Music from the Incredible Hulk: Not as Smashing as it Could Be

The new The new and improved Incredible Hulk is far more smashing than the first, but the music – besides Craig Armstrong’s score – is pretty minimal. Don’t get me wrong, Armstrong does a fine job, as reflected in the two disc CD score soundtrack album released by the studio. But there are only five other songs in the movie: one each by Kaoma, Frenkie and Joe Raposo, as well as two by Joseph Harnell.

Here’s the complete list of songs with videos and downloads for them.

I actually liked Ang Lee’s The Hulk from five years ago, but it was a bit of a departure from the Marvel method. One of the reasons for a do-over was to line up the Hulk with the Iron Man franchise for a future Avengers pairings. Iron Man takes the Hulk in terms of tunes. I hope The Avengers takes a tack from Ramin Djawadi and the musical crew from Iron Man.

Here’s a teaser of the music from the movie – The Lonely Man by Joe Harnell:


~ by montelutz on October 21, 2008.

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