I Could Listen the 17 Again Soundtrack Again and Again

The 17 Again soundtrack is full of great music. From Santogold, Cat Power and Fergie to Young MC, Limp Bizkit, The Pretenders and Kool & The Gang, you get the best of new music and songs from 10 to 20 years ago. There are 20 songs in all.

I don’t know the last time I heard Kenny Loggins (probably the last time that Top Gun was on TV), but Danger Zone is still a great tune. Same goes for Nookie by Limp Bizkit. When this song first came out, I could not get enough of it. Fred Durst is dust these days, but it’s still a great song. And Bust a Move is still permanently engrained on my brain: “The girl in yellow, she said hello. Come sit next to me you fine fellow.”

But the 17 Again soundtrack doesn’t just live in the past. Santogold ranks at the top of the list of my favorite music right now. After Cat Power’s brilliant contributions to the Juno soundtrack, you can’t help but love them too.

Here’s the complete list of all 20 songs from 17 Again. The soundtrack album has about half of them, but you can find the videos and downloads for all of them at Reelsoundtrack.com too.

Extra songs on the soundtrack album:


~ by montelutz on April 17, 2009.

46 Responses to “I Could Listen the 17 Again Soundtrack Again and Again”

  1. please can you tell me what the song is called that teen mike and adult scarlett dance to its the one they said they had at their wedding. thanks

    • It is called “Kid”….from the Isle of View….it’s the slow version being that there are 2….it’s live but it’s great, you won’t even know until the end!

  2. its kid by the pretenders

  3. what’s the song at the party at the end? as soon as the party starts? I use to have that song now i can’t think of any of the words or even the singer–i know the youtube of the song was crazy?? -kelly at heytherekellygolden@yahoo.com

    • hey i really want to know what that song is right before the party mike throws can anyone help me?

  4. Are you sure it is ‘Kid’ by the pretenders? because ‘kid’ sounds to up tempo to be the song they are dancing to.

  5. Their wedding song was live version of kid by pretenders I think from the album The Isle of View…is slower acoustic version

    • You’re absolutely right. It’s from The Isle of View and is available on iTunes if you search for the album.

  6. Audrina rocks! I was looking EVERYWHERE to find that song,I even asked on Yahoo! Answers. Glad to find it,but I don’t think it’s the original version of the song,I found it here: http://www.deezer.com/track/kid-live-T700761#music/result/all/The%20Pretenders
    The version in question is show as being done by Tribute Stars,and it’s even on iTunes!

  7. what is the song which is played in the end credits ? carn’t fins it anywhere and is driving me made ???????????

  8. What song is playing when Efron is leaving the courtroom after reading that letter?

  9. the song in the end credits isn’t naive, i swear there is a different one.

  10. what is the song when zac is getting out of the car when he first gets his new look?

  11. Yea, I was looking for the song where he’s just getting outta the car with his new look too.

  12. Oh, it’s called the underdog by spoon. Good song!

  13. can anyone tell me what is the song when ned and the principal meet and ned says after shaking hands that our hands made a baby
    i think it’s scotish or welsh

    • i couldn’t find the answer to this but “olympian bass & drums” -by the mckinley south experience is the only song that i couldn’t find or identify out of the songs listed in the credits so you might want to look for that one and let us know.

    • the song when ned and the principal meet is THE WISDOM OF AGES by MEDWYN GOODALL, from the album ANAM CARA 2001

  14. I don’t know why my previous comment was deleted but anyway.
    I would like to know the name of the song when the principal and ned first meet.

  15. I am also going crazy trying to figure out where to get olympian bass & drums its driving me up a wall.. If anyone knows where this song is MUCH appreciated!!! thanks.

  16. Which song is the song when teen mike comes to school in the audi r8 and the tight black jeans and jacket

  17. what is the name of the song at the basketball match? The basketball match at the end of the movie? Thanks

  18. song when mike and ned are on the stairs at school?

  19. the song when ned and the principal meet is THE WISDOM OF AGES by MEDWYN GOODALL

  20. song at the party please????????????? when he comes in and everybody is there already

  21. Whats the song when zac read the “letter” in the court room. the song as hes walking away, whats it called!

  22. What’s the name of the song when adult Scarlett is dancing “the snake” in front of the mirror and teen mike is watching…before they dance?

  23. That song is on the sound track: This Is Love by Toby Lightman

  24. what is the song playing, female singer when teenage Mike is playing shooting hoops and talking to Ned up in the balcony? after the court scene, near end.

  25. thanks so much for the soundtrack =)

  26. Does anyone know the slow song with female vocal and melancholy piano in the scene that follows the court letter reading?

    I can’t find it with any information so far.

  27. I really love song from Cat Power …
    Thanks for sharing … 😀

  28. Does anyone know the name of the song when he comes in at the party? when everyone is already there!!!!! I’ve been trying to find this out for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. It’s called L.E.S. Artistes by Santigold

  30. whats the song called when hes throwing the party. it sounds like a hip hop/rap song.! i cant figure it out!

  31. The song at Mark’s party at the end (that sounds its hip-hop/rap) is “Drop” by Ying Yang Twins.

  32. Does anyone know the song playing in the bowling alley? Thanks

  33. please i am dying to finde the name of classical musinc when zac was reading the letter not cat power the greates pplease if any one knows tell me please

  34. It’s “Lost my way.”. Check out the other 17 Again soundtrack.

  35. Where can I find the ringtone that Zac Efron’s character has on his first day back at school when Scarlett calls him?

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