Beverly Hills Chihuahua Soundtrack – Uninspired or a Campy Good Time?

I cannot decide if the music to Beverly Hills Chihuahua is blatant and uninspired or just predictable enough to be campy and good fun. I guess you could say the same thing about the entire movie, featuring a talking Chihuahua who loses his way in Beverly Hills and finds herself in Mexico.

I guess if you are going to make a movie about talking Chihuahuas, then there is no sense in reigning anything in. So when it comes to music, you are almost required to include Low Rider by War, Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter and Hero by Enrique Iglesias. But you would also be remiss not to include Bad to the Bone, something from Right Said Fred and Los Lonely Boys, as well as a slew of Latin and Tejano tunes juxtaposed against Gwen Stefani, Kylie Minogue and the Whistle Song, just to ensure that the fish out of water, doggy out of daycare message sinks in.

That probably sounds more sarcastic than I mean it. The movie is filled with 22 feel good songs that could easily be turned into a top 10 Now That’s What I Call Chihuahua mix. Unfortunately, the movie’s producers did not release a soundtrack album for the movie, but you can find the videos and downloads for the songs at

And here’s Bad to the Bone:

Caliente by Los Pericos:


~ by montelutz on September 27, 2008.

11 Responses to “Beverly Hills Chihuahua Soundtrack – Uninspired or a Campy Good Time?”

  1. can i buy it thanks

  2. Do you know the title of the song that is breifly played every time they show El Diablo?

  3. I’ve been looking for that one for ages, if you find it could you please let me know?

  4. omg i cant find it any where if any one know’s el diablo’s theme please lemme know!

  5. I have the tune on my computer [FINALLY] … But STILL don’t know what it’s called!!

  6. Hi everyone. its Cypress Hill-Low Rider for Diablos theme song.

    its a good version. not like those other ones.

  7. hope i helped

  8. Hi Jennie, thanks for you rinput but that’s not the song I was referring to. The one that I am looking for is an upbeat tempo, played each time they show El Diablo.

  9. Hey 🙂

    you sure it isnt? it sounds alot like it. i dont have the movie though, or i would double check. i only saw it at a friends house like 2 times. but here…listen to the first 15 seconds of this song.

  10. what is the name of the song where it goes like”hip, hip, gonna start a holiday”thanks!!!!!

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