Notorious Soundtrack is B.I.G. – 44 songs from the movie

Notorious tells the life story of Notorious B.I.G. through 44 songs, including more than 20 Biggie Smalls classics.

I was super stoked to find out that they were producing a movie about the life of Notorious B.I.G. Big Poppa, Hypnotize, One More Chance, Juicy – so many good songs. Damn shame he was only on the scene for a bit less than a decade.

Notorious tells the story of his rise and fall of Christopher Wallace (aka Biggie Smalls). Jamal Woolard plays Biggie and sings a bunch of his songs in the movie; Derek Luke plays P. Diddy and adds a few of his own.

Here’s the complete list of songs from the movie. The downloads from most of the songs are below (in bold). You can watch the videos for them and download the tunes at

Songs from the movie:

  • Always Had Enough – Scott Eversoll
  • Bass Not Bass – Mastermix
  • Bed Stuy Brooklyn – Jamal Woolard
  • B.I.G. Mama Thang – Naturi Naughton
  • Big Poppa – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Born Again (Intro) – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Children’s Story – Slick Rick
  • Dance With Me All Night – Leyla Hoyle
  • Dancehall Rub – Brinsley Forde
  • Every Day Struggle – Jamal Woolard
  • Flava In Ya Ear – Craig Mack
  • Get Money – Naturi Naughton and Marc John Jefferies
  • Gimme The Loot – Jamal Woolard and Marc John Jefferies
  • Girls R Hardcore – Naturi Naughton
  • Going Back To Cali – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Hands 2 Tha Pump – DA Diggler
  • Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G.
  • I Love The Dough – Notorious B.I.G.
  • In The Mood – McIntosh
  • It’s A Demo – Jamal Woolard
  • Juicy – Jamal Woolard, Derek Luke and Marc John Jefferies
  • Juicy Fruit – James Mtume
  • Ladies R Sexy – Naturi Naughton
  • Letter To B.I.G. – Jadakiss featuring Faith Evans
  • Machine Gun Funk – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Maybe Young – McIntosh
  • Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack Promo – Mr. Magic and Marlon Williams
  • One More Chance/Stay With Me Remix – Notorious B.I.G. featuring CJ Wallace and Faith Evans
  • Party & Bullshit – Jamal Woolard and Derek Luke
  • Pimps & Macs – Jamal Woolard
  • Primo Battle – Red Cafe
  • Rappers Won’t Survive – Danja Mowf
  • Rooma Hazit – Spike T and Crunk Daddy P
  • Sky’s The Limit – Jamal Woolard
  • Suicidal Thoughts – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Ten Crack Commandments – Notorious B.I.G.
  • The Breaks – Notorious B.I.G. and Jasper Briggs
  • The Breaks – Jamal Woolard
  • Unbelievable – Notorious B.I.G. and Jamal Woolard
  • Voodoo Hood – Michael Mani and Jordan Omley
  • Warning – Jamal Woolard, Derek Luke and Marc John Jefferies
  • Wheels Of Steel – Kevin Teasley
  • Who Got Da Props – Black Moon
  • Who Shot Ya – Jamal Woolard
  • You Used To Love Me – Sean Combs
  • Extra songs on the album:

  • Brooklyn Go Hard – Jay-Z featuring Santogold
  • Guaranteed Raw – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Juicy – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Kick in the Door – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Love No Ho – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Microphone Murderer – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Notorious B.I.G. – Notorious B.I.G. featuring Lil’ Kim and Puff Daddy
  • Notorious Thugs – Notorious B.I.G.
  • One More Chance/Stay with Me Remix – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Party & Bullshit – Notorious B.I.G.
  • The World is Filled – Notorious B.I.G. featuring CJ Wallace and Faith Evans
  • Warning – Notorious B.I.G.
  • What’s Beef? – Notorious B.I.G.
  • Original music for Notorious – Danny Elfman
  • Here’s my favorite Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize:


    ~ by montelutz on January 17, 2009.

    193 Responses to “Notorious Soundtrack is B.I.G. – 44 songs from the movie”

    1. Hi! what’s the name of the Gospel song during the funeral scene at the church?

      • “Now the Day is over” I think Faith Evans is supposed to sing it but I cant find the song anywhere…hope this helps.

      • that was a good movie i just cant remmber the name of the song was playing while the movie was going off……

    2. What is the name of the song after his mother slaps him and tells him to get out?

    3. What’s the song in the studio? The one that puffy plays to B.I.G,it’s a soul no.

    4. Ive been looking everywhere for the little snippet that plays when Biggie and Faith makes up in the studio, and rolls around on the floor.. its a TIGHT beat..if anyone knows id apreciate it imensely if i got an answer! its driving me up the walls.

