Observe and Report Songs are Better Than the Movie

The previews for Observe and Report looked damn funny. The movie itself – just okay. But there are a few good songs in the movie that make up for it, including a couple from Queen, the Little River Band and a cover of one of my favorite Pixies songs ever – Where is My Mind?. This version is by City Wolf and is not half bad.

Which I guess is how I would describe the movie itself. Not half bad.

There are some funny scenes, but Seth Rogan has been a lot more hilarious, as has Anna Farris. It all feels very derivative of Paul Blart, which was actually funnier than Observe and Report. Two mall cop movies, one season. Maybe it’s just too much to expect both to be good. Or perhaps I wasn’t expecting much from Blart, and was expecting too much from Observe and Report.

Here’s the complete list of all 15 songs from Observe and Report, with notes on the scenes they were playing in where I could figure them out. The videos and downloads for all of them are on Reelsoundtrack.com.

Here’s the original version of Where is My Mind? by the Pixies:


~ by montelutz on April 11, 2009.

28 Responses to “Observe and Report Songs are Better Than the Movie”

  1. […] Observe and Report Songs are Better Than the Movie The previews for Observe and Report looked damn funny. The movie itself – just okay. But there are a few good songs in […] […]

  2. Nahhhh – that was a great film; the critics were really wrong on this one. Plus the original Pixies song had already been used in Fight Club so a cover was appropriate.

    Say olla:

    The Closer

  3. how can you possibly say that paul blart was funnier than observe and report? please tell you me you are an older gentleman or woman. movie is a classic and everyone should see it immediately, in 10 years youll be referencing observe rather than paul blart.

  4. If you actually thought Paul Blart was funny, I’m not surprised you didn’t appreciate Observe and Report. You have to enjoy twisted and dark comedy, I guess.

  5. believe me. i appreciate dark and twisted humor. crank 2 was absolutely ridonculously twisted and was brilliant. i just expected more from observe and report. seth rogan is one of the funniest people on the planet. anna faris can be hysterical too. i just don’t think it lived up to the billing. when you look back at the movies for each of them, i don’t think this is going to rise to the top for either of them. that doesn’t mean i didn’t laugh. it just means i thought i would be rolling.

    i’m glad you enjoyed it. i am the last person to tell someone not to see a movie. i see more than 100 movies a year and enjoy something about almost all of them. i was just hoping for more out of this one. expectations can be a bitch. it’s like the first time i saw matrix 2. the first one was so awesome that i just knew the second one would be as good. opening night, waiting in line for hours, midnight showing. it did not deliver. now i watched it a year later and thought it was actually really good. so sometimes you just get the movie so built up in your head, that good is not good enough. i’ll probably watch it on dvd and hopefully you’re right – and it will be better than i remember it to be.

    • I think the biggest issue is that it was probably misrepresented by the trailer, like Adventureland was. To our own detriment, most comedy lovers are always anticipating the next “Superbad” and we find ourselves with a bitter feeling after watching every movie that fails to live up to what we expect from the trailer. Marketers of indie films, in particular, are great at making mundane dramas look like comedies, or rather like the next Wes Anderson-esque film. Given that no matter what we see, we’re almost always prone to comparing the film to our expectations (based on finely polished marketing campaigns), I definitely understand why Gene Siskel refused to watch trailers. I like to think that viewers would enjoy original movies like Observe and Report more if they had no presuppositions going in.

  6. Seth rogen and anna faris are not funny. Never have been. The writing is what determines if they’re going to have laughs. Observe and report is 3/5, the writing is above average

  7. Not ALL songs from the movie are listed here. There is a song playing at the begining when Ronnie goes to warn Brandie about the pervert and is looking at her behind the cosmetics counter. It’s also the hilarious part when he makes fun of bruce.

    What song is that and who’s it by? I am dying to know.

