Just Say Yes to the Yes Man Soundtrack – All 48 Songs from the Movie

I was excited to see Yes Man even before I knew that the Eels were contributing lucky number 13 songs to the movie.

But if that weren’t enough, the movie also features Bloc Party, Dinosaur Jr., Journey, The Raconteurs, The Bravery, Superchunk, They Might Be Giants and the Go Go’s.

Update 2: Right off the bat…the song that everyone is asking about is Separate Ways by Journey. It plays as his ringtone at the beginning and the song playing while he is on the motorcycle at the end.

There are 48 songs in all but the soundtrack album only has 13 of them. That means there are 35 songs missing.

Update 1: I saw the movie tonight and compiled as many of the songs from individual scenes as possible. I had some difficulty with the order of some of the songs and placing the others, so your help is greatly appreciated.

If you want to go straight to the videos and downloads for each of the songs, you can find them at Reelsoundtrack.

Here’s the list of songs from Yes Man with notes on scenes where I could discern the songs and links to the downloads where I could find them. Hope this helps.

Update: Mr.JROC83 and Wulf Slayer (see comments) both think that Hot N Cold by Katy Perry is in the movie. What do you think? Do you remember hearing it? If so, which scene? Weigh in on the comments.

Update 3: I am getting the DVD tonight and will desperately try to figure out the name of the song during the seminar. It has been killing me for months too.

  • Ringtone / opening song – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey
  • Bigfoot Lodge – Old Enough by The Raconteurs
  • To Lick Your Boots by Eels
  • Bus Stop Boxer by Eels
  • Scene from the movie Saw – Fuck This Shit by Charlie Clouser
  • Eyes Down by Eels
  • The Sound Of Fear by Eels
  • Your Lucky Day In Hell by Eels
  • The Spaces Between by Expatriate
  • Persian wife web site – El B’Nia by Maghrebika
  • Bar song – Swollen Summer by The Bravery
  • Dancing game – Flowers by Terra
  • Staring At The Rude Bois by Gallows
  • Emperor Waltz by Lawrence Welk
  • First song by Zoeey Deschanel – Journey To The Center Of The Earth by Von Iva and Zooey Deschanel
  • Bar song – Hyper Enough by Superchunk
  • Playing keyboard – Star Spangled Banner by Zooey Deschanel
  • Zooey Deschanel sings – Uh by Huh by Munchausen by Proxy (f/ Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva)
  • In A Jar by Dinosaur Jr
  • Last Zoeey Deschanel song – Sweet Ballad by Munchausen by Proxy (f/ Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva)
  • 6 am running – Helicopter by Bloc Party
  • Talking at Griffith Observatory – Blinking Lights (For You) by Eels
  • Theme From Blinking Lights by Eels
  • First Harry Potter song – A Reunion Of Friends by John Williams
  • Second Harry Potter song – Leaving Hogwarts by John Williams
  • Wooden Nickels by Eels
  • Ana Ng by They Might Be Giants
  • Animal by Eels
  • Water Music by Aradia Ensemble
  • Hollywood Bowl – Can’t Buy Me Love by Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel (originally performed by The Beatles)
  • Talks the man off the ledge – Jumper by Jim Carrey (originally performed by Third Eye Blind)
  • Nebraska football game – Mr. Touchdown, U.S.A. by The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhusker Marching Band
  • Yes To You by Alice Faye
  • Umbrellas To Mend by Frisco Jass Band
  • Lazer Gun by Dr. Dud
  • Song at the bar during wedding shower – Stomp! by The Brothers Johnson
  • The breakup – The Good Old Days by Eels
  • Let’s Get Small by Trouble Funk
  • Cool Jerk by The Go by Go’s
  • Bridal shower – Carry On by Jean Knight
  • Second bridal shower song – Olde Mill Inn by Blackmore’s Night
  • A Little Bit Of Basie by Red Garland
  • Flyswatter by Eels
  • Keystar by Munchausen by Proxy (f/ Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva)
  • Prologue by John Williams
  • Somebody Loves You by Eels
  • Riding on the Ducati – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey
  • Yes Man by Munchausen by Proxy (f/ Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva)
  • Man Up by Eels
  • Original music for Yes Man by Lyle Workman and Mark Oliver Everett
  • Here are a couple of the videos from the movie:

    Separate Ways by Journey:

    Your Lucky Day in Hell by Eels

    Helicopter by Bloc Party

    Old Enough by The Raconteurs

    Swollen Summer by The Bravery

    ~ by montelutz on December 19, 2008.

