Swing Vote Music: A little bit country, a little bit Rock ‘N Roll

I am a political junkie, so it is safe to say that I will see Swing Vote this weekend and will probably like it, even if it is not very good (Disney does politics?). I hope it does not get too schlocky. Maybe that’s too much to ask; after all, it is based on the idea that one voting machine in one precinct flubbed a single vote, and that will make the difference in who is the next president. I’m not saying it’s impossible for this to occur, but it would be highly unlikely that in such a situation, there wouldn’t be lawsuits and countersuits and a whole hell of a lot of other people who would come out of the woodwork with stories of how they were equally or more sinisterly disenfranchised.

But HBO just made that movie/documentary, Recount, so I will suspend political reality completely and focus instead on what really matters – the music.

The soundtrack to Swing Vote is quite good actually: 23 songs in the movie, including classic country (Willie Nelson and Marshall Tucker Band), tejano (including Bertin y Lalo, Xocoyotzin Herrera and Mariachi La Estrella) as well as a host of other styles. There’s “In Spite of Me” by Morphine, “Ten Years Ahead” by Soundtrack of our Lives and even a little David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame. It wouldn’t be a movie without a Moby song, so you can throw “Flower” into the mix as well.

There are four songs from Kevin Costner’s band Modern West as well. By the previews, it looks like they may take center stage for parts of the movie. If he gets any writing credit for the film, it will be for finding creative ways to cross-promote his band. (Heard that last year he agreed to attend a showing of Field of Dreams at the original cornfield it was filmed in, if they would let Modern West play a set at the event.) Whatever it takes. Their music suits the movie, so there aren’t too many objections here.

You can find the videos and downloads for the songs from Swing Vote at the ReelSoundtrack Web site. Hope you enjoy the tunes – and the movie too. For your listening pleasure, here is Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson:

And another: Flower by Moby:


~ by montelutz on July 31, 2008.

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