Seven Pounds Soundtrack – It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day

The soundtrack to Seven Pounds is subdued and sentimental but hopeful. I have not seen the movie yet, but I can only guess by the trailer, that the music perfectly suits the mood. The first half of the movie is mostly score, but the second half introduces a suite of incredible songs. [Update: I watched the DVD over and added notes on which scene each of the songs plays in except for two. Hope that helps.]

The soundtrack CD only has the score from Angelo Milli but you can find all of the songs and the videos for them at Reelsoundtrack.

Here are the highlights of the soundtrack, and following them, the full list.

I miss Nick Drake’s brilliance. He was a loss – too young. From Nick Drake’s One of These Things First: “I could have been a sailor, could have been a cook. Real life lover could have been a book…One of these things first.”

You cannot help but love Ruth Brown’s classic I Don’t Know: “If I gave him my heart would he refuse it, would he tear it apart or tenderly use it. I don’t know. I don’t know.” Call me blasphemous, but I actually prefer this cover version by Rosie Henshaw.

Then there is Minnie Riperton’s soaring, high pitched, how can she reach that note “Loving you is easy cause you’re beautiful.” You may remember this as the song that Shia LaBeouf tortures the party goers with in Disturbia. Not one of my favorites, but I could not resist.

But my favorite song on the soundtrack is Muse’s version of Feeling Good. They were also recently featured in Twilight. The song Supermassive Black Hole played during the baseball game. Here’s a live performance of Feeling Good from Wembley Stadium. “It’ s a new dawn, it’s a new day.”

Here’s the complete list of songs from Seven Pounds:

  • Asi Sera by Green Car Motel
  • After Ben meets Emily at her house – One Of These Things First by Nick Drake
  • Ezra plays piano – Fantasie In D Minor K.397 by Loretta Mento
  • Rusty by Elvis Dolls
  • Emily making breakfast for her nurse – I Don’t Know by Ruth Brown
  • After day on the hill & while fixing the beast – Feeling Good by Muse
  • Arriving at dinner at Emily’s – Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be) by Sly & The Family Stone
  • How Insensitive by Diana Krall
  • Dancing during dinner in the garden – For Me Formidable by Charles Aznavour
  • Humming during dinner – Lovin’ You by Minnie Riperton and Richard Rudolph
  • Ben leaving hospital in the rain – The Crisis by Ennio Morricone
  • Bathtub at the end and surgery – Have No Fear by Bird York
  • Kids choir at the end – I’m Into Something Good by Carole King and Gerry Goffin (originally sung by Hermin’s Hermits)
  • Original Music for Seven Pounds by Angelo Milli
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    ~ by montelutz on December 19, 2008.

    107 Responses to “Seven Pounds Soundtrack – It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day”

    1. God this movie made me cry. I loved The Crisis by Ennio Morricone!

    2. Same here. ‘The Crisis’ by Ennio Morricone is both haunting and exquisitely beautiful. It is a perfect fit to the film.

    3. “Feeling Good” is one of my favorite songs. I have been a fan of Muse for quite some time, and love hearing their music in movies and TV, but was amazed to hear this (one of their lesser known songs) in the movie. Great song, great movie.

      • I love muse too!!! 8D
        i like the fact that it got the whooole entire song on….x3
        also, you posted this comment on my birfday 83

        …they shoulda put knights of cydonia on there too… not sure where or how they woul be able too, but…

    4. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH after I saw this movie I spent a day searching for this song (The Crisis) with no avail but finally I’ve found it thank to you. Really thank you.

      please check out my blog also at

      thanks agian


    5. Thanks 😀 i like

    6. Thanks much. I’ve been looking for Feeling Good since I saw the movie, but I couldn’t figure out what it was called.

    7. […] Seven Pounds Soundtrack – It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day The soundtrack to Seven Pounds is subdued and sentimental but hopeful. I have not seen the movie yet, but I can only […] […]

    8. What song was that playing while he fixed the beast?

    9. Just to be sure, was it Ruth Brown’s song playing during the kitchen scene when Emily gave the home health aide a plate of eggs? I couldn’t catch the chorus but I knew I had to find that old school song.

    10. if I remember well, the movie starts with drake. I was like wow.
      superb soundtrack. thanks for this post!

    11. who played piano when Emily fainted?

    12. Thanks for this, I was wondering about the songs in this movie.

    13. i love muse and almost all of the songs
      and was surprised to hear it in the movie
      since its not that popular.