    5. what’s the name of the song at the funeral when angela bassett it’s speaking about her ” son ” ? ..i really love the song !!! ..plz help me

    6. whats the name of the song before he listens to juicy fruit.

    7. wats the song that he sings in that concert in the end to dis tupac

    8. whats the name of the song when he walks into the club after his first concert it has a phat beat!

      • are you talking about the song in the club at 1:10:00 ? I’m trying to fin which song that is as well so if you’ve already figured it out could you let me know? and if i find out I’ll let you know.

    9. thats what i wanna know

    10. whats the song at 0:12:17 and ends at 0:12:49…..when he is selling drugs and right before the battle with promo or something?

    11. Thanks for the help, and the song after that, i think, is

      Notorious B.I.G. – Unbelievable

    12. i wanna no the order

    13. What is the name of that song when B.I.G gets in the studio and Diddy says “Oh you’re ready Big”.


    14. what is the name of that song when Big and Kim are in the studio cussin at each other.

    15. does anyone know the song just before when big and droc are in the car and see sandy (the pregnant crackhead woman) walking with her son.

    16. Whats the song, that plays in the Disco after the release boom and before the music changes to “Unbelievable”??

    17. PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP ME…I REALLY NEED THE SONG FROM 54:30:00…When He Meats 2pac…It’s Just A Beat…Thanks !

    18. whats the song at the end when the mother hears the music on the street while she is in the car, and everybody’s singing?

    19. coucou

      quel est la chanson du convoi funérairers vers la fin ocoumerci b

    20. whats the song when he rips 2pac and causes all the drama

    21. dibu22
      its going back to cali

    22. thanks mike! just watch the movie again! dopeee!

    23. thanks for the awesome songs, but whats the song they play when the gang find out where doug is?

    24. wats the song at the end when biggie gets shot in the car

    25. wats the name of the song that they listenin to when they in the studio after big comes back from the car crash..when he laughs and says “i did it, im the greatest”

    26. whats the name if the song when he is walking into the basement and meets lil cease and d roc. its the background song when hes walking down the stairs about to record microphone murderer

    27. what is the song at 36:05 to 36:50, it’s when he first goes into the recording studio. it’s all crazy blues and sick shit.

    28. can anyone help me. wats the song sung by faith just after bigger cheats on her. and he walks in and sees faith singing in the studio. thanks

    29. sam am tryin to find this song too, i’d appreciate it if u’d let me know owt it is if u find it, thanks kat

    30. sam and kat. the song is “you used to love me” by faith evans.

    31. the song when pac and biggie are in the club, and they start recording about how they’re friends and shit, been looking for that song FOR AGES, love it. anyone know what it’s called?

    32. Hey,

      What’s the name of the classical song playing during the funeral procession? Thanks I would really appreciate it.

    33. I know what the song its Pimps & Macs BUT i cannot find a way to download i. I’ve Looked every were Limewire,Ares, iTunes,Windows Media Player i cannot find it anywere please help.

      This Movie is Great!

    34. what’s that biggie diss song when they are in the car

    35. What’s the song when they drove a car in NY and saw Sandy with her kid?
      Tony which one do you mean? Hit ’em up – 2Pac?

      • Yeh i also want to know what that song is when biggie and his friend are in the car and they see sandy with her son, its got an awsome beat!

    36. whats the song at the end of the movie for the last concert? where about 2pac

    37. whats the name of the song when biggie and puffy first walk into the party and their celebrating biggie’s release of his first album .

    38. Whats the name of the song playing at the end of the movie right after hypnotized?

    39. i am trying to figure out what B.I.G’s most popularest song was. help?

    40. whats the song that plays when biggie does his first drug deal when hes a kid, its 7 minutes into the movie

    41. Does anyone know the song played at 1 mins 12 secs? when big is getting out of the car to the streets

    42. im tryin 2 find the song that goes like this ” when i die…. im piece ov shit ” any1 help!!!

    43. whats the song called when biggie and lil kim are in the little apartment and lil kim is singing neva eva eva get played killa bustin that cap in your back

    44. Hey,

      What’s the name of the classical song playing during the funeral procession? Thanks I would really appreciate it.i m looking everywhere

    45. what’s the song starting at 6:57, while biggie start to sell drugs with d-roc? …that’s a very old beat I was searching everywhere. thank u.

    46. ten crack commandments

    47. Hi, what’s the name of the song starting at 36:00?

    48. whats the name of the song it goes like boogie woogie cant you see… help i been lookin 4 this song for a long time

    49. What’s the name of the song that gets played in the background when lil kim n biggie are in the apartment and she first started rappin ever. Pls help me!! 😦

    50. please can somebody tell me where can i find the link for the DA DIGGLER – hands to tha pump song it is so cool but i cant download from anywhere please help me to find it

    51. What’s the orginal beat , to the song “Mircophone Murderer”
      in the MOVIE? 23:43

    52. whats that song when they in the studio nd. it goes something like “i live movahfcukah…i live movahfcukah….”

