Music from Hamlet 2: To Buy or Not to Buy; that is the question

I have not seen Hamlet 2 yet, but I saw the original Hamlet twice, so does that count? I am a bit divided about seeing it. I think South Park is hilarious, but the previews for Hamlet 2 are a bit wanting.

The soundtrack is fairly intriguing though. There are 18 songs in the movie Hamlet 2, two of which are one-time hits: What It’s Like by Everlast and The Look of Love by ABC. But most of the songs are originals by Ralph Sall, including the much talked about Rock Me Sexy Jesus and the less talked about (so far) Gay as the Day is Long. The movie is all about shocking sensibilities, so it’s not surprising that a song called Raped in the Face is on their too. There’s also three songs by All Too Much.

You can check out the videos and downloads for the songs yourself at ReelSoundtrack.

Here’s What It’s Like by Everlast:

And The Look of Love by ABC:


~ by montelutz on August 28, 2008.

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