All 37 Songs from He’s Just Not That Into You

Here’s the complete list of all 37 songs from He’s Just Not That Into You, with videos and downloads for them. (The downloads are in bold)

[Update] Before I get to the list of songs, I want to call attention to one song that is about to get a lot of attention itself – and deservedly so. Erin McCarley’s “Love, Save The Empty” is as gorgeous as she is. She was recently in the DC area and some friends had the chance to see her as part of the Top 10 of 10 musical act (basically 10 musician friends who play a couple songs each in support of each other – a cool concept with a number of really good performers).

Here’s the video for Erin McCarley’s song which is featured in the trailer and in the movie:

And without further, here’s the complete list of songs from the movie. You can also find the videos and downloads for all of them at

Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder and Greg Prestopino
Buscando Olvidar – Alfred Gomez, Jr.
By Your Side – Black Crowes
Can’t Hardly Wait – The Replacements
Cherish – The Association
Don’t You Want Me – The Human League
Fruit Machine – The Ting Tings
Her Look At Night – Jerry Kalaf
I I Can Feel The Fire – Ron Wood
I Got A Woman – Elvis Presley
I Must Be High – Wilco
I Want You – Bon Jovi
I’d Like To – Corinne Bailey Rae
If I Never See Your Face Again – Maroon 5
I’m Amazed – My Morning Jacket
Kim’s Waltz – Will Kaplan
Little Thing You Do – Amille Harris
Love, Save The Empty – Erin McCarley
Madly – Tristan Prettyman
Mr. Disco – New Order
Original music for He’s Just Not That Into You – Cliff Eidelman
Send It On – D’Angelo
She Loves Me – Stephen Duffy
Smile – Lily Allen
Snowbird – Anne Murray
Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
Sophisticated Lady – Will Kaplan
Stay With Me (By The Sea) – Corinne Bailey Rae
Supernatural Superserious – R.E.M.
Sweet Sixteen Bars – Michael Pewny and Torsten Zwingenberger
The Jitterbug Waltz – Marcus Roberts and Ellis Marsalis
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) – Talking Heads
Tito’s Samba – Will Kaplan
Worried About My Baby – Howlin’ Wolf
You Make It Real – James Morrison

Extra songs on the album:
Friday I’m In Love – The Cure (from the trailer)
Last Goodbye – Scarlett Johansson

And I’d Like To by Corinne Bailey Ray:

I am still trying to determine whether this is blasphemy or flattery, but here’s Scarlett Johannson’s (yes that Scarlet Johansson) cover of the Jeff Buckley classic The Last Goodbye:


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29 Responses to “All 37 Songs from He’s Just Not That Into You”

  1. one song was left out from your great list! Sara Bareilles- Love Song

  2. Im looking for the song that plays during the scene with Scarlett on the bed when she seduces Bradlry Cooper. Help!

  3. Which is the song, at the very end, when Ben Affleck’s character is proposing to Jennifer Aniston? I started singing it out loud before I even knew that I knew the song. At first I thought it was Head Automatica, but they aren’t on the list…help….

  4. I am also interested in finding the song that plays during the scene on the bed with scarlett and her hunk! anyone?

  5. the sons that plays during the scene on the bed after anna and that tanned guy, i forget his name, sleep together is “You Make it Real” by James Morrison.

  6. There is a song (hiphop) that plays are the 18 minute point, in the scene where to girl goes to the bar to “meet” Conner, but instead gets lectured by Justin Long….anyone know?

  7. I want to know what the Hip-Hop song was also.

  8. I am also looking for this song – when Gigi “looks” for Connor at the bar.

    • the song is called “little thing you do” by amille harris, but good luck on finding it i’ve looked for six months and no luck. If you find it I need it.

  9. I want to know what song is played in the stereo, sounds in spanish… When J. Connely is alone in the kitchen…

  10. im looking for the song that plays at the end of the movie, all i remember from the lyrics is “all the simple things” its a kind of slow song sung by some guy if any one knows plz help me out

  11. Jeff’s version should’ve been used:O)

  12. Mr Disco by New Order is the best song. I think it played when Justin Long and Drew B. were at his bar. Forgot which scene though.

  13. What about song that plays in the background when Scarlett and the guy from Entourage are on the couch. Its at the first part of the movie. Someone help please!!

  14. I m looking for the song that plays in the background when Alex kiss Gigi at her home after Gigi dating with Bill ,please help

  15. Thank you so much

  16. i found little thing you do on myspace

  17. hey whats the song when ben assfleck and cooper is on the boat, that song that plays when they set of to sail and smoke ciggarettes? cant find it 😦

  18. what is the first song that they play on the credits after “somewhere only we know”? help please 🙂

  19. hi,please what is the sad music playing when jennifer connely walks into her home beore finding her husbands ciggarettes. the sad melody in the movie..plays at different parts. pleeease ???

  20. What song is playing when Affleck and Cooper are in his truck right after cooper meets johansen at the market?

  21. In the deleted scenes where scarlett gives her mom a jeff buckley record, what is the song she plays from that album on the record player?

  22. James Morrison “You Make it Real” is the Song when Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansen are in the bed the first time.

  23. There is a Song in the beggining of the Movie that has the reccuring line “I believe” Anyone?

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