    53. what is the song when they see sandy in there old hood riding in the benz its startin to piss me off

    54. same here no1 seems to know what thaT SONG IS wen they see sandy and her son

    55. What’s the song playing when his first and only album is released?

    56. MyWooten. That song is called Machine gun Funk

    57. can anyone tell me where that beat at 1 hour 26 min is from (Puffy sais “Yeah Big you ready” ? i love it gotta know it. Thx

    58. sorry i meant the beat is playin at 36 min not at 1 hour 26 min!

    59. Anybody know the song that’s playing when BIG and Faith are in the studio after they make-up after fighting?

      They are rolling on the floor kissing each other in the studio.. thanks

    60. how about the one right at the beginning when BIG first hops into the SUV?

    61. whats th songs when he does a freestlye rap after he comes out of prison

    62. Biggie smalls starts hustlin but hes not a kid anymore, its after he puts on his bling, and right before he sells the stuff to the pregnant lady. It goes like “heeeeeeeeeeere we go”.
      Sick beat

    63. thats childrens story – slick rick

    64. when he goes w for wallace rappers ill domolish what song is that.. thanks

    65. wats is the name of the song when the movie is over?? when there giving the extras

    66. what is the name of the song at the ending of the movie????
      when all the extras are going up!!
      it starts off
      “dear christopher….wallace…”

    67. does any one know the song where biggie is getting driven down da street in his casket i need yo kno right now

    68. Seriously I will put a bullet in my head if I dont find out the name of the song wen biggie and droc are selling crack and its not the 10 crack commandments song

    69. Im sorry 4 being a retard i found it

    70. That song everyone has been on about When Big and Puffy are in the Benz when they see Sandy towards the end of the movie…
      …Its called ‘Livin The Street’ by Shawn Jones.

      Great Musician ^_^

    71. P.S Good luck finding it, if you do let me know…its really hard to get hold of but some badass beats and bass on that track.

    72. does anyone have any clue what the song during the funeral before hypnotize comes on is???

    73. what is the name of the beat when big and that lil nigga see sandy the crackhead walking with her son towards the end of the movie i cant find it anywhere..PLEASE HELP!!!

    74. when he gets into the suv right in the beggining? what song is that it says ” im rollin rollin..”

    75. what is the name of the song it played like after the credits over. I’ve been lookin 4ever and i cant remember what it was

    76. whats the song when B.I.G and Puff enter the club for their debut album

    77. it woulda made sense to play “Bang Bang” at his funeral

    78. What is the beat when the 2 kids walk past BIG on the stoop?

    79. whats the name of that song that the girl wuz rapping about at a concert when she was mad at biggie

    80. what was dat rap called dat Naturi Naughton da girl played as lil kim rap’d for biggie wen dey was n da bed rooom

    81. What is the instrumental playing when they’re on Fulton street selling crack before his first battle and he is talking about his occasional rapping?

    82. what was the rap lil kim did when her and biggie got into an argument at the studio…. it starts off like this …. i used to be scared of the d!ck now i throw my lips to the sh!t handle it like a real b!tch…i need to know what the song is called…. its bothering me please help thanks much…d

    83. The song “warning” sang in concert in the movie with another guy is it only sang (live) or also in studio because i want it in concert?

    84. what’s the name of this one ?


    86. what the name of that song were biggie AND that chick finish fuckin and she starts rappen and its like till they put me in a cell or six feet underground

    87. guys.. trying really hard to find the song when biggie is fighting with tupe and biggie goes to his car with that kid and listens to 2pacs song thats dissin him. appreciate it.

    88. whats ludacris’s song in this movie

    89. What is the song where he and Droc see Sandy with her son?!?!?!

    90. Hey guys could anyone help me about a song ? When B.I.G. sings in basement and makes his demo tape ?

      thank you


    92. Whats the song when biggie is dealing on the streets and just as he passes a capsule it plays ‘here we go’ quite slowly

    93. The beat right right at the end in the credits, it’s a very emotional beat, anyone know where i can get this??

    94. whats that song called when they are going 2 sell and then a song comes up and it says “here we go”?

    95. nvm its called children storys.

    96. whats the song in the scene b4 he meets pac playing pool??

    97. hey what is the lil rap lil kim does after her and biggie were fucking he tells her to rap like a girl or something

    98. whats the song when biggie goes up to the roof in the beginning to put his nice clothes on its just an instrumental but its tough

    99. whats the very last song at the end of the credits?

    100. whats the song when Biggie goes back to Brooklyn and gives those people watches and gambles with them?

