Fighting the Urge to See the Movie Fighting, But the Soundtrack is Good

Channing Tatum has made the leap from street dancer to street fighter in his latest movie, aptly titled Fighting. I skipped the movie this weekend. With four opening and Spring hitting, I had to divide and conquer the clock. /Plus, I am more excited for GI Joe, which Tatum is headlining in August, than I was for this flick./

But I was able to snag the full list of songs featured in the movie Fighting. And it’s actually quite good. Nothing super unexpected, but solid.

There are songs from Miss Eighty6, Ghostman MC, King Juju, The Delfonics and a couple from Saigon. There’s even a little Rick Ross, Marvin Gaye and Classic thrown in the mix. 24 songs in all.

Nearly half the songs are on the soundtrack album they released for the movie. You can find these and the other half too The videos and downloads for all the songs are there too.

Here’s the complete list of songs from the movie:

  • Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City by Bobby Bland
  • Come On Baby by Saigon
  • Diamond Life by Tyga (feat Patty Crash)
  • From NY To LA by King Juju
  • Goodie Bag by Miss Eighty6
  • Gotta Work by Amerie
  • Hold On I’m Coming by Mighty Dog Haynes
  • Hustlin’ by Rick Ross
  • I Let A Good Man Go by Patrinell Staten
  • Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye and Ed Townsend
  • Magic by Robin Thicke
  • Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield
  • Nobody Hot as Me by KU
  • Original music for Fighting by Dave Wittman and Jonathan Elias
  • Ready Or Not Here I Come (Can’t Hide From Love) by The Delfonics
  • Room Temperature by Dave Wittman
  • South Of The Border by Paul Hsu
  • Southside Shuffle by Saigon
  • Spiritual Warfare by Ghostman MC
  • Street Life by Randy Crawford
  • The Freaky Girlz by PMG
  • Theme From ‘Trouble Man’ by Marvin Gaye

These songs are on the soundtrack album but were not in the movie:

  • You Don’t Stop by Classic
  • We Keeps It Real by The Deekompressors Feat. Classic & Miss Eighty6

Here’s a preview of the music from the soundtrack:

And one of my favorite tracks from the movie:


~ by montelutz on April 27, 2009.

73 Responses to “Fighting the Urge to See the Movie Fighting, But the Soundtrack is Good”

  1. Thank you

  2. First song is not the original but the jay Z remix

  3. What’s the name of the song when the rapper raps over the Delfonics “ready or not here i come” beat? cant find it anywhere 😦

  4. whose raps over the Delfonics sample??

  5. that wasn’t the song…

  6. The lyrics I hear are – “24/7 rockin, New York, money, I’m the epitome of hustler.”

    The song isn’t anywhere though and nobody has any idea what it is..

    • Man, I have been searching everywhere for this song !!! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

      • I found an Instrumental version of Sock It 2 Me from Missy Elliott done by Timbaland which is the closer I could get. hopes it help and somebody will find this song before I go crazy

      • I’ve been looking for the Delfonic’s sampled tune from the begining credits too. It’s driving me nuts. I want to use it for any upcoming project I’m working on.

  7. so where do we find the jay z remix?…

  8. can someone please tell me the name of the song which starts in shawn’s last fight…with that hailey guy….

    i’ll be grateful

  9. how can we download those songs for free?

  10. I’m looking for the New York song too…. can’t find it anywhere. so if someone knows its name, please tell it :]

  11. wats the name of the claasic song when they were kissing?

  12. whats the insrumental w/drums when shawn was fighting the asian guy? no one mentions that and i really enjoyed it

  13. Yea yo tat New York song iz sick but i cant find it either

  14. Has anyone figured out what that song is called?

  15. hay just wondering what the song is at the end of the trailer… the 10% luck 20 skill 15% consentrated power of will

  16. dont worry found it. its called “Remember the name”. hahah

  17. 2 Questions which I don’t believe have been answered thus far.

    1. Has anyone found that oriental beat played when Shawn is on his way to fight the Asian guy?

    2. What is the beat played when Shawn is fighting Evan Hailey?

  18. those are the two top ones i want to know

  19. some songs are in the preview but not enough and not the best ones

  20. Apparently, it isn’t the complete track listing.
    Despite not being on the Soundtrack CD, the song during the fight with the Asians is missing even from this list, it also isn’t in the Soundtrack Previews how ever I’m looking into the song to see what I can find.

    The song that is played during the battle with Evan Hailey is on the CD (I believe), although I’ll look into that as well.

    Footnote: The song that plays before and during the battle with the Asian, it may be an Instrumental Oriental beats mix that was whipped up specifically for the Movie, I’ve seen this happen many times over but even songs that are created specifically for the movie can and will be found, it’s just a matter of time.

    If I find anything, I’ll let everyone know.

    Good luck.

  21. At the ending music credits it only has

    Ready Or Not Here I come
    (Cant Hide From Love)

    performed by The Delfonics

    so it’s probably just a one off remix that wasnt released.

    shame as well. its got a fucking sick beat

  22. yeah whats the song, the second song? the original song is by the delfonics but it sounds like a rapper remade it

  23. somebody find this track???HELP!

  24. i dont understand why this one song is so fucking hard to find, its really depressing actually. that song sounds sooo tight and its no where to be found. none can find it. once again a rapper remixed ready or not here i come and its no where to be found. if anyone, anyone at all can find this song, it would really blow me away. and make me happy.

