Perfect Song, Perfect Scene: Falling Slowly in the Movie Once

Once was a brilliant, beautiful if not heartbreaking movie. It is the story of two musicians who struggle to find their voices and right their hearts during a short span of time that involves a healthy mix of comic tragedy around a broken vacuum, a street side robbery, a trip to the beach, a motorcycle ride, a stint in the studio and my favorite scene of the movie – an impromptu sing-along in the piano store.

Glen Hansard, who is the lead singer of The Frames, made his big screen debut more than a decade ago in The Commitments. Markéta Irglová makes her debut as an immigrant separated from her husband who finds solace in a piano shop that lets her play for free.

The following song, Falling Slowly, won the best original song Oscar – perhaps the best of the best original songs in decades. And the good news is that Once isn’t once in a lifetime: Hansard and Irglova have brought their relationship into the real world, and are currently touring, as a couple, under the moniker Swell Season.

Here’s the perfect song perfect scene from the movie Once:

Check out the rest of the songs from Once Once as well on Once Or snag the album from Amazon.


~ by montelutz on October 6, 2008.

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