Hellboy 2 Soundtrack: Devilishly Good

Hellboy 2 was really entertaining. I enjoyed almost all of the movie (except for the awkward Hellboy as a boy scene at the beginning – it just kind of tripped me out). But it was funny, aggressive, visually stunning and enjoyable. The music also held its own. The “Can’t Smile Without You” duet between Hellboy and Abe was priceless. Although I could have done without the big red shower scene (thankfully it was discrete), the use of “Beautiful Freak” by the Eels was perfect. I even enjoyed the surprising snippet of Travis’s “All I Want to Do is Rock.” The last song – Noir by Red is for Fire – was also fitting.

Too bad the studio soundtrack only has the score from Danny Elfman. A good score, but I would have appreciated even a few of the songs. It’s a crime not to include the movie version of “Can’t Smile Without You” on the soundtrack album. The album rates an 8/100 – only 1 of the 12 songs from the movie is on the soundtrack album. But at least you can find all of the songs from the movie, including videos and downloads for them, at ReelSoundtrack. Hope you enjoy.

And here’s Beautiful Freak by the Eels. It’s only the song with the album cover as a visual – not really a video but the song holds its own.


~ by montelutz on July 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Hellboy 2 Soundtrack: Devilishly Good”

  1. Great score…was it my imagination or at the end did I hear some of the score from Lady in the Water (or a possible variation)?

  2. The song that is missing from this is Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in a Major – Adagio.

    This plays as Abe puts his lenses in to meet the Princess.

  3. Thank you !!!!
    I have dysphasia.
    Perhaps life is beautiful !!!
    Beautiful song in the movie Hellboy 2 !

  4. Thanks for this post. I’ve been trying to gather up all the music from the movie. Discovered “Why” by Poet in Process, which played during their arrival to the Troll Bridge. I could only find it on the bands MySpace page though. Apparently, it’s just part of a demo.

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