All 19 Songs from The Soloist

The true star of The Soloist is the music. It’s mostly Beethoven, but woven in the midst are a couple songs from Neil Diamond, the Temptations and even Beenie Man.

I have been really looking forward to this movie since the first previews gave me chills. Evidently Jamie Foxx got so into his role, that he had a hard time pulling his mind back out of Nathaniel’s schizophrenia. Robert Downey, Jr. should also be commended for another brilliant performance.

My favorite scene may have been the synesthesia sequence (when the screen faded to black and the individual colors pinged with the rhythms of the orchestra).

They released a soundtrack album for The Soloist, but it only has the score from Mario Darianelli. Don’t get me wrong, the score is tremendous. But if you are looking for the other songs from the movie, included nearly a dozen composed by Beethoven, you can find the complete list of songs here, and the videos and downloads for many of them on

Here are the contemporary songs that play in the movie (in the order they appeared):

Here are the classical songs (mostly composed by Beethoven) that appear in the movie:

Original music from The Soloist – Dario Marianelli

Song from the trailer for The Soloist – Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, I. Prelude


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42 Responses to “All 19 Songs from The Soloist”

  1. There was a song that sounded like A Tribe Called Quest. Does anyone know what song that was?

  2. Do you know the song when Robert Downey Jr. was alone at this house having a drink early in the movie

  3. I really like this version of Mr. Bojangles, and wonder if it was recorded for the movie, or was it on an earlier recording by neil d?

  4. a lot of thanks……

  5. Can anybody tell me what the song is called and who sung the song that they advertise The Soloist on TV? It is really bugging me. Thanks.

  6. What music is the track titled “Nathaniel Breaks Down”?

  7. What’s the real name of the music called “Crazy About Beethoven”?

  8. whats the name of the song with the cello its also in the american express traveling rewards commercial with the pictures that have sad and happy faces and it was played in the previews of the movie i would really like to know the name so i can learn to play it on my cello

  9. which beethoven piece is playing at the credits play at the end – not sure it is any of the above ones.. thanks!

  10. What is the song playing in the scene where Fox first plays the cello again and then the camera follows pigeons flying over L.A.? I appreciate your expertise, great blog!

  11. What is the music at the end – when they are rolling the credits??
    I”m desperate to know! 😉 – it’s amazing 🙂
    (as is the rest of the movie but that last bit of music really moved me)
    thanks in advance :0

    • That’s the third movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Awesome piece. If you have the time you should read about it. A little info on it. Beethoven was completely deaf when he finished it.

  12. I am also very interested to identify the music at the end, when they are rolling the credits. If someone knows, please advise me. Many thanks!

  13. The rolling credits also included: Blood Sweat and Tears ” I love you more than you will ever know”

  14. Mich and Steph – I don’t think that Blood Sweat and Tears is what we are looking for. Please be sure to let me know if you find out. Mich, I’m as desperate as you are!. It has been haunting me ever since I saw the movie. Thanks!

  15. Please Help Find-
    What is the piece that jamie fox plays (violin) when downey jr pulls his car over on the side in the tunnel. It sounded like it was one verse repeated over and over

    • That is the same piece he plays on the Cello the first time. The name is: String Quartet No. 15, Op. 132, Mvmt. III

  16. Same here. I’ve been searching endlessly on iTunes, Amazon, etc. but I can’t find it.

  17. I found it everyone.

    Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude


  18. I believe the version by Gaspar Cassado is the one that plays on the American Express commercials. I just downloaded that one!

  19. Still searching for the music that starts near the end, when the folks start dancing, and then goes into the rolling credits! Help, anyone?

  20. very helpful!

  21. The violin verse repeated over and over by foxx when downy jr pulls his car over in the tunnel is not bach cello suite 1 prelude. It is roughly 16 minutes+ into the movie.

  22. The music plan at the end and through most of the end credits is 3rd movement from Beethoven’s 9th symphony (Adagio molto e cantabile, symphony 9 in Dmin, Op 125).

  23. I have a question hopefully someone reads it.. but on the dvd what is the introduction piece.. i believe its a string quartet.. its slow and very expressive.

  24. I have the soundtrack, but I can’t figure out what is the actual music played on the track titled, “Pershing Square.” Does anyone happen to know? If this has already been asked before, I apologize, I couldn’t find the answer. Thanks!

  25. “Pershing Square” would be a small part of the Beethoven piece the original post forgot to include – Symphony No. 7, 2nd movement.

  26. The introduction piece is also the same- Symphony 7, 2nd movement.

  27. I recently saw a real life version of this film. Not the exact same story, but it’s a very well done documentary called My Name is Alan and I Paint Pictures.

    If you liked The Soloist you would definitely like My Name is Alan. It follows a street artist in New York who has schizophrenia and has been using what he sees and translating that onto his art.

    I just found the website at

    Definitely check out this real life film.

  28. does anyone know what song nathaniel played during his cello lesson?

  29. Brooke, the piece that Nathaniel plays on his Cello Lesson is the Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1.

  30. Got here after a web search for the Neil Diamond version of Mr. Bojangles. Love the site, keep up the great posts !

  31. Hi there, there is a bit where Nethanial plays Chello in his basement room, right after standing on the chair to watch a flaming car roll by his window, this pece of music absolutely rocked me and I just dont seem to be able to work out which song it is, is it just a small part of a massive peice?
    Thankyou very much for looking.

    • Oh nevermind, I found it, using Spotify.

      Crazy about Beetroot

      and the peice is Symphony No. 3 (Eroica), Op. 55, Mvmt. I

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