Best Soundtracks of 2008

I have posted the songs and videos from hundreds of movies this year. Most receive a modicum of attention – maybe a few hundred or even a few thousand tune in. But then there are the few that seem that capture the imagination of tens of thousands of movie and music lovers alike.

So here are two lists of movies: my favorite soundtracks in a range of random categories, and the most popular soundtracks of 2008, based on close to a million people who visited There’s some overlap, but then there are also divergences.

  • Most requested soundtrackWhat Happens in Vegas
    They did not release a soundtrack album to What Happens in Vegas, but they certainly should have. The movie has 35 songs, including music from Mika, Junior Senior, Jet, Eels, Shout Out Louds, Buzz Junkies and many more.
  • Most pleasantly surprising soundtrackGhost Town
    This was a really good movie – a pleasant surprise. And the music was too. It kicked off with the The Beatles singing “I’m Looking Through You” and carried right through with Wilco’s “Please Be Patient With Me,” “Sideways” by Citizen Cop and many more.
  • Best debut of a band in a movieBabylon A.D.
    System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadijan joined forces with RZA to create Achozen. Achozen dominated the movie Babylon A.D. with seven songs, most of which could not be found elsewhere anywhere. From the addictive beats of Deuces to Rollindissgeyes, Forshadow, Digital Slaps and Build Your Enemies, this was a great collection of music from a heretofore nonexistent band.
  • Biggest teaseMax Payne
    I wanted to see this movie because of the incredible use of the song “If I Was Your Vampire” by Marilyn Manson. The trailer was brilliant; the song was raw. But the movie…not so much.

    Runner up:Paper Planes by M.I.A. used in the trailer for Pineapple Express. The song was one of the best of the year but did not make it on to the soundtrack. It would have been number one, but the movie itself was far better than Max Payne, so there was not so much disappointment.

  • Best use of an Oasis songMade of Honor
    I love Oasis and have so for more than a decade. The brothers Gallagher have come and gone and returned again, but I cannot think of a better use of one of their songs in a movie than when they play Stop Crying Your Heart Out in Made of Honor. The movie also features Dashboard Confessional, Oasis, Kanye West, Smash Mouth, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the Fratellis.
  • Best bubblegum pop soundtrackHouse Bunny
    I will go out on a major limb here. Anna Faris is a comic genius. Yes I said it, genius. She is the best part of every movie she is in. She could even turn a too-old-for-the-mansion return-to-college to find herself and her true love playboy bunny story (a stretch) into something that was actually really entertaining. The music was pure fun bubblegum pop at its finest, including: The Pussycat Dolls, Vitamin C, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, Ashlee Simpson and The All-American Rejects.
  • Best Sequel SoundtrackSisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
    There are 29 songs in the movie, including the expected – Regina Spektor, Michelle Branch and Cyndi Lauper – but also the unexpected – Hot Hot Heat, Noisettes and Dollyrots – and the brilliantly unexpected – Talib Kweli, Mutemath and Aqualung.
  • Best song used in the most divergent movie scenes – Por Ti Volare / Con Te Partiro
    Will Ferrell sings Por Ti Volare in the climactic wine mixer scene of
    Stepbrothers. The original version, Con Te Partiro, as sung by Andrea Bocelli, is playing on the car radio in the movie Wanted as they flip the car in a corkscrew to kill the guy in back.
  • Best soundtrack to the worst movieCollege
    This movie was bad, really bad. I didn’t laugh once: fully a waste of two hours and 10 bucks. But if it had one redeeming feature, it was the music, including an original score was by The Transcenders, a couple by Ben Kweller and Supagroup, as well as Sizzle C and King Juju.
  • Best old school rapThe Wackness
    A trip down memory lane for early 90’s rap, including Notorious B.I.G., Will Smith as the Fresh Prince, bringing us Summertime tunes, and R. Kelly with a little bump and grind and kickin’ it with A Tribe Called Quest.
  • Best flashback to the 80sYou Don’t Mess with the Zohan
    From Rob Base to Ace of Base, Stereo MCs to Armand Van Helden, Rockwell, Color Me Badd and Mariah Carey, plus Techtronic, Nu Shooz, Eek-a-Mouse and Adam Ant.

    Here are the top movie soundtracks of 2008, based on the number of people who visited the page for the soundtrack on Reelsoundtrack.

    1. What Happens in Vegas – 91,450
    2. House Bunny – 81,015
    3. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan – 71,264
    4. Step Brothers – 66,474
    5. Babylon A.D. – 37,136
    6. Made of Honor – 33,032
    7. Tropic Thunder – 28,093
    8. Wanted – 25,905
    9. Jumper – 19,651
    10. Drillbit Taylor – 18,272


    ~ by montelutz on December 21, 2008.

  • One Response to “Best Soundtracks of 2008”

    1. I loved the Ghost Town soundtrack but have been really disappointed that I can’t find it anywhere. That followed by finding that there really isn’t a soundtrack compilation for sale at all. I don’t understand how millions of movies that produce mediocre soundtracks make it to the shelves of music stores while this one didn’t. It’s almost a crime. But I guess I’ll just have to make my own version and pick the songs up individually. Shame ’cause Ghost Town was dang good in the music department!

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