Music from Made of Honor: Bringing Back Oasis

The studio did not release a soundtrack for Made of Honor. It’s a shame. There’s some great music in the movie, including Dashboard Confessional, Oasis, Kanye West, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and some good Scottish tunes by Jimmy Shand. Not to mention Battle Without Honor or Humanity by Tomoyasu Hotel, Smash Mouth’s Walkin’ on the Sun and Henrietta by the Fratellis.

There are 23 songs in all – a good lot. You can find the videos and downloads for the songs from Made of Honor at

Here’s a sample of the tunes. Stolen by Dashboard Confessional:

And Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis:


~ by montelutz on September 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Music from Made of Honor: Bringing Back Oasis”

  1. There’s a song on the ending credits of Made of Honor that of which I think is by Akon but can’t locate what song it is, can anyone help me?

  2. bay lam ban a

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