The Soundtrack to The Secret Life of Bees Stays a Secret

The bees aren’t the only thing with a secret life. Evidently, the producers of The Secret Life of Bees wanted to keep the soundtrack to the film a secret too. Despite having 16 good songs in the movie, they did not release a soundtrack album. Not to worry, you can find all the songs from the movie at Here’s a sneak peek at the more memorable ones:

Beautiful by India.Arie
Come See About Me by the Supremes
Doncha Know (Sky Is Blue) by Alicia Keys
I’m Alright by Little Anthony and the Imperials
Hippy Hippy Shake by Swinging Blue Jeans
It’s All Right by The Impressions.

These are just a few of the songs from The Secret Life of Bees that deserve a listen. The movie seems to have underperformed at the box office, but for those who have seen it or are thinking about going to see it, here’s a trip down musical memory’s lane: The Supremes with Come See About Me


~ by montelutz on October 19, 2008.

35 Responses to “The Soundtrack to The Secret Life of Bees Stays a Secret”

  1. Hey, does anyone know what song was playing at the was sung by a guy

  2. I’m almost positive it was Joe Purdy.

  3. Does anyone know the song when Alicia Keys finally says yes to the proprosal? It was a woman

  4. wats the song that was playing when they were singing in the kitchen and alcia keys came and turned it off?

  5. what song was alicia keys playing when Lily and Jennifer Hudson were walking up to the house?

  6. the song where they were singing in the kitchen is called Break-A-Way sung by Irma Thomas 🙂

  7. The song playing at the funeral is joe purdy mary.
    i just looked it up too because i absolutely fell in love with it.
    its short but beautiful. if you type it in on youtube it doesnt work but if you google it you can find it. ignore the ones that say may and bobby- different song by joe purdy that also pops up.
    hope that helped. you have great taste in music!

  8. who sings the song, went down to the water, when Lily walks down to the river and puts her feet in…When she first arrives at the Boatwrights

  9. does any one know the name of the song on the cello that’s playing as they’re walking up to the pink house for the first time?

  10. The song played when Lilly goes down to the water is “Song For Mia” by Lizz Wright off the 2008 album Orchard.

  11. Lizz Wright – Song for Mia (when Lily walks down to the river

  12. the cello song is “Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major Prelude” by Bach

  13. I’m the second person to ask and I hope someone knows the answer…The Kitchen Song. What’s the singing/dancing kitchen song???? “I can’t break away…I. Can’t. Break. Away…..” I’d attempt to sing for you but that won’t really help on this comment. Someone, please, please! tell me who wrote and sang that song!

  14. That song is Break-A-Way (spelled just like that) by Irma Thomas, i love that song lol

  15. I Still Cant Find the song that was playing at the funeral! all of the things I find on google keep saying Mary May and Bobby…Can someone just post the link you found it at or something?

  16. heyy does anyone know what the song is when august and june boatwright sing at mays funeral?

  17. i liked the song at the funeral too. what song was that ?

  18. The song at the funeral is “Mary” by Joe Purdy. You can hear it on his myspace page. It is beautiful – all of his work is. Love this movie. Such a sad scene.

  19. i downloaded the song from the funeral, and it wasnt the right one, i dont know what it is

  20. the song that was played at the funeral was called “mary” by joe purdy. not the song “mary may & bobby” its different. the only Only ONLY place i could find the “mary” song was the itunes store and i had to pay $1 for it. its only like 1.5 minutes but i like it. let me know if i was helful =)

  21. joe purdy sang “mary” if you google him theres a link for his website. his music is awesome, i’d recommend buying his stuff. you wont be disappointed.

  22. What is the song the boy was singing in the little shack?

  23. lolzzz that suxx we cant find the songs there keeping them privaTE LOLZZ

  24. for the song from the funeral, go to his myspace page and you can listen to it there

  25. Was that Just Like You by Keb’ Mo playing at the beginning? It isn’t listed at all in the credits, but it sure sounds like it.

  26. What is the titleof the song June is playing at the story of Mary?
    I can hear it is Amazing Crace but I cannot find the cello version..can anyone help?

  27. Does anyone know the song Zach was singing?

  28. The song Zach is singing is “Baby I Need Your Loving.”

  29. Anyone knows the name of the song they used at the end, when the credits started to roll? Thanks!

  30. Anybody knows the song June n August were singing at the funeral right after everybody had left?? I remember sth like : when i die, put the queen bee on my grave… that’s what i want you to do…
    Sth like that, i dont remember exactly xD
    And no i’m not talking about Mary by Joe Purdy

  31. What was the song that May was playing on her cello while Lily and Rosaleen knocked on her door…??

  32. What was the piano song played when august and lily first go to the beess?

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