21 Songs From Bride Wars

There are 21 songs in the movie Bride Wars, including music from Duffy, Estelle, Colbie Caillat and Natasha Bedingfield. There also are some classic (and classical) bridal songs, including Richard Wagner’s Bridal Chorus, Bach’s Jesu Joy and Vivaldi’s Spring.

But the movie also includes a few songs I would not expect, including Get Ready for This by 2 Unlimited and Give It to Me Baby by Rick James. Throw in a mix of The Submarines, Technotronic and Eve, contrasted against Natalie Cole and Ryan Shaw, and you have an interesting soundtrack.

/The complete list of songs from the movie is below. If you want to jump straight to all the videos and downloads from the movie, click here.

Call it a battle between wedding standards and reception hits that goad you to the dance floor, plus some sappy goodness thrown in to boot (the songs playing during the maid of honor’s toast or a father-daughter dance).

You’ll recognize The Submarines song You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie from the iPhone 3G commercial.

And you cannot go wrong with a throwback to Natalie Cole. Here’s This Will Be (An Everlasting Love). Maybe songs that are prominently featured in commercials is the subtext for the movie soundtrack.

Or maybe you prefer a little musical sunshine and happy days from Colbie Caillat. All of her songs sound like sunrise in Santa Monica. You can’t help but think today is the day for a bit of goodness. Here’s Somethin’ Special.

Update 1: Quite a few people are looking for the song that plays around the wedding scene featuring a female vocal that starts with the words “I was a little girl.” The song is Dream by Priscilla Ahn. She has a gorgeous voice. Here’s the video:

You can find the videos and downloads for the songs at Reelsoundtrack.com. Here’s the complete list of songs from the movie. I will have info on specific scenes that the songs play in tomorrow.

Update 3:I have been able to figure out the songs in most of the scenes. Here they are:

  • Opening song – Somethin’ Special by Colbie Caillat
  • Dancing in the attic and the first wedding – This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by Natalie Cole
  • Beautiful People by Jason Glover, Dominic Glover and Gary Crockett
  • At the bar – You Me And The Bourgeoisie by The Submarines
  • After they meet the wedding planner – Happy by Natasha Bedingfield
  • Flute Quartet In C by Paul Fried
  • Spring by Antonio Vivaldi
  • Lively Scherzo by Elvio Monti
  • Emma’s dance class – Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited
  • Suntan – Rain on Your Parade by Duffy
  • First song at bachelorette party – I’m Too Sexy by The Hit Crew
  • Dance off at the party – Give It To Me Baby by Rick James
  • “Sexy” dance off – Tambourine by Eve
  • After the dance off still at the club – Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic
  • Sad, running, phone call – I’m Scared by Duffy
  • Piano Cocktail by Adam Saunders and Mark Cousins
  • Bridal Chorus Petit – Eric Zimmerman
  • Brides walking down the hall before the wedding – Dream by Priscilla Ahn
  • You’ve Made Me So Very Happy by Ryan Shaw
  • Walking down the aisle – Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner
  • End credits – Pretty Please (Love Me) by Estelle
  • Original music for Bride Wars – Edward Shearmur
  • .

    Update 2:For those who are looking for the song in the trailer, it is Fool for Love by Stefy. It was also featured in the movie John Tucker Must Die:

    One more for the road. Here’s I’m Scared by Duffy:


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    26 Responses to “21 Songs From Bride Wars”

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    2. wow i love some of this music

    3. Im looking for the classical song in the trailer…anyone know it?

    4. I’m glad to see Duffy not only have one but 2 songs in this movie! She is AMAZING and her voice is so unique. She deserves this; she was rumored to have been put in the mix for Quantum of Solace, which was Rain On Your Parade.

    5. Pamela – the song from the trailer sounds to me like “Hall of the Mountain King” – which has been remade by a band called “Savatage” – “Prelude to Madness”.

    6. anyone know when this soundtrack comes out? i love this music!!!

    7. @jco – i don’t think they are releasing the album, but you can find the downloads for all the individual songs from the movie here:


    8. Dream is just beautiful, what a lovely voice.

    9. Love classical music need to put music on 🙂

    10. You have made my life easier. Good day.

    11. Very nicely put indeed. Thanks for making this!.

    12. i lovd da movie & da song dream by priscialli ahn da most

    13. thank youu! 🙂

    14. i would like to know who wrote the last song of the movie

    15. i would like to know who wrote the son you make mee so very happy

    16. lovely song

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    18. I whatchet how many times just so I can get the words to the song when Liv and Emma are on their way to their wedding thingy…the “I was a little girl” and now I know the title is “dream”!!! yay!!

    19. I like The Submarines song and Colbie’s~~ great music

    20. Nice Reading. Thanks.

      Whether you choose a Band, DJ, or Ceremony Musician, music is an essential part of your big day. We have compiled a large library of wedding music to make your wedding a fun filled, day

    21. where can i find a copy of the soundtrack. its not on itunes and i cant find it online.. help!!!

    22. Thakyou so much for the list. Can you write one for the movie avatar? Thanks

    23. Hi, great site! Only I didnt see the song You’ve Made Me So Very Happy, by Ryan shaw and edward? I forget. Can u add that please, and the download. I have been looking for it everywhere. Thanku, 😉

    24. I finally know the name to “I was a little girl” song. Yay me & Thankss!

    25. i want to her i song that i can’t remember the name but i know the lyrics… i was a little girl caugth in in a little world i know………..

    26. wow @ last i found my favorite song by colbie caillat “something special..

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