Take a Chance on the Mamma Mia Soundtrack

I just had to do it. I could not resist. Did not know which was worse, this headline or one of the many others that popped to mind: Fernando, you have to hear this song; Super Troupers, this soundtrack is super duper; this soundtrack is money, money, money; or…I do, I do, I do, I do love this music.

They all reveal a secret of mine that I must confess. I’m secretly (or maybe not quite as secretly as I think) a huge ABBA fan. I may not own every album. Okay maybe, I only own the greatest hits. But I have plenty of the individual songs. And my Pandora channel boasts my fan-dom well. Sure, I can appreciate Dancing Queen, even if it is overplayed ad infinitum (I will still belt it when it comes on), but I am more of a Fernando, Waterloo, SOS, Take a Chance on Me kind of guy. Any time one of the songs pops up, my day eases up just a bit.

So the movie Mamma Mia is a musical field day for me. The cast of Mamma Mia recreates ABBA admirably. I suspect that there will be many people whose curiosity will be piqued enough to dip past the soundtrack album and into the original music. Let me also hazard a guess that there will be a healthy number of really bad karaoke performances and American Idol auditions of some truly good pop songs in the coming year.

The soundtrack to Mamma Mia does not disappoint. Eighteen of the 21 songs from the movie are on the album. There’s one extra song – The Name of the Game, that is on the album but was not in the movie. I imagine it will be in the director’s cut.

If you want to check out the videos and downloads for all of the songs, you can visit the Mamma Mia page on ReelSoundtrack. And for your listening pleasure, here’s the “video” for SOS from the movie:

And here’s the original ABBA video for Waterloo:


~ by montelutz on July 15, 2008.

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