Friday the 13th Soundtrack Brings You Santogold, Night Ranger and The Hives

The soundtrack to Friday the 13th was unexpected – in a good way. Any movie that can move between Santogold, The Kills, Night Ranger and The Hives is a master in my book.

I have to admit to some total bias here. A friend from high school, Mark Wheaton, wrote the screenplay for the movie (and The Messengers) so I was probably more receptive to the movie than a random flick. But it was surprisingly good. A lot of other people thought so too. It opened huge. Fans of the movie have certainly been more positive about it than the critics, but that is to be expected for slasher films.

Back to the music. There are 14 songs in all, including the aforementioned, as well as Bumblebeez, Classic and STARS. The soundtrack album actually does a faithful job of recreating the music from the movie. I score it a 93/100 on including the songs from the movie on the album. Only the Jason Vocal EFX from Harry Manfredini is missing.

Original music for Friday the 13th – Steve Jablonsky

Here’s Shove It by Santogold:

And Tick Tick Boom by The Hives:

Plus Sister Christian by Night Ranger:


~ by montelutz on March 1, 2009.

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