Killer Soundtrack to Twilight – Paramore, Radiohead and More

I know a fair number of people who are completely and totally stoked about Twilight. Some who are rumored to be donning full-on vampire gear for opening night. I’ll be keeping my fangs in check, but there is no doubting that Twilight has a killer soundtrack. And minus a single lamb-and-lion scene that was a bit too contrived and overwritten for my tastes, I really liked the movie.

There are 17 songs in Twilight, plus an extra song from MuteMath on the album that was not featured in the movie. You can find the videos and downloads for all the songs at

Now onto the real test – matching the songs from the movie with specific scenes. I have seen thousands of movies in which I have tried to match songs with specific scenes, but Twilight was one of the most difficult because Carter Burwell, who did the score for the movie, also chose to use the instrumental segments of a lot of the songs featured in Twilight. So it was often hard to distinguish between his score and bits of original songs.

I’ve done my best to try to match the songs with specific scenes, but could certainly use some help.

// I’ve compiled the videos and downloads for almost all the songs from the movie on //

Here are the songs from Twilight in the order they appeared in the movie:

Opening song – Full Moon by The Black Ghosts

Update 3: Cafeteria – Kit and Courtney (see comments) have identified the cafeteria song as “Who are they?” by Carter Burwell, part of the score for the movie. Bruna (see comments) thinks Supermassive Black Hole by Muse was used in the cafeteria scene as well as its more prominent placement in the baseball scene (agree? disagree? i cannot remember)

Before school, wants to confront him but not there – Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation

Song on the radio at boathouse – The Cat’s Meow by Adam Smalley and Scott Johnson

Saves her from car crash – Tremble for My Beloved by Collective Soul

Shopping for Prom Dresses I Caught Myself by Paramore

Dinner – Never Think by Rob Pattinson

???Update 4:Parking lot before the woods – Alexa (see comments) thinks that the opening notes of I Caught Myself by Paramore is playing just before they go to the woods. What do you think? Update 5: Alex disagrees and thinks I Caught Myself is only playing during the prom dress shopping scene. Agree? Disagree?

Update 7: Bella tells Edward she knows he’s a vampire – I Know What You Are by Carter Burwell (part of the original score)

Goes to the Cullen house – La Traviata by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Update: Edward playing the piano – Bella’s Lullaby by Carter Burwell (thanks to Janeite for the tip in the comments)

Arrive at school together & everyone stares – Spotlight by Mute Math

On Edward’s CD player and playing piano – Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy

Baseball game – Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

Ballet studio – Let Me Sign by Rob Pattinson

First song at the prom – Go All the Way by Perry Farrell

Prom dance song outside – Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine

Update 6: Hospital – Michelle Little (see comments) thinks that Bella’s Lullaby by Carter Burwell is playing during the hospital scene. Update 8: mscullen (see comments) thinks Let Me Sign by Rob Pattinson also plays during the hospital scene. Agree? Disagree?

First credit song – 15 Step by Radiohead

Second credit song – Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park

Third credit song Decode by Paramore

Here’s I Caught Myself by Paramore:

Supermassive Black Hole by Muse:

And Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park:

Update 2: I am playing with a new idea of combining the power of Pandora with some of my favorite soundtracks. Check out the Twilight Remix channel I created on Pandora. I plugged in all the songs from the movie and let Pandora do the rest. Let me know what you think.


~ by montelutz on November 21, 2008.

81 Responses to “Killer Soundtrack to Twilight – Paramore, Radiohead and More”

  1. I was surprised to hear 15 Steps at the end of Twilight – definitely my favorite part of the movie 😉

  2. did radiohead really subject themself to this bullshit movie? or did the producers gank that track without permission?

  3. If you don’t like Twilight, why don’t you steer clear of the FAN pages, and save us all some trouble.

  4. Thank you for doing this. I was listening for Eyes on Fire but I missed it. It was driving me crazy… so, thanks. I wanted to add that there should have been more music playing during the movie and not so much in the credits.

  5. what song is playing when they walk into the cafeteria?

  6. Also, what song was playing when she walked into the biology room? I just can’t remember!!!

  7. i’m pretty sure Muse was also in the cafeteria, scene though. and wasn’t Decode in some other part of the movie as well? or maybe i’m going crazy!

  8. What was the song played during the baseball scene?

  9. The song playing during the baseball scene is Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.

    You can find the video and download for the song here:

  10. […] as I am, you want to know which song on the soundtrack corresponds with each scene. In that case, visit this little blog, and they’ll tell […]

  11. You forgot to add Bella’s Lullaby, which was being played in the montage after Bella visits the Cullen house. It’s the song when Edward is at the piano.