    168 Responses to “Just Say Yes to the Yes Man Soundtrack – All 48 Songs from the Movie”

    1. I give you a huge thanks for the playlist. The movie was great 2 everyone should see it 😛

    2. Saw is epic and better then nay of this crap, dont even compare it !!!

    3. Charlie clouser makes great songs, from Saw,

    4. i have a huge huge huge question.
      there is a repeating song in the movie.
      it occurs in the end where he’s running with her telling her he’s sorry is one of them.
      it’s just a small acoustic piece that’s background music.
      yet, i’m dying to know it.

    5. Thank you so much. I didn’t know it was Journey. Great track.

    6. you didnt credit the song “Hot and Cold” by Katy Perry

    7. I don’t think Hot and Cold was in there, honey…

      If you ask me, it doesn’t seem like the type of film that would include such a song.
      Oh, and I agree with Lisa, I’d love to be able to buy that nice little acoustic piece.
      It makes me sad that iTunes only included 13 of the songs, and most of them are album only 😦

    8. Hot and Cold was in it, I’m 100% sure. My friend and I started singing along.

    9. what was the song played at the end?

    10. I bought the album off Amazon but i can;t find “Journey To The Center Of The Earth by Von Iva and Zooey Deschanel” anyone know where i can dl it?

    11. Thanks! I really wanted to know the ring tone and motorcycle song. and i also wanted to learn the song when the mans about to jump, it seemed easy but a good song. Thanks a lot!

    12. Can’t seem to find any of these Eels songs to download anywhere? I use limewire, I see you have another site, but you have to pay?

    13. amazing!!!!!! 😀

    14. Yes Man the movie was amazing, the songs were awesome, and this was amazingly awesomely helpful! Thanks 😀

    15. Someone knows the name of the song played before the “scene of the jump”. I’m not talking about the Third Eye Blind song, just the little instrumental piece played while Jim Carrey is running starways up tu save the jumper.

    16. They are amazing !!! :))

    17. hot n cold was in it cuz i no the song

    18. i’d also like to know the name of the song played at the end saying ‘what the h*ll” in it.

      • do you mean “what the sh*t”?
        if so, it’s “Yes Man” by Von Iva and Zooey Deschanel

        I downloaded it from Amazon.com mp3’s.

        great song!

    19. (its while they are riding on the body skates midway thru the end credits)

    20. Thanks for these, i’m trying to work out the name of the instrumental played before the scene of the jump too! It sounds like the intro to something anthemic but i can’t put my finger on it.

    21. When he was at the YES man seminar or what its called 😛 They played an REALLY good Trance song there, Does any1 know what the song is named? I Really want to know what its called ^^

    22. yall fuckin RULE!!!!!!!! u had the song i was looking for..thanks a million

    23. Anybody know where to find the Zooey songs? Those are priceless!

    24. hot and cold by katy perry was definitely in the movie – during the opening credits.

    25. […] Just Say Yes to the Yes Man Soundtrack – All 48 Songs from the Movie I was excited to see Yes Man even before I knew that the Eels were contributing lucky number 13 songs to the movie. But […] […]

    26. I also would like to know the song:

      there is a repeating song in the movie.
      it occurs in the end where he’s running with her telling her he’s sorry is one of them.
      it’s just a small acoustic piece that’s background music.
      yet, i’m dying to know it.

    27. does any one know that song thats playing in the car when he gets droped off at the camera jogging scene???

    28. This is not really a “singing” but after singing Third Eye Blind’s “Jumper”, Jim said “I’ve got blisters on my fingers”

      That is a direct reference to The Beatles’ song, “Helter Skelter” which Ringo said the same thing after the eighteenth take.

      full details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helter_Skelter_%28song%29

    29. Anyone know the song that was playing in the background during the “300” party?

    30. the song in the jump scene is
      Third Eye Blind- Jumper


    31. Was the song “young folks” in the movie? I just saw the movie and somehow i remember hearing it but can´t remember what scene it was or was it in previews that came before the movie? 🙂

    32. So no one knows the song played at the end of the movie, during the credits..

    33. There was another song, something from the 80’s I think. It was in the background when he was in a nightclub (a disco type song) – driving me nuts trying to remember it

    34. i really would like to know the name of the songs (if theres any) that were played during the YES seminar… they really rocked ^^ plz someone plz =)

    35. does anyone know the name of the song being played at the YES! seminar? such a sick trance song i want it bad!!

