All 31 Songs from Hannah Montana The Movie

Hannah Montana The Movie features 31 songs, including music from Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana, her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Steve Rushton, and many more. The soundtrack album has 18 of the songs, but if you want the full collection, you are going to have to go to

In Hannah Montana The Movie, Miley must choose between the world of stardom and the down home world of Crowley Corners, Tennessee. I chose not to see this movie this weekend, but a lot of people chose differently. It opened, as expected, in a solid first position.

Here’s the complete list of songs from the movie. I don’t have notes on the scenes because I have not seen the movie yet, but if you know any of the scenes, I will add them to the post if you add them to the comments. Enjoy.


~ by montelutz on April 12, 2009.

18 Responses to “All 31 Songs from Hannah Montana The Movie”

  1. your songs are so cool i love then all specially the pop it lock it and your movie is really nit

  2. i love all of your songs the best i like is The Climb my favorite i have seen your movie Hannah Montana The Movie.You are my favorite pop star my room is decorated of you every thing in my room is Hannah Montana. bye!!!

  3. hey miley i lovvvvvv your shows keep the good work up jez i wish i were like you my room is just youuuuu i loveeeeeee you (smiley miley)lol hannah montana say hi to lilli for me im suzie taylor im 13 years old i do sisning lessons and guitar lessons lol FUN cya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. hey miley… u r great keep it up….i love ur shw ur movie and ofcourse the songs…u r amazing… say hi to jackson lilly oliver rico i love thm all… i m richa 20 yrs i m crazy abt u
    bye love u

  5. hi miley i luv you and your music i went to see your consent it was amazing i think your the best singer in the world and my brother luvs you to bits xxxx

  6. yo destiny hope cyrus your cute!

  7. whats the name of the song which plays when hannah n tyra banks fight over the shoe pair…..

  8. hhiiiiiiiiiiii i+am your best friend yo sad news.

  9. i love u hannah u rock hannah ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmah

  10. hi hannah,i love you very much,you are my best popstar.your songs are awesome and say hi to jackson,oliver lilly and rico i’m 11 years old .bye

  11. good songs Hannah have you ever thought of doing a gospel sound tract I bet it would be a real hit also

  12. I think that Hannah Montana is the sweetest pritteset most well behavied teenager in the world

  13. P.S this is aka lilly from hannah montana

  14. Hannah is just a joy to work with. Once you really get to know her you will totaly love her. And for all you boys out there who like AKA hannah she like 8 foot tall guys and boys with blond hair and boys who have talent

  15. Oh I have to go get my nails done:)

  16. i love all ur songs and u also .u sing very well.I think that Hannah Montana is the sweetest pritteset most well behavied teenager in the world

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

  17. hiiiiiiiiiii hannah i like ur song is the climb and best of both worlds

  18. hola hannah me gustaron todas las canciones de tu peli te qiero muchote eve….

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