  8. thats true when i heard someone say seth is the funniest guy on the planet im thinking wtf no hes just in the funniest movies of the planet i actually think i could be funnier if not as good as him considering the roles hes gotten so far like he basicly started off in superbad

  9. Can someone please name the song that plays when Ronnie starts fucking up the cops? I cant seem to find out what its called and i dont have the dvd anymore

  10. ya. i thought of that the music was better too

  11. This movie was amazing with an amazing soundtrack. I don’t know how you could even compare this to Paul Blart. Paul blart was a kids movie with kid humor. This had swinging dicks and tits and swearing and violence, and it was absolutely hilarious. IMO one of Seth Rogen’s best movies besides Superbad, but he really wasn’t a lead character in that. In this movie he truly shined. I was crying with laughter half the movie. All the amazing fight scenes, where he just beats up 20 cops with a flashlight, or takes out a bunch of thugs with a batan, or starts beating up teenage skateboarders and breaking boards over their heads. Ray Liotta as the detective! It was so well put togther. It was absolutely hilarious until the end. I will always cherish this movie and will be in my top 10 comedy list for a while now along with Lebowski. Btw, the song you’re referring to when he’s beating up the cops is “Hero” by Queen.

  12. Wow, Im as astonished as most of the people leaving comments on this. First off, this movie was incredibly well written and insanely funny if you are intelligent enough to understand dark comedy and the fact that just because its not blatantly attempting to make jokes like Paul Blart, which I will hit on after this, doesn’t mean it isnt funny. You have to have a certain level of intelligence to understand a movie like this. Secondly, for you to even put Paul Blart and Observe and Report in the same sentence is a travesty. These movies have nothing to do with each other as Paul Blart, while I embarrassingly liked it, was just a copy of the idiot humor comedies Chris Farley used to do while Observe and Report is of exceptional comedic quality. On another note, Seth Rogen isn’t really that funny. He has been blessed with good scripts and has good delivery, especially when using cuss words, but to saw hes the funniest actor is just a dumb statement. In fact, I have to say Michael Pena’s role in Observe and Report with his comedic undertones and lisp was by far the funniest character in the movie. Anna faris also did an exceptional job, the best of her career in fact, especially in the scene immediately following her altercation with the flasher. Oh yeah and a wonderful cameo by Danny McBride was a scene stealer. So all and all whoever posted this is entirely wrong about everything but the music. The music was excellent!

  13. I just watched the movie today and it was everything I expected it to be. A laugh here and there and that’s about it. The ending was unexpected and it actually did make me laugh out of shock. But he shoots the flasher and gets his job back? Yeah, that would happen. My boss let me borrow the movie to watch and I very rarely regret watching a movie. And I don’t regret seeing this one but Seth Rogen just isn’t funny to me. I have a dry sense of humor that can be compared to The Office and such. So while I didn’t think this film was a flop, I also wouldn’t watch it again. Seth Rogen is a believable homo. Not bad ass.

  14. the move was haliriouse loved mabe the best of 09

  15. what is the name of the song that plays when ronnie doesn’t get the job as a cop?

  16. Ok, a little late on this but I just finally saw the movie and LOVED the soundtrack and also the way in which the music was used both technically and thematically. Gotta say this about the movie itself: It is funny as fuck. I was practically crying. It’s funny because it is so wrong, like a Neil Hamburger joke. I think it was advertised as a straight up laugh-fest. It’s got more layers than that. I thought it was more like a cross between Taxi Driver and Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion because it has the tragic, violent delusional “hero” with absurd hyper realism blended with fantasy. I can def see how people could be let down by it. It’s not easy comedy.

  17. the song isnt by the pixies it’s a cover of where is my mind by City Wolf, if you know the pixies well you know its not them.

  18. whats the song playing while Ronnie and Brandi drives on hes motorbike after dinner?

  19. […] flick isn’t particularly beloved, the one thing that most people did agree on was that it had one hell of a soundtrack. A soundtrack that included, It’s Late, by the legendary […]

  20. […] flick isn’t particularly beloved, the one thing that most people did agree on was that it had one hell of a soundtrack. A soundtrack that included, It’s Late, by the legendary […]

  21. THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER! Anyone have any clue of what that song is sorta post fight scene when it was going in slow motion sort of had a acoustic guitar to it and country/bluegrass/rock sounding singer?

  22. What is the name of the song where ronnie is sitting on the steps of the police station after he fails the test

  23. I really need to know what song plays directly after Ronnie (Rogan) is told by Harrison (Liotta) that he failed his police exam. It’s not on IMDB, it’s not here, and I can’t find it anywhere. If you have this on DVD please Shazam that song or find it somehow. I would be eternally grateful.

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