All 14 songs from Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Survivor, KISS, Eddie Money and Bon Jovi – this is the musical world of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Throw in Shakti, Rasheeda, Barry Manilow and ELO, and you have a strange but good soundtrack. Certainly better than the muzac that typically hear in the mall.

There are 14 songs in the movie. Here’s the complete list from Paul Blart (with downloads in bold), or you can watch the videos and snag the downloads at

Update: I have notes on some of the scenes that some of the songs play in, but if you know any more, please add them in the comments and I will work them into the post. (thanks in advance)

  • Song he plays on Rock Band – Detroit Rock City by KISS
  • When he walks over to Amy at the end – I Can’t Hold Back by Survivor
  • Driving to the mall – Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra
  • Ringtone – My Bubble Gum by Rasheeda
  • First karaoke song – Runaway by Bon Jovi
  • Think I’m In Love – Eddie Money
  • Do the Thang Thang (TSP Remix) – Shakti
  • Weekend In New England – Barry Manilow
  • Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – Charles Wesley, Felix Mendelssohn and William Cummings
  • Take It On The Run – Gary Richrath (REO Speedwagon)
  • Caribbean Sea – John Costello
  • Frankenstein – Edgar Winter
  • Parade Of Champions – Patriotic Fathers
  • Turn Up The Music (The World Is Watching You) – Jessica Ferguson
  • Original music for Paul Blart Mall Cop – Waddy Wachtel

    Here’s the video for I Can’t Hold Back by Survivor


    ~ by montelutz on January 18, 2009.

    61 Responses to “All 14 songs from Paul Blart: Mall Cop”

    1. The movie isn’t even getting any good reviews, how is it that it made number one this weekend?

    2. finally the soundtrack i looked every were thank god this site

    3. This movie was soo funny i can see why critics wouldn’t like it but it was really funny

    4. Which one is the guitar rift when he decides to be the hero?

    5. Sometimes the critics have no clue what the average American viewer is going to love or hate. Lately, it seems they only love movies about making movies or heavy dramas. I just saw this movie and loved it. I haven’t laughed so hard at the theater since seeing “Knocked Up,” and yet this movie was totally family friendly. The four of us – two parents and two middle school boys – were still laughing as we headed for the car.

    6. I seen the movie “Mall Cop” when it came out. Personaly
      I liked it. It was a good comedy. The songs may seem a little werid but they are great for the movie.You should really go and see it if you like comedy because you will get a laugh out of it.

    7. […] Daftar Original Soundtrack  PAUL BLART: MALL COP […]

    8. I loved the movie and the music. I would like to know where I can get the soundtrack.

    9. […] All 14 songs from Paul Blart: Mall Cop Survivor, KISS, Eddie Money and Bon Jovi – this is the musical world of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Throw in Shakti, […] […]

    10. All the critics have a freaking stick up their ass. This was a movie made to be funny, a comedy. The critics are looking way too deeply into a movie meant for a laugh. Jesus, I laughed and completely enjoyed this movie. If anyone is doubting this movie, don’t.

    11. the pop up thing that pops up when you pan over a song is annoying, giving you tips to help your site but thanks for the list though

    12. I just saw “Mall Cop”. I thought it was pretty funny. It was kind of corny but heck in this age of such turbulent economic times, it took your mind off of life for an hour and a half, so I have to say I loved it. I also love the music…totally my era…80’s stuff.

    13. Thanks for posting this list!

    14. i think your missing 1 song. the guy in karaoke the very 1st song he sings, before runaway by bon jovi

    15. The critics be damned! The movie had nothing constructive to say about society or our social condition, but it was hilarious. It was a typical comedy. It was funny. And it had a great soundtrack. Enough said. Thanks for the links!

    16. I loved this movie, I saw it today finally and it was really nice, no cussing no violence its what the world needs now just a nice family movie, I LOVE KEVIN JAMES he is great and thanks to Adam Sandler

    17. The soundtrack was the best thing about the movie. I mean, the movie was okay, I chuckled a few times but I didn’t die laughing throughout any of it. Now, Something About Mary is a movie I died laughing too.

    18. You forgot the song that guy in the bar sings when Paul Blart gets drunk.

      Heard it From a Friend Who – REO Speedwagon

    19. very good movie. i saw it yesterday and i loved it. also the soundtrack was amazing

    20. I liked the movie very much because this is what happens to people that have difficulties in their lives such as the character Paul Blart portrayed, and the soundtrack was wonderful.