    14. An interesting blog, i wonder why not use rapidshare?

    15. Thanks I was looking for the songs. As a HUGE Muse fan I was pleasantly surprised to hear Feeling Good in the movie.

    16. The Crisis is one of the most beautiful, disturbing song I’ve ever heard. Thanks for helping me find this song =)

    17. I am looking for the song playing when sarah was in the bathtub near the end of the movie. It is a vocal and from the above list, nothing seems to match.
      Any help will be appreciated!

    18. Just double checked list. I is “Have No Fear” by Bird York. Her voice is beyond words!

    19. The movie was fabulous and the music was fabulous. end of story. i cried too, it was so touching. thanks for the list!

    20. not featured on soundtrack, what is the piece of music when ben calls his friend near the end saying “it’s time” coming out of the hospital?? it plays just after the requiem by Angelo Milli, and is very recogniseable. Help!!

    21. This movie is amazing and the soundtrack goes perfectly well with it. Not to say the least about Will Smith. He sure has come a long way from his early days as an actor in shows like “The Fresh Prince of Bellaire” etc…, to become one of the greatest actors of this time. I have no words to express the emotions I felt when watching thia movie. For one thing, this movie made me cry for its duration.

    22. This is a beautiful movie,,,,,,,,I cried (like after I ‘ve watched “The Pursuit of Happiness”) too.

      Thank you so much for the song list!

    23. I can’t thank you enough!

    24. not featured on soundtrack, what is the piece of music when ben calls his friend near the end saying “it’s time” coming out of the hospital?? it plays just after the requiem by Angelo Milli, and is very recogniseable. i need help too!!

    25. Thanks for the post. Great movie and great soundtrack

    26. someone please find the song when he is walking out of the hospital calling Dan saying “it’s time”

    27. Is the song that Ezra palys on the piano in the mall Fantasie In D Minor K.397 by Loretta Mento?

    28. Yes and no. It’s Mozart played by Loretta Mento. Very moving. It is played very passionately.

    29. I need to know the name of the song that goes……it’s a new day….it’s a new life…..I cant find it ANYWHERE!!!

    30. oh my))thank u guys verrryy vveerry much!i finally found “Have No Fear” by Bird York)))))))

    31. @Andrea – the name of the song you are looking for is “Feeling Good” by Muse. The video for the live version of the song is the last video in the post.

      Here’s the Michael Buble version as well:

      Hope that helps.

    32. Thank you SOOOO much!!

    33. […] história de amor que, de certa forma, tem um final feliz. A trilha sonora também é boa e achei um post no qual é possível ouvir várias canções. A canção mais romântica e especial é For me […]

    34. whats the playing as the nurse was leaving emily’s place and ben/tim was walking inside her house?

    35. what is the name of the song that plays when he is walking out of the hospital calling Dan saying “it’s time”

    36. i would like to know that too, the song is very familiar

    37. What song is playing during Will Smith’s and Rosario Dawson’s love scene? Is it on the soundtrack? and if it is what song?

      • The song is from another movie. Here’s a link to it from youtube.

      • This has got to be one of the most beautifulest pieces I’ve ever heard pertaining to any love/sex scene in a movie. They were passionate as well as innocent when indulging into each other and that’s what makes it so special. What makes this piece even more significant is they play it at the end of the movie. When Emily met Ezra for the first time after their operations and got to see Ben’s eyes again the same way she saw them when they made love. That made me want to cry all the way out. Love Forever and Conquer All.

    38. Someone please help! I was wondering what the song is when Will Smith is in the rain. I think its after he finds out about Emily’s chance to get a donor. I know I’ve heard it somewhere else and It’s driving me crazy.

    39. Thank you for this, thank you, thank you!!! I was disappointed that the official soundtrack only contains the score. Looking for one particular song. Now, of course, I can’t remember what it was but I’ll use your list and find it!

    40. Does anyone know the name of the song that begins, “when I was a little girl…”?

    41. The movie is lackluster at best.

    42. I could have sworn there was a song by Mika in the movie…does anyone know if this is true?!

    43. i just watched this movie and it was amazing!
      but, i have been looking for a long time on the internet, and one of the songs from the movie isnt on the sountrack
      someone please help me out!?

      the song was like..
      when i was a little girl…

      it was a slow song, and a woman was singing it
      please someone tell me they know who sings this song?!

