Bottle Shock Music Bottles a Bit of 70s Rock and a Heck of Story

Bottle Shock is about the little California wine industry that could. In the 1970s, as the upper crust win world dismissed California wines as moonshine concoctions of cowboys and hippies, a California winery got the chance to prove the world wrong in a blind taste test against the French masters. If you are drinking California wines today, you can guess the outcome of the event.

Even knowing how the story ends, the movie takes you on one hell of a ride. And it has a pretty good soundtrack to take you there. While I would have hoped for some more music of the age, there are a couple songs from Foghat, Bad Company, America and the Allman Brothers to set the stage.

They did not release a soundtrack album, but you can check out the videos and downloads for all the songs from the movie at ReelSoundtrack. And here’s some good ole 70s rock for your listening pleasure. It’s Rock Steady by Bad Company :


~ by montelutz on August 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bottle Shock Music Bottles a Bit of 70s Rock and a Heck of Story”

  1. Going to a tasting in Orange County at Hi-Time Wine Cellars this Saturday, August 23rd, that is based on the movie. It is a blind tasting that runs around $40. Hopefully they play some of the tunes as well!!

  2. I just added in you to my blogroll, come visit my website and see what you think!

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