Second Taste of Bottle Shock Was Even Better Than the First

I watched Bottle Shock again this weekend – this time on DVD – which was better for a number of reasons.

First, when I got the urge to pop open a bottle of wine about 10 minutes into the movie, I could pause, walk to the kitchen, and do so, without having to brownbag a good bottle of wine in the theater.

Second, I paid much more attention to the score by Mark Adler than I had the first time around. Sometimes I get so caught up in the songs featured in the movie that I miss the score. Which would be a shame for Bottle Shock, because Adler does a brilliant job of capturing the quaint, quiet passion of California’s “hippie” 70s vineyards. It was as sunny as the cinematography itself and mixed perfectly with the tunes of the Doobie Brothers, America and Foghat and Bad Company.

//Strange observation: the score reminded me a lot of the original music from Finding Nemo. Thomas Newman composed the music for the latter.

Here’s the list of all 12 songs from Bottle Shock in the order they appeared in the movie. The videos and downloads for most of them are at (and a mighty few of them are here too). Enjoy.

Original music for Bottle Shock-Mark Adler

Here are a couple videos for the songs from the movie:


~ by montelutz on March 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Second Taste of Bottle Shock Was Even Better Than the First”

  1. Hi there, I just read your blog post after seeing Bottle Shock – found it because I was looking for a connection between Thomas Newman and the score. Mark Adler’s score reminded me of Newman’s “Six Feet Under” theme.

  2. I second Jules’ comment. The introductory (and final) music was so reminiscent of the “Six Feet Under” theme that I was confident it was by the same composer (Thomas Newman). It was funny then to see “Six Feet” star Freddy Rodriguez in Bottle Shock. I figured there must be some old boy network going on! Did Adler influence Newman? Vice versa? Did they study at the same school? with the same master? Seems too much of a coincidence that the authhor of the post saw a resemblance to another Newman opus.

  3. I too found my way here because I was curious about the Six feet under sound with Federico Diaz as a vintner. But on Mark Adlers website it doesn’t mention Six feet under. And on six feet unders website there is no mention of the score that I could find. If anybody knows of a connection it would be fun to see it posted.

  4. I could swear I’ve heard Adler’s main theme exactly (minus the clinking bottles)- somewhere else. Perhaps being the trailer for a different movie – or playing when I let the DVD sit to long on the menu screen – but a different movie for sure. We didn’t see Bottle Shock until last night and I know I’ve heard that music before. Would they license a theme like that for a trailer of another film?

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