    21. Very true, Cynthia. It’s best to watch the movie yourself than always take a critics’ thought. Sometimes, their reviews can help give you an idea on some parts of a movie.

      I saw the movie today and I liked it. It’s not “I LOVE IT SO MUCH!” feeling, but it was a good comedy for a family. =3 The music was very good. I thank you for the list since I’m looking it up at well.

    22. brutal good musics in the muvie

    23. Yep, this is a great soundtrack, and the film was ok. As a sidenote, Runaway by Bon Jovi was originally on their self titled debut LP released in January 1984. 25 years ago!!! So who feels old now?

    24. what was the song that played as the credits started?

    25. I just saw Paul Blart this past weekend and loved it! The soundtrack was great. Lots of laugh out loud parts. It’s a comedy – don’t overthink it!! and I agree that it is suitable for the whole family top to bottom. Not many of those out there these days.

    26. what was the song called that began with the really pretty piano part.

    27. what is the song he sang up on stage with the other guy at the bar I think??

    28. Who is the guy singing in the bar and does he have an album? Sounds odd but I actually quite enjoyed that 🙂

    29. Goofy yet entertaining…….

    30. a little predictable at times, but yes it was good

    31. hey guys, anyone of u knows bout da song when blart cries n hug his daughter???

    32. Great Movie, everything was funny. i hope this guy makes another movie — ur friend bosnian

    33. Thanks for a great list of great songs from a great movie!

    34. thanks for the list! I’ve fell in love with the music – shame it’s the only good part of that movie (which was, in my opinion, one of the worst I’ve ever seen)

    35. the movie was awesome!!! great job done by kevin james!!!! superb!!

    36. soundtracks in this movie is damn good!!!!
      lovin’ it

    37. What was the song played during the wedding at the end???

    38. song at the end of the movie is Eddie Money – Think I’m in love

      funny movie…worth watching.

    39. Funny movie…brought me right back to the 80’s with the soundtrack. Figured I wasn’t the only one looking for the soundtrack to it!! Thanks!

    40. Tn the very begining when he is driving out of his garage what song is playing?????

    41. The movie waz awesome all te haters shut up

    42. very good movie…. by the way what was the soundtrack that was playing after he said the funny line “hey you, scoba dooby do” ?

    43. “Think I’m in Love” by Eddie Money plays during the end credits to Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

    44. What song plays at the background of the scene where Paul’s mother is uploading his video to the internet? it’s on the 6th minute of the movie.

    45. what’s the song title where the guy who look like Chris Eliott is singing in the bar when he’;s face was also on the screen, the long haired dude i love this song it’s hot



    48. Ir’s REO Speedwagon, Take it on the Run (the first song the long-haired dude is singing). I love this movie, I thought it was hilarious and showcases everything that’s great about Kevin James as a comic actor.

    49. Thanx for having this blog, just found it through google after searching for the Mall Cops soundtrack, it’s often I hear beautiful music from a movie and doesn’t know the name, now I know where to turn! Keep up the good work! Cheers! Emmeli /Sweden

    50. i loooked EVERYWERE for the bubble gum song lol i so wanted it for my ringtone thanks

    51. i watched PAUL BLART: MALL COP on a cruise ship for 4 straight days at different times.. yet i love it and i love the song

    52. Mr.Blue Sky really a great song! I love it

    53. whats the name of the song amy is listening to in her car as she pulls up to the mall

    54. This was one of those movies that the soundtrack made the flick.

    55. I love that Kiss is still relevant and being included on today’s soundtracks including Gulliver’s Travels with
      “I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night.”

    56. Really? You watched Paul Blart everyday on your cruise vaction. You probably watched Paul Blart more times then you got laid.

    57. I just saw the movie on TNT. It was what I expected, then again it was not. I thought it was going to be one of those that is so extremely dumb that it’s either hilariously funny, or it’s just dumb. But it was dumb, and hilarious, and had some pretty deep messages going on all at the same time. We all love those “the underdog gets the girl in the end” type movies. But I definitely agree with Rob P that the soundtrack definitely helped the movies. That Survivor song actually made me pause the movie and Google paul blart soundtrack. That song has not occupied my mind for one second over the past 24 years. But when I heard it I remembered it. I don’t know where it came from but I remembered most of the words and the flow of the song. Then I found this blog and the video was right there. It’s an appearance from some music show back then like American Bandstand or Solid Gold. I remember it was a huge hit for Survivor because everybody thought that Eye of the Tiger from one of the Rocky movies was going to be their only hit. Anyway it’s amazing how the world, and life has changed since the 1980s.

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