  12. Thank you for doing this. I was listening for Eyes on Fire but I missed it. It was driving me, thanks

  13. The only song playing in the cafeteria during the Cullens initial introduction was the Carter Burwell track – no Supermassive Black Hole.

  14. Carter Burwell cafeteria track – “Who Are They?”

  15. I think that the song playing when they enter the cafeteria isn’t actually a song from this soundtrack. I think it’s on the score soundtrack, which is also on itunes. There’s a song called Who are they? and it sounds like the tune that plays

  16. hey what was the song that plays when he takes her up in the trees…i think thats when it played
    it has no lyrics and it starts out calm and gets intense
    its on the twilight official movie sites homepage

  17. Thank you for posting this, it is a great help! I downloaded the score (yes, I am obsessed!) And it is just incredible. I thought that the cafeteria scene was Supermassive Black Hole but… I don’t think it is. I think I will have to go watch the movie again just to make sure! LOL

  18. I think the opening notes of I Caught Myself was playing while they were looking each other in the eye at the parking lot before they went to the woods and Edward opened up. I didn’t know the song until now, but I remember; I was so enamoured with it.

  19. I caught myself is only playing when Jessica and Angela are trying on dresses in Port Angeles

  20. I thought that they played “Bella’s Lullaby” When they were in the treetops, also when they were in the hospital. Am I right?

  21. Thanks for this post!
    I have to write a review of the “Twilight” soundtrack and you helped me a lot!

  22. I just want to add that the Mutemath song is in the movie, it’s when Edward first drives Bella to school, and he’s wearing the sunglasses.

  23. Collective Soul — Tremble For My Beloved
    was also on the soundtrack and was played when edward saved bella from being crushed by the van.

  24. sorry didnt see that u already had it up there

  25. during the hospital scene is let me sign by rob pattinson.. nott never think.

  26. hey i was wondering if anyone knew the slow song they played when bella and edward were laying in the field staring at each others eyes. i think he was in the sunlight at this point. thanks 🙂

  27. What is the song playing when Victoria walks down the stairs at the very end??? I cant seem to find it…

  28. There’s another song and album called Twilight that you can hear at that wasn’t written for the movie Twilight, but fits it very well. Give it a listen and see of you don’t agree.

  29. What is the one song when bella read through her book and finds the cold one and search for it at her laptop and found out about the signs of Edward description of a vampire.

  30. I know that the posts are about music.. but I’m trying to find the actual picture of Edward and Bella laying in the field looking into eachothers eyes. Does anyone know where I can find that picture?

  31. i think that when Bella heads off campus towards the woods and Edward follows it’s the second half of Carter Burwell’s “I Know What You Are” and the first part is when she’s looking up vampires on the internet. i have the score and a lot of the scenes are combined together on tracks so the titles are misleading
    Thanks for the 15 steps info I was looking to see what that song was!

  32. I said about 11 posts up that I thought that Bella’s Lullaby was playing when they were in the hospital. Only at a certain part though, but when Edward is sucking the venom out, they are playing Let Me Sign. But I strongly believe that Bella’s Lullaby was playing when they were in the treetops, what do the rest of you think?

  33. I caught myself is only playing when they are dress shopping, but that instrumental score is driving me crazy because I love it so much but I cant find it, you can hear it at but I cant find it anywhere,, please let me know whats its called

  34. The song playing during the biology class is Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation!! And wat song was playing when they were in the trees outside his room??

  35. You can find any of the instrumental pieces that weren’t listed on the soundtrack on the album Twilight: The Score by Carter Burwell

  36. Yeah, they’re coming out with another album, this one’s gonna be all about the scoring and instrumentals. I can’t wait for this to come out!

  37. Song played when Bella and Edward are both sitting at the piano:

    Everyone kept saying that it was “Bella’s Lullaby,” and I was sure it wasn’t because I tried like a million of them that weren’t it. After a million and ONE..I GOT IT!=)

    so just keep trying can try things such as Bella’s OFFICIAL lullaby by Carter Burwell..that’s the one that worked for me=)

    I never post on these things…but I was going pretty crazy, and I’m sure there’s others out there in the same situation.

    Hope I helped=)

  38. wat da music name when edward saves bella from the creepy guys? is it ‘i know what you are’?

  39. Claire De Lune is being played on Edward’s stereo in his room before they jump out of the window, so it should be listed before Bella’s Lullaby.

  40. There was a very toned down mellow song at the very end as soon as the credits rolled, but i don’t know what it is. I’ve heard 15 step, and its not the beginning of that song, do you know what it is?