    36. thankz for share.
      this post makes me sure, i wanna see this muvee!!

    37. Thank God, there is a such a great website in the world 🙂 thx admins 🙂


    39. ” Young folks ” wasn’t in the movie, but I heard it before in the ” Kielletty Hedelmä ” trailer 🙂

    40. anyone know the name and or artist of the techno/trance song playing in the background of the “yes man” seminar? its played twice, once at the first seminar, and once at the very end in the seminar right before the credits

    41. hi,

      its been asked a couple of times, but does anybody know the trance song at the YES-seminars?? please?? I’m dying out of frustration…

    42. Me to I also would like to know whats the name of the trance song!
      It’s so amazing!!

    43. Someone thinks that this trance song is called Flowers From Terra


      This one he thinks

    44. I’m sorry,but what song played at the 19 minutes 30 seconds at film?plZZZZZZZZZZ HELP ME=)

    45. I VERY NEED THE NAME OF SONG THAT PLAYED AT THE YES! SEMINAR PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    46. THANK YOU

    47. Just watched this in the Cinemas.. It was awesome! Especially the guitar part.

    48. Oh MY GOD! tnx 4 the cool fact of the ringtone and motorcycle scene´song!

      separate ways….such a 80´s apocalyptic HIT!

    49. whats the song that plays when hes on the motorbike in his hospital gown. Its like some 80s rock song. someone please tell me

    50. @ kris – the song on the motorbike is Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey.

    51. @ pancakes – the songs playing during the credits are:

      Yes Man by Munchausen by Proxy (f/ Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva)


      Man Up by Eels

    52. I need the trance song 😥

    53. @ reelsoundtrack

      Do you know the name of that trance song used in the ‘Yes Man Seminar’?

    54. Does anybody know of ANYWHERE that I can get the song that she sings at her little concert about “Don’t call me past 11 P.M.?!

    55. Ohh, come on 😛 Someone has to know which trance song they used in the Yes man seminar is called !


    57. please someone knows what is the song when Carl meet Terrence Bundley during the “Yes Man Seminar”…HELP HELP HELP

    58. Maybe I got it…It could be: The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again. It should be the song during “Yes Man Seminar”,but I don’t rember very well…
      I am waiting for your OK 🙂

    59. @ chiusky

      No the seminar song was e real Trance song

      the Who is rock so..
      I’ve listened to it and it’s not the song we’re looking for 😦

    60. It’s true…my girlfriend too said the same thing… 😥

    61. Anyone knows the name of the song played before the “scene of the jump”. just the little instrumental piece played while Jim Carrey is running starways up tu save the jumper.


    62. Hello please please please can someone tell me the name of the song( songs) of the yes seminary? i mean when terrence’s show
      it sounds electronic, like trance or something like that.


    63. I’m dying here… we need the song played in the seminar! Please!

    64. All of us want to know the song in the seminar… and I think the OST is pathetic… Eels and Zooey, thats OK, but it’s NOT ENOUGH. Whatever… somebody the SEMINAR SONG pleasee??

    65. does anyone knows what is the song playing in the backwards mean while carl and allison are talking again after she is done singing in the part of the band , please i need that song , its like a punk pop song

    66. Please i need to hear the YES MAN Seminary electro song
      very addictive !!! xD
      where is ? Whats the name ?

    67. thanx thanx thanx thanx thanx

    68. whats the song where he escapes the lift after leaving his ex wife?

    69. techno song at the yes seminar yet? im dying!

    70. Oh My God !!! Thank you ^:)^ … i didn’t know what was the ringtone name … thank you again !!!

    71. You gotta kidding me, you can’t seriously be saying you don’t know what’s the trance song at the YES! seminar??? Someone has to know it, please just say it out loud!!!

    72. the song that carl sings to the man that want to suicide… What was the name of that song?

    73. Please, someone know the techno song during the Yes Seminar? I would really like to know! Please, someone try and find out!!

    74. ….Hey excellent xD last night i saw the movie 3 times lol

      Thanks for the soundtracks…

      Ps.: Good Blog


    76. I’d like to know the name of the last song in the film, when they’re riding those strange skates or something similar. Somebody knows it???

    77. I am looking for the great old disco beat playing in the background in the bar i think , i love that old disco song ,i think its from the late 70’s or early 80’s but its truly a classic
      disco beat …if not one of the best disco song ever !!!
      So please can you help me findthe name of the disco band and song ? thankyou ..