    101. Thanks yall. I was looking for that song when lil kim was in the apartment with Big singing who got the props.

    102. what is the name of the song played at the end of notorious after his funeral on the streets

    103. What is the song that biggie sings as soon as he gets out of jail, after being in jail for a long time…

    104. does anybody now the name of the soundtrack after “puff daddy” ask biggie his mother if he can do anything for her?

    105. name of the song when he just got on the roof and he opens his chest and puts on all the new threads and gun?

    106. Has nobody still figured out what the FUCK the beat is from when they see crackhead Sandy??? We cannot continue until this is figured out…

    107. What is the name of the instrumental song playing when Big’s hearse is driven through the city into Brooklyn when Big’s mothers thoughts are heard (before hypnotize)

    108. whats the name of the song when biggies in the car at the end and he gets shot?

    109. whats the name of the song where biggie goes into the last club scene before he gets shot. ?

    110. What’s the name of the song when the movie’s almost over, and biggie’s working on his last album, and he plays the song and says
      ” i did it “

    111. What is the name of the instrumental song playing when Big’s hearse is driven through the city into Brooklyn when Big’s mothers thoughts are heard (before hypnotize)?

    112. Whats the name of the last song from the film…when all the names come…
      it starts so: dear christopher wallace….and so on


    113. What is the name of the instrumental song playing when Big’s hearse is driven through the city into Brooklyn when Big’s mothers thoughts are heard (before hypnotize)?

      Come on Please Help ME!!!! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!
      Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!

    114. What is the name of the last song singed at the show in Sacramento? Puff says “Don´t sing it” and BIG says to the crowd ” I need to do this. Tupac will never believe that I wrote this song before he was shot…” Can anybody remember? Thanks from Brasil!

    115. whats the name of the song that passt on the part where biggy was rolling dice with his home town peps

    116. Does anyone know the instrumental song playing during Biggies funeral and his mother is in the hearse, doing the narration?

    117. whats the song big sings when he is small in the mirror i think its when he ets his gun ?

    118. Whats the name or the song befor party and bullshit in the movie its realy short like a sample but sounds well good help plz hehe

    119. please what’s the name of the song playing when biggie firts kisses faith on the street. i really love it

    120. Does anybody know whats the name of song in club ,on 50 minutes afer recording his first single

    121. what is the song when he comes out of the car and gives out the watches and rolls dice with the people its a sick instumental

    122. The instrumental at the end of the movie is a remix from The Thin Red Line by Hans Zimmer. I can’t find that remix however.

    123. What is the name of the instrumental song playing when Big’s hearse is driven through the city into Brooklyn when Big’s mothers thoughts are heard (before hypnotize)

    124. I’ll answer my own question: Now The Day is Over by Faith Evans. Apparently the song was never released.

    125. whats the name of the song towards the end when he’s driving under the bridge and only a sample of the instrumental is played, does anyone know?

    126. What is the name of the song when chris’s wife(not lil kim the white girl lol) finds him with another girl in his bed in a hotel,then later in the recording stdio,they get back together and they both fell and started kissing.

    127. whats the name of the song when bad boy releases biggie’s first album and puff walks into the party in a fresh white suit?

    128. Hey, does anyone know the song when Biggies deal with Puff goes sour and he sells some crack and the cops chase him? It’s an instrumental,I’ve been looking for it for so long! Please help.

    129. hey bro’s, what the song name in the movie: 00:06:56!
      When he ask “what am i gonna do?”

      – you know, when he decide to be the little boy on the street.
      – help me! 😉

    130. notorius is a very deep movie indeed,but i would like to know whats the name of the song that plays at the end of the movie when b.i.g gets driven to his grave.

    131. what the song when junior mafia is singing throw your mother f*kin hands in the air then b.i.g and puffy walks onto the stage

    132. was wondering if u could help when biggie kisses faith for the first time on the film a tune comes on i cant find it anywer

    133. Whats the song where Lil Kim is rapping from the radio wehn big is on the couch.? and he sais that she can sings.?

    134. Whats the name of the song at the end of the credits thats remixed with Peter Gabriels Sledgehammer?

    135. what is the name of the song when notorious meets faith evens in the photo shoot?

    136. Biggie records MicroPhone Murderer In The Studio With lil c when they meet in the movie. The Beat that the movie uses is SICK And i wrote the BEST BARS For it But when i look the song up i cant find that particular beat. Can anyone give me the instrumental PLEASE !

    137. what’s the name of the song of tupac when BIG and the little guy go inside the car ?

    138. whats that beat called that they played when biggie is at the hospital looking at the ceiling remembering everything ?

    139. whats the name of the song at background,when is mom on the car

      before the song Hypnotize

      the Tune in the background


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