    44. Gracias por la lista de canciones, el soundtrack fue perfecto para la historia. , excelente película. espero que la hayan disfrutado tanto como yo.

      Thank you for the information , I found all the songs I’ve been looking for..
      Nice blog..

    45. Can you tell me which song was the last to be playing in the film? Trying to track it down, cheers


    47. What’s the song playing when ben comes out of the hospital asking about Emily’s living chances and then he calls Dan and sais: It’s time? Answer please.

    48. Hi Alyssa, you and AB, laur, blazexsdi and bluekent are asking for the same song. I also want to know what song is it. You said “I know I’ve heard it somewhere else”. I think it’s played in the film Troy (Brad Pitt). I don’t know if the song is the same, but the first seconds of it are. I hope that helps. If you discover something more, please post it here. I’m looking for that song too. (Sorry for my English :S )

    49. To answer the post to the name of the song that starts “When I was a little girl…” the name of the song is Que Sera Sera by Sly and the family stone. Its on the soundtrack

    50. I think there was a song by mika! i will try to remember when
      plus there was a song by nina simone? isnt it?
      anyways thanks a lot!!! you all know what we felt during the film….

    51. Better late than never! Just watched the movie. Damn! Thats a great movie and by the way i also started looking for the songs. Thanks to the writers for a good story line

    52. Thank you so much.. really cant understand why they did not release a soundtrack including those wonderful music u listed above.. *** C

    53. Who the name of the song played when Emelie opens her eyes after surgery. Sounds like Amy Lee from Evanescence.

    54. I am looking for Rusty by Elvis Dolls has anyone come across it?

    55. Muchas Gracias !!!

      Today I’ve watched the movie and you make my day with this soundtrack list.

    56. whats the name of the song that she puts on while they are having dinner in the garden???

    57. you know how i feel is a terrific song. Especially when the guitar starts after the first few lines.

    58. yes like jiffy I would love to know please, what is the song that emily puts on and dances to during dinner in the garden?

    59. I have to say what all others did.
      Many many thanx for helping us to find all these nice tracks!!

    60. amazing movie loved it

    61. is it smashing pumpkins for martha that’s played when ezra met emily (last scene)?

    62. thnx! 🙂

    63. @jiffy n
      @penny crayon
      the song is ”For me formidable” by Charles Aznavour

    64. Oh My Gosh, i love this blog!! Thanks to you guys i finally found “Have no Fear” by Bird York! It’s the one which is played right after the heart surgery, where real Ben explains Emilie the whole thing about Tim and his sacrifice! love u guys 🙂

    65. For AB, laur, blazexsdi, bluekent, seven, Alyssa and Alvaro: The song that plays when Ben comes out of the hospital, calls Dan and says “it’s time” is Angelo Milli – Requiem. It’s track 14 on the original soundtrack.

      If you’re wondering where you have heard it before, here’s a quote from comments: “James Horners famous and patented 4 note motif known as the “Danger Theme” also used in “Willow”, “Enemy at the Gates”, “Troy” -Achilles Leads The Myrmidons and other variations can be found in the majority of Horners productions”.

    66. Does anybody know who sung the song playing in the background when they were having dinner? It sounds a little like Nona Simone. . .

    67. Does anybody know who sung the song playing in the background when they were having dinner? It sounds a little like Nona Simone. . .

    68. where can i download “the crisis by Ennio Morricone”???

    69. Does anyone know the song played while he’s fixing her machine..? Please get back to me..thank you

    70. thank you this was a major help!

    71. “I need to know the name of the song that goes……it’s a new day….it’s a new life…..I cant find it ANYWHERE!!!”

      its Feeling Good.. Michael Buble Also Has This Song!

    72. HELP !!! ~~~~~
      Who sings … not sure of the title …

      It’s a new day … it’s a new dawn …

      it’s towards the end of the movie …
      (such a great movie !!!)
      THANKS !

    73. @ JAMIE amd @ Justin – the song you are looking for is called “Feeling Good.” The version from the movie is by Muse. The video for it is the last video in this post. Hope that helps.

    74. thanks!! you’ve been a life-saver!!! I have been trying to find out whose version of “feeling good” that was for ages!!

    75. Why couldn’t they give his kidneys to someone who needed them. Then that would have been seven dead people, seven pounds of bodily organs, and seven lives saved. They could have given his kidneys to someone. I know there was at least one person that needed kidneys.

