Little Wonder Why Meet the Robinsons was So Good

So my daughter is completely and totally addicted to Meet the Robinsons, which I don’t really mind because it’s actually a great movie with a really good soundtrack. The best song in the movie is the one they leave you with – Little Wonders by Rob Thomas.

I was never really much of a Rob Thomas fan before, but after hearing Little Wonders, particularly in the context of Meet the Robinsons, I am a convert. Why couldn’t someone on AI have sung this as their movie song, instead of some overdone schmaltzy ballad?

Here it is, the perfect song, perfect scene from the final two minutes of Meet the Robinsons. You can find the complete soundtrack downloads and videos from the movie at

And here’s the complete video for the song:

For good measure, here is Another Believer by Rufus Wainwright. This is a brilliant song from the movie as well.


~ by montelutz on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Little Wonder Why Meet the Robinsons was So Good”

  1. Little Wonders by Rob Thomas has brought a change in my life. It is so inspiring every time I listen to this song and never got bored. The best inspirational and motivational song that I have ever heard, till today.

  2. […] dentally challenged British spy must take on Dr. Evil, Mini-Me, and a number of lethal fembots. 26. Meet the Robinsons – A young inventor seeks to find his true family, and this sets off a wild time traveling […]

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