All 41 Classic 80’s Songs from the Adventureland Soundtrack

I love this soundtrack. No bones about it. Anytime you can mix David Bowie with Whitesnake, Crowded House with Poison, Wang Chung with Judas Priest, The Cure with Husker Du, Falco with Lou Reed, you know you are going to have a good time. I want to pack the family in the stationwagon and head to Wally World just thinking about it. I will be blasting Don’t Change by INXS the entire way.

When I saw the previews for Adventureland, I thought it looked hilarious. Knowing that it has a brilliant 80s soundtrack just cements the deal. Look out monstrosity of a movie theater bucket o popcorn, here I come.

There are 41 songs in Adventureland. The only bummer about the music is that the soundtrack album to Adventureland only has 14 of the songs, and you have to buy the entire album to get any of the songs.

But you are in luck. You can find downloads for the individual songs at, along with the videos for them.

Here’s the complete list of songs from the movie. Update: here are all the songs in the order they appeared in the movie, with information about the scenes they were in, where I could remember them. (If you know any of the additional scenes, please post the answer in the comments.)

Original music for Adventureland by Yo La Tengo

Songs from the trailer:

Song from the commercial:

Update 4: Song from Kiis FM radio commercial (thanks to adriana_lps196)

Update 3: Pinging off of a suggestion from user eyenoise in the comments, what songs do you think would be on the bummers mixtape that James made for Em? Leave your thoughts in the comments and I will add them to the post, with links to the songs.

Update 2: One other note about the movie. It was definitely not what I expected. You think director of Super Bad + themepark and expect a rollicking good time of ridiculous laughs. Don’t get me wrong. The movie is very funny. And I liked it – a lot. But it was a lot more than I thought it would be. It’s not just a punch in the junk kind of movie (though that is a recurring theme); it’s also more cerebral, more endearing, even wrenching movie than I expected.


~ by montelutz on April 3, 2009.

74 Responses to “All 41 Classic 80’s Songs from the Adventureland Soundtrack”

  1. wow thanks for this list!

    i agree movie wasn’t anything i expected. but i loved it.

  2. uhh yeaa i love this soundtrack too..
    buut do know which song was on kiisfm radio commercial??
    something like..
    ‘ayyyyy heeeyyy ayy yeaa! what did u hear me say??’
    uhh please help me out i love that song!

  3. […] All 41 Classic 80’s Songs from the Adventureland Soundtrack I love this soundtrack. No bones about it. Anytime you can mix David Bowie with Whitesnake, Crowded House with Poison, […] […]

  4. @ shellsea – are you asking about a radio promo for the movie or something in the movie? Can you tell me anything else about the song (e.g., male/female singer, guitar or other instruments playing)? That may help me pinpoint it.

  5. “Jukebox – Lou Reed/Velvet Underground song (cannot remember which one)”
    It was “Pale Blue Eyes.”
    I want to see what was on the “Bummer Songs” mix tape.

  6. For shellsea: the name of the song may be “call in the calvary” by The Shys?

  7. So I just have to say that you are mondo badass for compiling this list because after seeing this mar-veh-loos film all I want to do is lay back and swim in the film score/soundtrack. Hats off and kudos too, friend.

  8. There was a shot of the bummer tape with all of the songs listed, so when we can have the film to pause on that frame, we can get that list.

  9. thank you.

  10. This was the 1st movie I’ve gone to see twice since I can remember. The soundtrack, the storyline and the fact that the amusement park in the movie was the one I grew up near… Good Ol’ Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, Pa. Thanks for compiling the list of songs.

    • Oh I know!! Kennywood!!! I just watched this movie, completely randomly the other night. It was not quite what I expected, but actually way better.

      Didn’t even want to kill Kristen Stewart for like 98% of the movie legittttttt.

  11. Great to see the full soundtrack list for what’s truly an ’80s coming-of-age classic. If anyone’s interested in getting the official (and limited) soundtrack, check out the contest at , up until April 17th. Cheers!

  12. […] There seems to be a resurgence of interest in the Replacements lately, with recent mentions in the New York Times and New York Magazine and two songs prominently featured in the movie Adventureland. […]

  13. black swan lane’s ‘in the ether’ is a beautiful song and it’s so cool to find it in this movie!
    if you want to get black swan lane music, you can order directly from the band at it’s an incredible cd, filled with beauty and emotion.
    they also have a new cd (with musicians from the sun and the moon) which will be out shortly.
    you can check out their vids on their myspace page and on youtube. vid links include:

  14. Great stuff! Great to see the full soundtrack list for what’s truly an ’80s coming-of-age classic.

  15. […] but luckily the internet has its shit together. Those sexy manbloggers (i’m assuming) over at reelsoundtrack threw down all 41 songs from the film so you can see them in list form. If I get less lazy I might […]

  16. couldnt agree more, the movie wasnt what i expected it was better and the soundtrack alone made it for me, thanks yo la tengo! 🙂

  17. Can’t thank you enough for this list! Seen the film twice and can’t wait for the DVD. It truly was a thrill ride I enjoyed. I agree that the film was a perfect blend of comedy & realism. Ironic that this historic landmark was ‘run down’ on purpose for the film lol Kennywood couldn’t have been a better setting for these intriguing characters. Kristen once again nails her part, and I doubt anyone will forget Jesse & Martin’s performances anytime soon.