      • 70’s disco song: “Stomp!” Performed by Brothers Johnson

        • Lyrics:

          Steppin’ out the weekends open wide
          Fill it up let’s blast the jams and ride
          While we’re cruisin’ around in the street
          Listen up for the party in feet

          Slap me five that’s the place we’ve arrived it’s alive
          Ev’rybody take it to the top we’re gonna
          Stomp all night wanna party
          Till morning light

          Runnin’ runnin’ runnin’
          The set is hot there’s people wall to wall
          Old gones young things short ones standing tall
          Grab the one with the smile on her face

          And hit the floor and stay right on the case
          The heat is on and the funk just won’t leave us alone
          Ev’rybody take it to the top we’re gonna

          Stomp all night in the neighborhood
          Don’t it feel all right gonna
          Stomp all night wanna party
          Till morning light

          Stomp step down in it put your foot
          Where you feel the fit
          Stomp you don’t want to quit
          Put your heels where you’re feeling it

          Stomp all night in the neighborhood
          Don’t it feel all right gonna
          Stomp all night wanna party
          Till morning light

        • Hi, while appreciating the song name and performer, do you know which version of this song is played in the movie?? I keep finding only the original one but it’s not the same version/remix that’s played in the movie. :/

    78. Nice list thanks 😀



    81. What was that song, when Carl shoting pictures and runing simultaniously (something alternative i gues) If U know please write on this forum or on my mail (nibydyby@o2.pl) or both, PLEEEEEEEEEEASE:-)

    82. Block Party – Helicopter? Dzienx:-D

    83. hey does anyone know what the name of the song that was playing when he was walking down the street and the chorus kept on saying “JAZZ”? it was like a hit in the 90s i think!

    84. this is the seminar part we’re talking about

      Does anyone knows the song???

    85. “Stomp!” by The Brothers Johnson is the disco song playing at the bar in the wedding shower scene…

    86. I found a song on I-tunes that might be it: The day the earth caught fire pro-active mix dj wag.

    87. The bar scene disco song is Stomp by Human Nature – I have the album. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the brother johnson is a different song?..

    88. @ Charles – Stomp by Brothers Johnson is what is listed in the movies credits. I will compare the two songs to see.

    89. Thanks, been looking for this list!!

    90. @sleepy

      No this is not the song we’re looking for =(
      I have Yes Man on DVD and this is not the song that is played in the seminar =(

    91. umm rock me amadeus by Falco anyone? The scene where he is driving in the truck singing along

    92. I’d really like to know the song they played during Norm’s 300 party! Anyone?

    93. What is the techno song in the seminar everyone is going crazy for it someone has to know it

    94. anyone know who sings the “who are you” song that the girl sings in the bar? Or if there is anyway to download it?

      • Munchausen By Proxy (Von Iva and Zooey Deschanel) and the song is “Uh-Huh”.

        I bought it from Amazon.com MP3’s.

    95. i just love this movie and its soundtrack. 🙂
      it really has a good message..Ü

    96. Hi guys ! Theres a small instrumental piece played after carl wakes up after his nightmaire of him dying. about 13 min into the movie. Could anyone tell me if this is a song or just somthing that was made for the movie. ty !

      • I was looking the same instrumental song, (it’s beautiful)and didn’t find it anywhere, it reminds me a little bit of Jay Gruska creations, played so much in Supernatural tv show

      • im also looking for name of this song 😦

    97. […] decided to find the soundtrack for it, luckily on searching for the soundtrack I came across the Reel Soundtrack Blog which had the entire soundtrack on it. Thank you to the author of this blig for his/her […]


    99. I really cannot find “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” by Von Iva and Zooey Deschanel.
      I googled it, looked on Amazon, iTunes Store, YouTube…but NOTHING! So weird…

    100. Need.. to… know… the…. techno….. song…… during the….. seminar……

    101. this is an amazing soundtrack i wold love to know wich song is playing after he wakes up from a dream where he supost to be dead and theres 2 guys there and one asks if theres any beer in the frizer those guitar rifs are crazy

    102. For those who are asking for the Seminar soundtrack, I just got this from Wikipedia : “The introduction music at the “YES!” seminar where Carrey’s character got his “YES!” covenent comes from the song “Separate Ways” by Journey. It is also featured when Carrey’s character bails out from the hospital to catch the joggography at 6AM.” Let me know if this help or not >

    103. anyone know the song that start to play at 29:30 (bar scene) when Jim Carray said “I’ve been such a dick and a douche”? I can’t find it!! Thanks

    104. is anyone know what’s that song when carl wakes up from the nightmare?

