Sydney White and the Seven Ways to Watch a Movie

Sydney White isn’t winning any awards. Did it go straight to DVD or maybe it just seems that way? But that’s what’s beautiful about being a movie buff today. It doesn’t really matter anymore if you come across a movie on HBO 7, Starz 12, USA, LMN, OnDemand, NetFlix, iTunes, MovieLink, torrents or in the theater.

Sure, the immediacy of it all changes things, and maybe it will be harder to compare notes with someone in the office, but movies are like the Mississippi delta, distribution splinters into thousands of tributaries. And coming to a movie late, might actually mean you can tap into a community of fans that already exists.

Movies get revived all the time. Last week, What Women Want played back to back to back on TNT, and wouldn’t you know, Yahoo! Answers was a abuzz with people asking each other about the movie.

So goes Sydney White. My wife kept on pinging it when we browsed through pay per view. It never rose to the top. But yesterday, with the well dry, she pulled it up. What do you know – not altogether bad. In fact, the best part about it may have been the music. There were a couple artists most people could easily spot in a lineup: Rihanna, Jesse McCartney, Veronicas and a surprisingly subdued treatment of Dashboard Confessional’s Stolen. The movie came out last year, before the song broke big.

All in all, 31 songs round out the soundtrack for Sydney White, including songs from Boomish, Click Five, The Drop, Gabriel Mann, Lil’ Wendy and Transport, none of which made it to the official soundtrack album.

No surprise really. But then again, maybe it is. There are soundtrack albums for some truly bad movies featuring music that’s even worse. I guess that’s where ReelSoundtrack comes in. Maybe it’s a good thing studios don’t recognize the value of 30 eclectic songs that tell the story of a movie that only a million people will see, but for whom 100,000 will truly enjoy it and seek information about it. The long tail of soundtracks. Welcome: it’s ReelSoundtrack Enjoy.

And for your listening pleasure, here is Stolen by Dashboard Confessional:


~ by montelutz on July 1, 2008.

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