Carter Burwell Delivers a Spy Noir Soundtrack for Burn After Reading

Based on the previews of Burn After Reading, I was expecting a light movie and a playful soundtrack to go with it – more like the bowling scene in The Big Lebowski than Javier Bardem blowing a stag hole in somebody’s forehead in No Country for Old Men. Maybe it was the Brad Pitt tracksuit that had me thinking powder puff. But you never know with the Coen Brothers, so I had to sit back and listen.

The soundtrack from Carter Burwell (who also did Lebowski and No Country, as well as A Knight’s Tale, In Bruges, It Could Happen to You and Fur to name a few) has quite a bit more heft to it. The tracks are suspenseful, engaging and tense. Listening to the album, I could just as well be watching a noir spy flick or scenes from No Way Out – even the next Bourne movie – minus the Moby track that always plays at the end.

The soundtrack album itself is only Burwell’s score, but there are 18 other songs in the movie. It won’t be easy finding them though. About the only one I could find was Something I Shouldn’t Have Had by Revolvo. The complete list of songs from Burn After Reading, and as many of the Amazon and iTunes links that I could muster are at

And for shits and giggles, here’s the German version of the Burn After Reading trailer. It popped up as the first one on YouTube, which was just too perfect to pass up.


~ by montelutz on September 12, 2008.

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