    105. What’s the name of the electronica/house song playing IN THE CAR as Jim Carrey pulls up to the Griffith Park observatory after raving all night? It’s at the start of the Red Bull scene just before he goes up to meet Allison. I love the beat but I can’t find this song in the credits nor online. Someone help!

    106. is it Sandstorm by Darude

    107. hey guys. which song is that in the end, when you see the end title. it goes like: ´it´s time to make love, i am man enough´ or something.
      would be nice if somebody coul help me.

    108. Hey! Great site you got here! Just wondering if you or anyone else knew what the song was on the yes man dvd menu and when Alison lets Carl take over the steering on the motorcycle!?!?! Would be great to know!! Its at about 53 mins!!

    109. whats the song from guitar hero 3 in it?

    110. don’t stop believing by journey also at end credit,don’t forget to put it on, i try to find in many sites didn’t mention it.

    111. Hello! This is great! One question: What is the name of the song playing when Zooey asks Jim Carrey if he wants a ride on the scooter for the first time?? Thank you! 🙂

    112. awesome, thanks man or woman 🙂

    113. @casey: i think it’s ‘eyes down’ by eels.

    114. come on has nobody found this rave song of the seminar?? 😀

    115. Does anyone know the song that is playing when he is driving to drop of the homeless guy?

      i really would like to know,

    116. No one find the song played after carl awake from nightmare?

    117. what was the song playing when they where jogging and taking pictures?

    118. the 6am running song (1st time running for Jim Carey after night of rave while still on red bull, middle of movie) is definitely not Helicopter by Bloc Party. Just checked on itunes. But I’m dying to know what song that is. Sounds like the harmonizing chorus in backround screams “empty” or “N.G.”, but it’s not ANA NG by They Might Be Giants either. Dying to know what song it is, please help! Cheers.

    119. Does anybody know the name to the song that plays after Jim Carrey has the nightmare?

    120. Ok, there’s another “misterious music looking for” request : during the seminar scene, just before the trance/house track, there’s a sort of new-age music with synthesizer and celestial bells (when J.C holds a red yes bag till the video big screen yes presentation starts). Any ideas ? Thanks.

    121. thanks soooo much, been looking for this forever!!!!

    122. I need to know the name of that techno song when he’s at the YES seminar

    123. I think the song at the seminar doesn’t really excist.. otherwise somebody would have found it.. not??

    124. thanx and I loved :
      Yes Man by Munchausen by Proxy (f/ Zooey Deschanel & Von Iva)


    125. What piano melody was played in hollywood bowl?

    126. Does anyone know the gitarr song 12 minutes into the movie? When Carl is dreaming and he has a fly on his eye. He wakes up and then this gitarr song is playing, really good one!

    127. Nobody ever figured out that trance song huh? You guys had me reading this whole thing just for that!

    128. hey it’s a great song list! yet I can’t find one song, it’s the one looping on the dvd menu and also it’s the song they play during the first time Carl rides the motorcycle with Allison. if anyone knows it’d be great 😀

    129. does any body know the song playing in the background of Carl and Norms goofy scene at the office. its the scene were carl wraps tape around his head. pls let me know any body.

    130. hey can i anyone tell me which music is that when carl friend through stone on back just before that carl call stefini there is a small music

    131. The song we hear from the car, when they arrive with redbulls, to the 6am jogging? Whats the name of that song?!? 🙂

    132. Hello!
      If somebody knows tell me please what is the instrumental playing from the 23rd minute when Carl`s car broke and he goes to gas station and speaks with himself? i read all the blog and searched everywhere but still can`t find it(.. it`s not “your lucky day in hell”, it plays just after..

    133. informative post, keep it up buddy.. I’d also love the song on it, especially jumper 😀

    134. Hot N’ Cold did not play on “Yes Man” but i think “If you can Afford me” – Katy Perry did play, but i was trying to look for it and i could not find it but im prety sure i herd it on this move.

    135. Does anyone know the song that is playing when he is driving to drop of the homeless guy? Thanx!

    136. the song that is playing when he is driving to drop of the homeless guy is Your Lucky Day In Hell by Eels,

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