UNKLE, The Kills and Radio Citizen Contribute to the Push Soundtrack

Push is a sci-fi thriller set in Hong Kong with a young American ex-pats who have telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities. The music from the movie is a mix of Chinese tunes from Jiang Xianwei and Yin Xiangjie, plus the Caribbean dance hall driven South Rakkas Crew, mixed with UNKLE, The Kills, The Notwist and a few more songs.

It’s an eclectic mix indeed. You can find the videos and downloads to the songs at Reelsoundtrack.com.

Here’s the list of songs from the movie:

A Visit To Suzhou – Jiang Xianwei
Bao Qian – The Old Ceremony
China Funk – South Rakkas Crew
Consequence – The Notwist
Elevator China – South Rakkas Crew
Everybody Ciao – Daniele Benatie and Fernando Paterlini
Glow – UNKLE
Original music for Push – Neil Davidge
Rocket – Working For Nuclear Free City
The Hop – Radio Citizen
The Love Of Boat Traachers – Yin Xiangjie
What New York Used To Be – The Kills

Here’s the video for “What New York Used to Be” by The Kills:

And Glow by U.N.K.L.E.


~ by montelutz on February 7, 2009.

34 Responses to “UNKLE, The Kills and Radio Citizen Contribute to the Push Soundtrack”

  1. thank you!! i’ve been looking for the soundtrack…

  2. Can anyone tell me where i can download
    “Original music for Push – Neil Davidge” i checked reelsoundtracks.com and went to itunes and youtube to not find either. Please someone help me ive been looking all night for this amazing song

  3. Anyone know if they are releasing an actual soundtrack? I found most of the songs, except for 4 of them, elsewhere.

  4. thank you so much it was difficult finding a list of the songs. do you know if there will be a cd released for the movie?

  5. Unfortunately, I have not seen any news about an official soundtrack being released for the movie. You can find most of the songs here though: http://www.reelsoundtrack.com/index.php?act=movie_details&id=53603.

  6. thank you so much! it is incredibly difficult to track down information on the music used for the movie! thanks!

  7. Do you know what song plays during the hotel room scene when Nick and Kira are alone after Pinky leaves and Cassie is out wandering the streets?

  8. Thanks so much for listing the songs. Im hoping they are on youtube and if not I will go on reelsoundtrack. It makes me angry that they dont have a soundtrack! one of the best parts of the movie was the music.. thanks again!

  9. The song from Hotel scene is The Notwist “Consequence”

  10. Thanks for the info! The soundtrack was great, got a huge problem looking for the Original music for Push – Neil Davidge though… Amazon and iTunes its not available for download in tiny Singapore..help anyone?

  11. Guys, do you know about the song plays when Kira and Nick looked each other at some scenes? It also plays at the last scene between Kira and Nick.

  12. i this has been said but thank you thank you really liked the music in this movie, any idea what order they’re in?

  13. Does anyone know which is the song that begins at the end of the movie when Kira is in that airplane and watches the postcard with Nick and her?

  14. great soundtrack. Would love to know the song that plays right at the end where Kira kills Carver on the plane

  15. I was Looking for the notwist track..Thanks a lot adam..highly appreciate it…God the tracks r amazing and awesome timing..^^

  16. Anyone know what song is playing when Nick first makes his entrance, i.e. wakes up in his apartment in Hong Kong? Thanks!!

    • Rocket – Working For Nuclear Free City
      I was looking for that very same song for a long time. I think it’s the best peice of music in the movie.

  17. Was looking for the hotel song too 🙂

  18. Song when Nick and this little girl enter that restaurant. So cool beat, there is scene when guy giving waitress fake 500 bill.
    Do you know name of the song??

  19. hey omy God thank so much for this list!!hey well does any one know what the bame of the song in which kira & nick start making out is? its the part where kira & nick are in the bathroom & well thyre making out haha

  20. thanks for the soundtrack, was looking for this everywhere :]

  21. Does anyone know what the opening song is to the movie when you hear the watchers voice explaining everything?

  22. Thanks abunch, the song in the hotel room with Kira and Nick is consequence by Notwist

  23. Here’s the link to Neil Davidge’s site for each song he did in the movie.


  24. Does anyone know that song that’s playing when the little girl (Cassie) enters the random Chinese restaurant with the men playing the musical instruments to find Nick (the main protagonist) lying unconscious and a woman heals Nick. Then Nick is given a lotus flower by Cassie. Does anyone know what that song is called?

  25. Ahhh I found the song when cassie enters the temple to give Nick the lotus flower. The song is called “lost people” by Neil Davidge.

  26. Also The Song Nuclear from NUCLEAR FREE CITY

  27. what is the song that plays at the end of this movie?

  28. I am looking for the complete soundtrack for push as well. I aquired a link and got some songs but i am still missing 7 songs. I tried limewire and I tunes store with no success. the songs i am lacking are:

    the love of boat trackers-yin xiangjie
    original music for push-neil davidge
    everybody ciao-daniele benatie and fernando paterlini
    elevator china-south rakkas crew
    china funk-south rakkas crew
    bao quian-the old ceremony
    a visit to suzhou-jiang xianwei

    any help in the right direction would be highly appreciated. amazingly enough this is one of the hardest soundtracks i’ve had to research. don’t know why…………….please e mail me at sick_puppy99@yahoo.com.

  29. Everybody Ciao is from the album Italiani Paparazzi
    A Visit to Suzhou if from the album A Collection of Chinese Music Masterpieces: Dizi
    Mp3 downloads are available at Amazon.com for The love boat trackers
    Bao Quian is from the album Our One Mistake (2006)

    and from what I can find the two from South Rakkas Crew are from the album Mad Again (Boy – 8 bit remix)

    I also would like a soundtrack album from PUSH.

  30. i want to kno wat song was playing in the first scene with Nick (chris evans) it plays right thru to when hes playing craps in the streets

  31. What is the song that is playing as they transition from the apartment to the market that is playing it sounds like a remix of another song, but it is hard to tell

  32. Does anyone know what instrument Neil Davidge used for the background music for the scene where Cassie gives Nick the lotus flower? (Lost People is the name of the song, but I really want to know the instrument he used. It sounds so… ethereal and awesome.)

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