Music from My Best Friend’s Girl – 40 Songs – and yes The Cars are among them

Jason Biggs is in love with Kate Hudson, but she’s in love with somebody else – a handsome funny guy, with an off-kilter nose: Owen Wilson. No, that was real life. Dane Cook. Yes, Dane Cook. Thankfully, the movie My Best Friend’s Girl ends better than real life. No Us Weekly covers for this dalliance. It also has a better soundtrack.

We’re talking 40 songs in the movie, including Malbec, Nena, Duffy, Tom Petty, The Kooks, Teddy Thompson covering Journey’s Separate Ways, and of course, The Cars with “My Best Friend’s Girl.”

This is a great soundtrack, only a quarter of which is on the soundtrack album that was released for the movie. Not to worry, the videos and downloads for almost all the songs are on

Here’s a preview – “Mercy” by Duffy. Love this song. The world can survive without Amy Winehouse after all:

And of course, Ric Ocasek of The Cars singing My Best Friend’s Girl. She used to be mine…


~ by montelutz on September 19, 2008.

26 Responses to “Music from My Best Friend’s Girl – 40 Songs – and yes The Cars are among them”

  1. Hello… I was trying to find the slow song in the movie. I just saw the movie yesterday and I have forgotten the lyrics by the way I got home. I think you can help me so…? Please 🙂
    Thank you very much! Greeting from Romania by the way… 🙂


  3. hello…i’ve been trying to find a song from the movie!i saw it 3 times to catch the lyrics but i couldnt find it…so its in one of the last scenes where dane and kate are running and running and running!its like “toto”style 80s song…but i’m not sure if its that old!!!!

  4. I want to know what the song is that is being played when Dane takes Kate to the prom. They were kind of into the dancing a bit. Anyone know?

  5. 99 balloons

  6. whats that songs name… pop that pussy or whatever hes saying

  7. Hello, the music when Dane Cook walks diabolic up the church floor to Kate sisters wedding, is it Johnny Cash ?

  8. hello, i have been trying to figure out the song’s name that was played while dustin was driving the car in the rain (at 53th minute).
    plz sum1 help me 😦 .. thnx

  9. the name of the song is actually pop that pussy by 2 live crew..i love that song..and i am a girl lol lol

  10. trying to find the name of the song that is played at the end of the Movie when Dane Cook and Kate Hudson are running…. On the Soundtrack John Debney did a composition of it and it’s titled “best friends again/I Love you.” I’ve heard the song before on some youtube videos that are unavailable now. I know that it has been sung by a guy in an acoustic version.

  11. tor maere chudi

  12. ”Hello, the music when Dane Cook walks diabolic up the church floor to Kate sisters wedding, is it Johnny Cash ?”

    music is ‘The Man Comes Around – Jeff Walker Und Die Fluffers’

  13. Yes it is johnny cash

  14. does anyone know the small instrumental clip when dane and kate meet for the first time while jogging in the park? it plays when dane falls and sees kates face for the first time. that instrumental clip plays a few times in the movie.

  15. whats that song kate hudson sings in the car when her and dane go on their first date?
    its really funny..I cant find it anywhere

  16. Please anyone… I need to kwon the name of the song instrumental when Dane Cook is running to apologise with Kate Hudson in the park. PLEASE!!!!

  17. whats that songs name, at 31th minute?

  18. Hello, I want to learn how to play the song called on the 31 minute and 22 sec? Sorry for the mistakes. I do not speak English.

  19. what is the song when tank gets kicked out of alexis’ sisters wedding and he’s walking all alone?

  20. whats is the song that plays after tanks leave the bar that his dad was at and looks up at dustys window

  21. what is the slow song kate and dane r slow dancing to at the prom, i think it was the last song they danced to

  22. heyy, kay well im trying to find that one song…it goes pop that pussy. the song by 2live crew sounds a little diffrent. can someone please help.:)

  23. Can anyone please tell what was the song that was being played at the begining of the wedding where kate come outside to look for dane and then they meet and admire eachother’s dressing, where kate introduces her brother-in-law to dane??

  24. what was the name of the song that is playing in the background at the prom. When Dane is talking to a guy at the table?

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