Suckered in by Ellen Page: It’s the Music from Smart People

So I was suckered into Smart People (complete soundtrack here) because of Ellen Page. I loved Juno, and had high expectations for this movie as well. I liked it. Aptly titled: smart and funny it is. But the best part about it is that I am a bit smarter musically after having seen it. I learned that Nuno Bettencourt, whose music is featured prominently throughout the movie, was the lead guitarist in the band Extreme, famous for 90s rock ballads like “More than Words.” That was certainly a guilty pleasure in its day. I did not make the connection before watching Smart People.

Nuno’s post-Extreme efforts require much less guilt. In fact, whether it’s his duets with Suze DeMarchi or his original music played by Population 1, there are nine Nuno Bettencourt songs in the movie. Add a few from the Baby Animals and Jennifer Paige, and you have quite a good soundtrack.

Too bad the studio did not release an album. But that’s okay, because all the songs from the movie are on ReelSoundtrack.

And here are a couple videos from Nuno Bettencourt: QPD

Rest in Peace:


~ by montelutz on August 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Suckered in by Ellen Page: It’s the Music from Smart People”

  1. Did anyone esle notice that one song from this soundtrack is a complete duplicate of “That’s the way” by Led Zeppelin?- Darin Robinson

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