James at the 9:30 Club – this is why you show for the show

Saw James tonight. First show in DC in about a decade. First time to ever see them live – after about 10,000 spins of their music. The show was like a time warp back to another time and yet omni-in-the-present as well.

Ring the Bells, Don’t Wait that Long, Laid, Sit Down – they were all there. No Booth and the Bad Angel, but I did not expect that anyway. Just Tim Booth looking like Michael Stipe’s doppelganger but belting the songs with a fervor that is not fully understood until you hear him live.

The band was nothing short of brilliant. A sold out show at the 9:30 club that was the perfect size – just small enough to be intimate, just large enough to channel the mnemonic energy of 2,000 strong. The show made me want to move into the city and camp on the stoop of every concert venue in town.

To James: thank you. And to any and all readers: trust me, seeing this show is the best 20 bucks you have spent in a decade.

Update: I like Information Leafblower’s take on the show – particularly his call for someone to post the live version of Sometimes, complete with the crowd keeping the song going for an extra five minutes. Absolutely amazing experience.

Pardon me, as I slip into my headphones and pray that someone on Qik caught at least portions of the concert for the rest of the world to see (and for those who were fortunate enough to be there to, to relive). If my neighbors would not crucify me, I would turn the stereo to 11 right here and now.

Tim Booth of James singing live

Tim Booth of James singing live


~ by montelutz on September 19, 2008.

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