  25. It’s likely difficult to find because it may have been created and/or remixed specifically for the movie itself.

    Example: There’s a movie called BloodThirsty with a song that I’ve been trying to find for nearly Five years and I still haven’t found it, it’s on the movie but it’s not on the CD nor can it be found anywhere else which leads me to believe it was made specifically for the movie.

    Sadly, I haven’t had any luck in finding the song in “Fighting” but I’m still looking, if I can’t find it myself then I’ll simply ask a close friend of mine who’s a professional DJ, if he can’t find it then the chances are, nobody will ever find it.

  26. The answer you are looking for is Three Six Mafia – Who Run It.

  27. anyone know the bluesy / jazzy song at the very tail end of the credits?

  28. hey does anyone know the name of the song, when shawn first gets invited to the club when he gets there whats the name of the song that is playing?

    i loved that song but have no clue what the name is. it would be appreciated if i knew thank you

  29. anyone know the bluesy / jazzy song at the very tail end of the credits???

    • I’m also wondering of that! It’s beautifull!!! You did’nt ever find it, did you?

    • I even looked up EVERY song in the credits just in case lol STILL NOTHING!!! this sux it’s so beautiful!

  30. the song

    new york
    all the hustlers stand up
    new york
    24 7 rocking this metropolis
    i keep the streets running

    the beats are from three 6 mafia’s – who run it soundtrack

    but don’t know d song…….did anyone find it?

  31. What is the music at the end of the soundtrack of the movie trailer? “10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will” etc etc

  32. From their 1969 album “The Sound Of Sexy Soul” here’s The Delfonics with”Ready Or Not Here I Come(Cant Hide From Love)” Sampled by Missy Elliot “Sock It 2 Me” and The Fugees “Ready Or Not” Three 6 Mafia “Who Run It”

  33. im lookin so hard for that new york song anybody?

  34. I extract that track “New york…” . so if nebuddy wants is den u could shoot me a mail on my id.

  35. found a similiar new york song, same beat, check it out

  36. …concerning: 24/7 –> rockin’ this metropolis song, the closest i could come up with to getting it is a 1:15 clip taken right from the movie using a recorder then altering it in Adobe to make it much longer…it’s great!

  37. whats the song when shawn gets invited to the club after first fight whats that song??

  38. the song 20% luck !5% skill is ,remember the name by Fort minor

    • sorry/ the lines are 10% luck,15% skill,20% concentrated power of will,its by FORT MINOR feat STYLES OF BEYOND, its a cool track, also try PETRIFIED by FORT MINOR.

  39. 2 Questions which still haven’t been answered thus far.

    1. Has anyone found that oriental beat played when Shawn is on his way to fight the Asian guy?

    2. What is the beat played when Shawn is fighting Evan Hailey?

  40. What is the last song played in the credits, that song is amazing…jazz/blues track. please somebody has to know.

  41. whats the name of the song in the beginning of the movei its not jay z hit me up on my email plz with the name of that son its crazy phat

  42. hey just a quick thought if anybody has a iphone or verizone you can dl a app called shazzam for free and it will identify the name of the song playing i would do it but i have a htc touch diamond its not compatable with shazzam well let us all no what anybody finds

    • ok so I have an Iphone and Shazzam and unfortunately the soft recognize the delfonics… so we are screwed. I don’t know which rapper remixed that song but I am going to find him, kick his ass for not releasing this great song then post his name on that website. I am not letting this go.

  43. what is the name of the song in the background when they are in the club and the black dude starts talking to sean?

  44. For anyone that’s still looking for the song at the intro which is the sampled delfonics song “ready or not here I come”, some awesome guy has the song on Youtube and you can email him to download it..

  45. The guy created this from the movie intro. You can hear it at the end: the cars and everything. But anyway, its cool 🙂

  46. Lmao… I thought I was the only one who’s been diggin’ 4 that track[new york..blah blah(sock it 2 me sample)]. But what are the odds of searchin’ 4 the sound editor of “fighting”, & ask 4r a hint or a hook up if possible?

  47. anybody? yet?

  48. pretty shure that “NY-song” is a track/remix thats made spesifically for this movie..cant find it anywhere, and when i use “shazam” or “track-id” on the video abowe, I get “the delfonics-ready or not here i come”track as result.

  49. hey guys the song new york..!!
    Its a mix of the delfonics-ready or not instrumental..
    Nd i guess the rapper is xzibit who sings da new york part..
    I got only 1.30 mins of the track nd also diggin hard from google to find da song..if any1 at all finds da song,plz lemme know coz its a sexy track..nevr heard a song like dis b4..

  50. There’s Timbalands version, no idea if it’s actually timbaland that has made it but it’s a similar sounding version, the song in the movie is special-made just for the intro of Fighting, very sad that they never released a full version..

  51. The Games Real from Ice T is another version of a similar sounding beat, there’s an instrumental version of that song aswell downloadable. How hard can it be to find this song? It took me 5 mins after reading through all the information you gave me in the comments.

  52. When he’s getting invited in the club song:

    they’re singing:

    “We livin diamond liiiiiiife”

    SONG IS: Tyga – Diamond life

    (artist is a dude but just listen to it, you’ll find out.

  53. i wanna kno whats that song playin when he fights that big dude from the bronx ?

  54. Saigon – Come On Baby (Swizz Beats)

  55. Still anybody from the ny ny thang? I love this song, but the 1:30 min track isn’t enough 🙂 When they made the song for the movie why don’t they release it? I want this soooong!

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