X-Files Soundtrack: I Wanted to Believe But Couldn’t

The new X-Files movie was alright. It wasn’t as scary, freaky, weird, mind-blowing or curious as the series was. I know the first movie had its critics, but I liked that one a lot more than X-Files: I Want to Believe. Like many other fans, I wanted to believe that the sequel could deliver, but it really couldn’t.

(SPOILER ALERT)The best moment of the entire deal was when Skinner was the guy Scully called in after she told Xzibit he didn’t have the juevos to get the job done. Where was the crazy twist? Where was the truly supernatural? Where were the giant questions? This was a bit blah.

The soundtrack was just as mealy as the movie. Besides UNKLE’s version of the X-Files theme, there were only a couple other songs: Dying 2 Live by Xzibit, Memories Child by Jamison Young, Ooh La La by Deborah Poppink, Broken by UNKLE and the theme to the Jeffersons.

The original movie was certainly more of a musical spectacle. While there were only three songs actually in the movie – by X, Foo Fighters and Noel Gallagher (of Oasis fame) – the soundtrack album also featured songs from Filter, Tonic, Ween, Sting, Cardigans, Better Than Ezra, The Cure, Bjork, Soul Coughing and the Dust Brothers. That’s quite a collection. Somebody was definitely trying to sell some albums.

In comparison, you can easily skip the soundtrack to I Want to Believe. If you want to pick off any of the individual songs, you are welcome to watch the videos for them and/or download them directly from ReelSoundtrack.

Here’s Broken by UNKLE – a pretty good song if I do say so myself. If I listen to it enough, maybe I’ll reevaluate the entire soundtrack. Not there yet.


~ by montelutz on July 30, 2008.

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