  41. The Cafeteria scene is actually
    Eyes on Fire- By Blue Foundation

  42. Actually, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse is played when Bella is “playing” baseball with the Cullen family, durrrrr (:

  43. I thought the cafeteria song was Full Moon and the song playing when Edward sucks out the venom is Decode. I just saw it for the second time yesterday and I thought I was paying attention but maybe not. Now that I read these posts I’m confused again.

  44. […] por conta própria o reconhecimento das músicas do filme e em quais momentos elas aparecem. Clique aqui para ler em […]

  45. I had to see it again and I was WAY off. Thanks for doing this site. I guess I was so caught up in the movie that the soundtrack really did just get past me.

  46. god bless is right who commented on dec 11th.. it is not bella’s lullaby.. i compared and compared and i finally got the song.. thanks so much!

  47. Thank you for the Twilight Remix on Pandora…great idea and great music.

  48. nice helps a lot

  49. nice helps a lot..
    there’s something about i caught myself by paramore…i can’t understand the lyrics of the song..i’m confused,,

  50. parking lot before the woods is the end of I Know What You Are (Twilight Score)

    In the hospital scene the song is Edward At Her Bed (Twilight Score)

  51. When they are in the field looking into each others eyes is The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (twilight score)

  52. when edward saves bella from the “creepy guys” is Humans are Predators Too (twilight score)

  53. When they are in Biology the song that plays is the end of Who Are They? (twilight score)

    and yea alot of the songs are combined on the twilight score soundtrack so it does get confusing sometimes.

    I have both soundtracks so as I watched the movie I put them all in order..hope it helps!

  54. Right, so I was reading all the comments, just incase someone wrote the song I REALLY want. I’ve looked through 100’s of places on the internet, but i still can’t fint it.
    I was wondering if anyone here knew the intro song. Not by the blacck ghosts. But the first song. When you hear bella talk and edward (I’m guessing) is hunting and you see the deer. Anyone know the tune there ??

  55. How do you get the Twilight score????

  56. “How would I die” is the first song before Full Moon -part of the score

    And the score is on iTunes

  57. thanks so much for this. I just saw the movie and ran home to check out the sound track, only to find that the song I really wanted wasn’t on it. Argh, I had to know what/ who it was so I could get it! Turns out it’s 15 step by Radiohead. Yay, you made my day!

  58. Wow!! Amazing soundtrack and now i finally know which scenes they are all from!! thank you! The Twilight film and books are minted!!

  59. I love the movie and book and that also means i love the soundtrack so I ❤ it
    Also how do ya guys think the second movie will go with edward being gone and what not?

    &&the music! It’s spifffffy bitch.!

  61. *~*~*~*~*

    Let Me Sign by Rob Pattinson is playing while Bella is “dying”. I have honestly watched this movie a total of SEVEN times…..I’m a dork!