  18. I just saw Adventureland…what a movie! What a soundtrack. I appreciated the repetition of a couple of the songs, because that’s what happens over the course of the summer.

    Anyway, thanks for the song list…

    I was 21 in the summer of 1987 and I’ve never seen such a good job of a film representing the times as they were.

  19. New York Dolls are one of my all time favorite bands!!!!

  20. Thanks for the list yo. 80s music are the best. Loved the show. Been watching it over and over (:

  21. The version of “Love Rollercoaster” in the trailer actually is the original Ohio Players version.

  22. Some songs for the Bummer Mix…
    The Replacements – Here Comes a Regular
    XTC – Dear God
    R.E.M. – So. Central Rain
    Violent Femmes – I Know It’s True But I’m Sorry To Say
    Crowded House – Hole in the River
    Sting – Fragile
    Husker Du – Celebrated Summer

    Love the post, good work.

  23. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH! keep on rockin in the free world

  24. Can someone tell me the name of the song when Em is in her car waiting for Connel in front of his house?

  25. Thank you!


  27. Imagined songs for James’ Ultimate Bummer Mixtape, pre-1986:

    “Working Class Hero” – John Lennon

    “Coldest Night of the Year” – Bruce Cockburn [ok, so nobody in the U.S. knows of
    him or his music, but it really made many albums all through the 70’s, 80’s,
    90’s and still today, but being Canadian, he’s unknown here; too bad, this
    song is quintessential early 80’s even if you’ve never heard of it or him. He’s
    as big in Toronto as the Other Bruce is in Asbury Park.

    “Valentine’s Day Is Over” Billy Bragg

    “Why” – Annie Lennox

    “I Don’t Like Mondays” – The Boomtown Rats

    “Suzanne” – Leonard Cohen

    “Dress Rehearsal Rag” – Leonard Cohen

    “Paint It Black” – Rolling Stones

    “A Most Peculiar Man” – Simon & Garfunkel

    “Richard Corey” – Simon & Garfunkel

    “Redondo Beach” – Patti Smith

    “Heart Liker A Wheel” – Billy Bragg

    “How Can We Hang On To Dream?” – Tim Buckley

  28. For the record, I’m not sure what Stephanie Meyer was thinking when she wrote breaking dawn. It’s good, just not Twilight or Stephanie Meyer good.

  29. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

  30. I love this Movie and it’s the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard on a film. A lot of these songs were already among my most favouritist songs of all time, and I’ve found some new bands out which I’m growing to love (Husker Du) from the soundtrack.

    I just knew it was going to be a great film when the Replacements started playing right at the very beginning

  31. Just found this in a search, Thanks!

  32. So I actually got a BluRay version of the film and I paused it on the tape shot. Here are the songs that were visible (the A side of the tape):

    Pale Blue Eyes, by The Velvet Undergound
    The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, by Bob Dylan
    Graceland, by Paul Simon
    Living Without You, by Harry Nilsson
    Don’t Let it Bring You Down, by Neil Young
    Old Man, by Neil Young
    Vienna, by Billy Joel
    Milk and Honey, by Nick Drake (Cover of Jackson Frank’s original)
    Remember (Christmas), by Harry Nilsson
    Maggie May, by Rod Stewart

    • Good work, Josh. I was just watching the movie again and had all but ‘Remember (Christmas)’ figured out (couldn’t make out the first word). Looks like the A-side lists the songs, and the B-side lists the corresponding artists. Bummer Tape = complete.

    • Do you have a time where we can see this picture? I keep missing it for some reason.


  33. just like heaven – the cure
    unsatisfied – the replacements
    bastards of young – the replacements
    the stand out songs in the movie. if only this movie was a little longer. wanted to know what happens with the other characters.

  34. does anybody know the name of the song/band that’s playing at the park when em’s walking by those two snooty girls that are presumeably talking about em’s hookup with connell? lyrics are something like “we can ____ our hearts tonight… cause i’ll hold on…” thanks a million!

  35. rob e c, hearts collide

  36. Thanks for this!

  37. thank u so much, it’s so nostalgic, i wish i can go back to the 80’s. adventureland should of won the Oscars! Here’s to real movies!!!

  38. great one!

