Ghost Town is Alive and Kicking: You Must See it and Listen to it

I loved this movie. It may be the best film I have seen this year. Too many movies have teased with intriguing previews this year, only to fall short when it comes to the actual film. Thankfully Ghost Town delivers on the promise.

The details of the movie cracked me up: the fact that Greg Kinnear took his BlackBerry with him when he crossed over; the sheer size of that massive beast of a dog and his…, that Jordan Collier (aka Bill Campbell) played the boyfriend, that spray tan smells like good dirt, and so many more.

The music was as perfectly cast as the actors themselves. Here are the pivotal songs from the movie.

>The movie opens with the Beatles singing “I’m Looking Through You.”

>The next memorable music moment comes with they set the date to meet at 4 PM, while Brendan Benson’s “What I’m Looking For” guides the scene.

>The hail storm is blanketed by Citizen Cope’s song “Sideways.”

>Before the good dentist goes to the museum, “Which Way Your Heart Will Go” by Mason Jennings is playing.

>The climactic scene with the second bus features Wilco singing “Please Be Patient with Me.”

>As the final credits roll, “The Heart of Life by John Mayer plays.

Here are a couple of the videos from the movie. The rest of the videos and downloads from Ghost Town are at

Sideways by Citizen Cope:

Please Be Patient With Me by Wilco:


~ by montelutz on September 20, 2008.

13 Responses to “Ghost Town is Alive and Kicking: You Must See it and Listen to it”

  1. Thanks for posting that! I saw this movie yesterday and I’m happy to know the titles of the songs that played in it!

  2. A well tasted movie been released and it is none other than Ghost town. as holly wood been accept Ricky Gervais makes his mark with it. They are just arrived with so much enthusiasm. Until the end, never to take eyes away. Because it was a fun based action all around.

  3. Amazing blog with great information!!

  4. Thanks for posting. Great Soundtrack to a very amusing film !

  5. Thank you so much for posting! I was looking everywhere for the song titles and your site had great information!

  6. TOTALLY AWESOME MOVIE! Loved everything about it, what great music! Makes one really think…. and want to look up and smile instead of take everything so serious.

  7. thank you so much for the song info, I absolutely agree with you on all the details in the movie and how cohesive they are with the music. I needed to know the song when hail storm happened, that was a high moment for me, and here you are with the info! thanks a lot!! I have seen this movie twice and still loving it. Gag reflex…hahahah!

  8. This feeling won’t wo away!!!
    I just loved it

  9. loved this movie too. love can turn a person’s world around — from a snob dentist to a funny and friendly one. a great movie about letting go and moving on.
    loved the songs too! thanks to your blog, got all of them in one click. 🙂

  10. “thanks to your blog, got all of them in one click”

    i wanna download this soundtrack too,but i just dono how

  11. j ai vraiment aimé le film et j ai cherché le soundtrack thanks for all this informations i really enjoy this movie for the feeling they make my i was so funny in the first time after a little sade but so sweet voile aurevoir lol

  12. nice movie..
    want to download the soundtracks but not getting it.. 😦

  13. Thanks for posting…very cute and lovely movie…refreshing. Ricky Gervais was perfect. Kinnear was great. Tea is absolutely beautiful. Makes you wonder if one of the writers was a SEINFELD fan…Dr. Pincus!! (Pincus was a character from a Seinfeld episode…a dry cleaner!! “Poor little Pincus”…Cosmo Kramer). Watched on HBO last weekend for first time. I honestly had never heard of this movie and watched for lack of nothing better on TV. A very simple, tastefully done, funny, yet moving film. I was quite touched by it. DVR’d it and watched it again just to pick up on more of the humor…very subtle lines and circumstances…”and they put his penis in this large jar….why?…well, you saw the size of his penis; it wouldn’t fit in a small jar”!!! I made my wife watch it tonight and she thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Just downloaded the soundtrack on I-Tunes…nice songs from artists that I am little familiar with. Thanks again for posting

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