  62. How I Would Die by Carter Burwell=beginning scene when Bella is talking about death and the deer is in the woods.
    Full Moon by Black Ghosts=Bella is on her way to Forks in the beginnning.
    Who Are They by Carter Burwell=Angela and Jessica tell Bella about the Cullens at lunch.
    Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation= Bella wants to confront Edward to demand what his problem was with her, but he doesn’t show up.
    Phascination Phase by Carter Burwell=1st…Bella and Edward talking in biology class
    Tremble for my Beloved by Collective Soul=when Bella is saved by Edward by stopping the van.
    I Dreamt of Edward by Carter Burwell=Bella wakes up thinking to have been dreaming Edward was in her room, but he was really there.
    Treaty by Carter Burwell=Jacob is telling Bella about the treaty between his ancestors and the Cullens at La Push beach.
    The Cat’s Meow by Adam Smalley and Scott Johnson=Waylon Forge is in his boat singing when the American nomad vampires arrive
    I Caught Myself by Paramore=Bella and new friends Jessica and Angela are in the dress shop at Port Angeles.
    Humans are Predators Too by Carter Burwell=The men are assaulting Bella in Port Angeles and Edward comes to save her.
    Never Think by Robert Pattinson=Bella and Edward are in the restaurant at Port Angeles.
    I Know What You Are by Carter Burell=Bella researches and discovers that Edward is a vampire.
    The Skin Of a Killer by Carter Burwell=Edward thrusts Bella onto his back and he runs her up to the sunny part of the mountain.
    The Most Dangerous Predator by Carter Burwell=Edward shows Bella his sparkling skin, his strength and his speed.
    The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb by Carter Burwell=Bella and Edward say the quite famous quotes and stare at each other in the meadow.
    Spotlight by Mutemath=Edward brings Bella to school with him for the first time. Song continues into deep vampire conversation about Carlisle.
    Complications by Carter Burwell=Edward senses Billy and Jacob Black coming down the street, so he must leave.
    Dinner With His Family by Carter Burwell=When Edward and Bella arrive at the Cullen household, and Edward walks her inside.
    La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi performed by The Royal Philharmonic=The Cullens are cooking Italian for Bella.
    I Would Be The Meal by Carter Burwell=an awkward situation when Bella says “I would become the meal” when talking to the Cullens.
    Claire De Lune by Claude Debussy= Edward and Bella are in Edward’s room.
    Bella’s Lullaby by Carter Burwell=Edward and Bella jumping through the trees; Edward plays it for Bella on the piano in the foggy room.
    Phascination Phase by Carter Burwell=2nd….Bella and Edward in Bella’s room at night after the kiss.
    Supermassive Black Hole by Muse=The Cullens play baseball during the thunderstorm.
    Nomads by Carter Burwell=Alice sees the vision of the three American nomads coming to the baseball field
    Stuck Here Like Mom by Carter Burwell=Bella breaks Charlie’s heart by telling him she must leave.
    Bella Is Part Of The Family by Carter Burwell=the family prepares for tricking James.
    Tracking by Carter Burwell=Bella is on her way away from Forks with Alice and Jasper, Rosalie, Edward, and Carlisle try to trick James
    In Place of Someone You Love by Carter Burwell=Bella leaves Jasper and Alice and arrives at the dance studio where she will meet James.
    Showdown in the Ballet Studio by Carter Burwell=the fight between Edward and later his family and James.
    Let Me Sign by Robert Pattinson= Edward is sucking the venom out from Bella’s arm after she has been bitten by James.
    Edward at Her Bed by Carter Burwell=Bella and Edward talk when she is in the hospital. He agrees to not leave her.
    Go All The Way(into the Twilight) by Perry Farrell=Bella and Edward walk into the prom.
    Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine=Edward and Bella dance alone in the gazebo; Bella says she wants to become a vampire.
    15 Step by Radiohead=very end, flashes to Victoria and first song of end credits.
    Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park=second song in end credits.

  63. Listening to the album made it feel like I was watching the movie all over again. The great thing was that I was unfamiliar with most of these bands, and now I want to get all their albums!!!

  64. where can u get the lyrics to the cats meow ( the scene where the bad vampires killed waylon at the boat house)?

  65. is mutemath the same song when edward and bella are having a deep conversation about carlisle and how edward and his fam like to think of themselves as vegetarians i really loooove that song and can not seem to find the name of it does anyone know it would really be a big helpp thanksss.

  66. sorry for my stupid english i’m spanish.. i just wanna know what is the song when she was visited the blog… thank u!!!:DD:

  67. ooppp stupid question!!! the song is here!!!! :$ besos!!!

  68. muse fr ever!!!!!! españa con ellos!!!!!!

  69. can you tell me whats a song in trailer of twilight? 🙂

  70. i love that song: LET ME SIGN BY ROBERT PATTINSON, when Edward is sucking the venom out from Bella’s arm, but it is on none of the cds, has anyone tracked it down, or know where to get it from?

  71. In the first biology scene when Edward can’t be around Bella and just before he leaves, its the end of ‘who are they?’ by Carter Burwell if no one else spotted that :).

    love the film! love the soundtrack!! can’t wait til new moon comes out!! LOVE the books!

  72. I loved the soundtrack, I had no idea how it would work with the movie but it was perfect. And Bella’s Lullaby is pretty much played constantly. What I wanted to know is what song is playing in the trailers, (not Decode) but the theatrical trailer. I can’t really figure it out.

  73. two tumbs up for paige….you are really my idol i’ve searching this song of carter burwell and you know all the title it’s make me soooo grateful for you……thanks a lot paige….peace love and twilight

  74. I’m just throwing this out there… Hayden Pantierre would’ve made a great Bella Swan.

  75. Thanx everyone because thanx to allllllll of u i got all the music i want from the movie!! Happy new year!!

  76. OMG! I love twilight so much i am so on teeam edward!!!! Twilight is just such a gd film! Happy new yr

  77. i loved the movie and i love radiohead…. didnt love radiohead in the movie at all.

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  79. hey, i’m looking for a specific sound bit which runs background score when the movie ends and names of actors appear on the screen after the prom ends in twilight. someone please help me out to find that mp3 file. i’m searching for it for along but couldn’t find it.

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