  39. hei anyone knows the song in the seen . when jesse arguing to liza p. at the roller coaster about spreading the issue of em’s then the black girl call liza p. because the roller coaster is ready to start then the song begin. the song is like a disco .

  40. Thanks!!! Have been looking a long time for the song in the movie only to realize it was Dance Hall Days, courtesy of your post. Movie was as great as the soundtrack!

  41. awesome!! thanks for this, it’s brilliant! I mean I found most of the songs on my own, still this was a big help. 80’s – WOOOOHOOOO!!

  42. For those that are hardcore there is a draft script floating around on the net that references a few songs that never made the final cut or ended up being replaced with alternate songs.

    FYI – all the lou reed references in the movie were neil young references in the draft script so it’s kinda cool to see neil called out on the mixed tape.

  43. What’s the song they play a few notes from after Kristen Stewart storms out of parents party into the yard. Thanks! About 1:25 into the movie right before the jukebox

  44. Love this movie and the sound-track (besides the silly over-emphasis on Lou Reed … wtf)

    Just wondering why INXS makes such a big presence here … didnt think the US had heard any of their earlier songs?

  45. Does anyone know the song which emily turns on before having sex with cornell? Cant find anywhere…

    • That’s the acoustic version of “Taste of Cindy” by The Jesus & Mary Chain. You can find it on their Power of Negative Thinking boxed set.

  46. WoW, thank you very much!

  47. Thanks for the list, found the song I was looking for (Pale Blue Eyes). Enjoyed the movie as well.

  48. ohhhh wow, what a discussion this thread brought 🙂
    thanks for the list, been trying to figure out this one – Taste Of Cindy (Acoustic Version) by Jesus & Mary Chain


  49. Thanks a lot… The movie is great.. so are the songs… just superb

  50. Hey, I’d like to know what song is playing in the scene after Em’ drops James off (the first time) and plays while she drives to the bar to meet up with Connell. It starts at 19:12 and ends at 19:40 (minutea).

    • I SOOOOOOOOO want to know what this song is too. The second I heard it i fell in love and I want to put it on a cd for someone! If anyone could tell me what it is or if its just a short instrumental they made specifically for this movie that be awesome.

      Start the clip at 9:04 to see what were referring too. Love and Peace!!!

  51. thanks a lot! whitesnake^^

  52. Just saw this movie only recently, and I saw it twice!!! This movie has got me into 80s music!! One of the few movies I’ve watched twice, love it!

  53. PLEASE tell me ANYBODY the name of the song playing when Lisa P and the main guy go out to eat, and he is dropping her off and they make out and she blows the bubblegum bubble, and Lisa P walks away from the car….WHATS THE SONG IN THE BACKGROUND…..I am dying to hear this song! I will be so happy……

  54. The movie was good. But the songs were better. I just wanted to know when the song ‘Here she comes’ is played in the movie??

  55. The movie was good. But the songs were better. I just wanted to know when the song ‘Here she comes’ is played in the movie?? Thanks a lot for incredible playlist.

  56. That was quite helpful. Even I liked the movie. It was like slow n less drama. I had liked Kristen Stewart in it very much.

  57. help me pls! what is the name of the song in the movie after 48:40?

  58. […] references can crush a movie when mounted on top of one another — Adventureland conveniently has the coolest in-park music programmer of all time ), its central themes outlast its cassette tape-era […]

  59. […] information for the soundtrack list, check here. Tagged with: 2009 • Adventureland • Soundtrack  If you enjoyed this […]

  60. Hello all. I just found a (t o r r e n t ) for the score to this movie, by Yo La Tengo. If you do a search for it, it’s pretty easy to find. I will be seeding the fuck out of it for a while, as it is pretty rare. Normally I don’t do that, but seeing as this is a hard to find album and the original retail soundtrack is also rare, I feel validated in doing so.

    I don’t know if I am allowed to link directly to it or not. If I can, let me know and I will come back and post the link. Otherwise respond if you need help finding it and we can figure something out.

  61. […] All 41 Classic 80′s Songs from the Adventureland Soundtrack …Apr 3, 2009 … There are 41 songs in Adventureland. The only bummer about the music …. they also have a new cd (with musicians from the sun and the moon) … […]

  62. In the words of the legendary Tony Bennett:
    “What a great, great soundtrack for a great, great film”

    Here’s a question:
    What song(s) would you add to the soundtrack? feel free to provide context or just suggest a song(s) you feel fits the mood of the film.

  63. Does any one know the song that plays in the background when James is riding his bike through the Adventureland gates for the first time? It’s actually more of a score than a song and it just a basic acoustic guitar riff. It also plays several other times throughout the movie. If any one knows the name of it, it would be much appreciated.

    PS I’m so happy to see that so many people enjoyed the movie as much as I did. It was so much more than I was expecting.

    • If that’s the song I am thinking of – Farewell Adventureland – it was written for the movie and its available on the soundtrack.

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