    76. Hey all,
      I was wondering if anyone noticed the slight detuning of one of the piano notes in the interpretation of “The Crisis” by Ennio Morricone during the love scene of Seven pounds… My guess is that it was detuned on purpose, but I cannot find any information online.. does anyone know more about it ?
      (I asked the question on another website, but I ask it here as well…)

    77. What a brilliant blog. I’ll be sharing it with many. Merci beaucoup.
      Regarding Seven Pounds: what a mistake by Sony to not make the soundtrack a two disc set — one disc with the score and one disc with the recorded songs. Happily you have picked up the slack 🙂

    78. I can’t find a band called Elvis Dolls or the song Rusty, anybody have any ideas?

    79. I noticed tris (my name is also tristan :P),
      I have no official data on that, but i to think it was on purpose, maybe with the idea to say “nothing is perfect” which is basicly the movie.
      but i’m wondering what the song is used in the credits, i love this kind of music… is it an instrumental of an song in the list?

    80. I really love this film and the soundtrack too .. I can’t find the name of ending song in this film when Emily was looking at Ezra.. Please someone tell me the tittle :(((((

    81. I like the version of “I Don’t Know” by Rosie Henshaw that you post with the Youtube link…is there a way to get a MP3 version of that? I checked iTunes and she is not listed there.

    82. the song crisis of moricone is also part of the soundtrack of the beautifull film “The Legend of 1900” – i think it was composed for that film. the main character is playing on an old piano, thats why it sound a little bit detuned. there are a lot of other nice songs in 1900. watch it and hav fun

    83. just another thing – just saw the movie an the music is still in my ears 🙂

      The Kids choir at the end perfomring “I’m Into Something Good” – isnt this from a record of the langley school music project? Im not realy sure, but i think so. it sounds very similar – just a five piano chord added, or maybe there is a regular version with piano.

    84. Hey…thanks a lot for the soundtrack..i loved the movie 🙂
      But i couldn’t properly recognize The Crises soundtrack, i played the film from where Ben leaves Emily after dinner till Emily gets her pager indication, but where is the Crises soundtrack…is it used with some modification or what? Please help
      Thanks again

    85. […] minu jaoks see, et see ei olnud liiga etteaimatav, vähemalt minu jaoks mitte. Lisaks on filmi soundtrack väga lahe ja sobib temaatikaga suurepäraselt […]

    86. nice additions folks love the enthusiasm for this movie and its music! I still can;t fins that track that plays when he leaves the hospital either. It doesnt sound like “Requiem” and I can’t find any James Horner soundtracks 😦 any other suggestions?

    87. What is the name of the song that plays when htey kiss each other for the first time? It’s something like ‘I don’t want you around anymore….

    88. i also am looking for the name of the last song of the movie where emily is looking at ezras eyes….. they played it a couple of times during the movie…..

      • Hi Laura, on an old blog about the movie seven pounds you were looking for the name of the music that was playing when Emily looked in Ezra’s eyes. Did you find out? I want to know also. thanks

    89. thanks x

    90. Thank you all so much. With your help I found Feeling Good. I though it was called “It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day” That’s why I couldn’t find it. Now I Know. Thanks again.

    91. I just watched this movie for the second time — amazing movie, unbelievable soundtrack. I don’t think I’ve ever had a movie touch me so deeply and being a musician and knowing the power that music has in establishing emotion, I don’t think it could be done much better.

      Thank you for this blog, I’ll be purchasing all of this music in the coming days.


    92. What is the song/score played when Ben is on the phone with ezra calling him a blind, virgin, vegan, meat seller?

    93. […] que trata justamente de trilhas sonoras, e o posto sobre Seven Pound começa justamente com: “The soundtrack to Seven Pounds is subdued and sentimental but hopeful…” de cara discordei, não acho a trilha fraca, mas sim bem trabalhada, há momentos de […]

    94. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

    95. i love the crisis…
      it makes me cry every time i hear it

    96. I would dearly love to have had the pleasure of tearing through some guitar solo’s on It’s Dawn. Excellent music.


    97. I love this soundtrack.

    98. what is the song that say i live here in your heart can anyone helpme

    99. Thank you for this blog, I’ll be purchasing all of this music in the coming days.

    100. Thanks for your post great. I like it. I need it very much.

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