Beastie Boys Sabotage the Star Trek Soundtrack In a Very Good Way

I was expecting Star Trek to be nothing but score, but instead got a surprise gift – Sabotage by the Beastie Boys plays when young Kirk steals a car and goes for a joy ride. (The movie itself was also ridiculously good, but more on that later)

There are only four songs in the movie. Unfortunately, my wits ganked on me and I was not able to write down all four. (maybe I was overwhelmed by the Imax screen). If anyone could fill in the blanks, I would be very, very grateful. I am sure I will see it again soon, but still…

Update: Thank you to Michelle for writing down the complete list of songs from Star Trek. There are five songs in the movie, plus the original scoreMichael Giacchino. The soundtrack album that the studio released only has the score on it, but you can find the videos and downloads for all the songs from the movie at – or below.

Here are the five scenes with songs that appeared in them:

  • Joy ride – Sabotage by Beastie Boys
  • (unknown scene) – Josh Greenstein by Cyrano Jones (see note below)
  • At the bar -Awadoruk Jam by Cyrano Jones
  • After the bar fight, sitting with the captain – Future Blues by Doyle Bramhall II
  • Establishment shot of the Enterprise – Theme from Star Trek TV Series by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

I also think there was a song playing very faded in the background when Kirk was in the bedroom with the green girl, but maybe it was just score.

The score to Star Trek was crafted by Michael Giacchino. It is an interesting piece, with shades of Indian violin and sitar at times, particularly when the Vulcan storyline plays out.

Note on Cyrano Jones: The name of the band for two of the songs is Cyrano Jones, a reference to a character in the TV series, who according to Memory Alpha was “was an intergalactic trader and, to Captain Kirk, a general nuisance who lived during the mid-23rd century. Among his wares, Jones pawned articles such as Spican flame gems, Antarean glow water and tribbles.”

The movie itself is brilliant. I think it is my favorite of the franchise. It was able to work in the classic lines that everyone was hoping to hear, but did it in such a way that it did not seem forced. The casting was perfect. And it was actually pretty damn funny. Not to mention, the visuals were incredible. Definitely worth making the trek to see it in Imax.


~ by montelutz on May 8, 2009.

28 Responses to “Beastie Boys Sabotage the Star Trek Soundtrack In a Very Good Way”

  1. […] But don’t worry, there’s some fast top-down-on-the-convertible driving with blasting Beastie Boys angry music shortly to follow. And laughs! This movie is funny! And awesome! And you should go see […]

  2. Why can I not find Cyrano Jones and Awadoruk Jam anywhere????

  3. So Is it not possible to download the Cyrano Jones songs? Because they were really cool!

  4. it’s “AWASORUK JAM” written and performed by Cyrano Jones courtesy of Bad Robot Music and Video LLC
    That’s exactly what it says in the end credits.

    “Theme from Star Trek TV Series”
    Written by Alexander Courage & Gene Roddenberry

    Written by Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz & Adam Nathaniel Yauch
    Performed by Beastie Boys
    Courtesy of Capitol Records
    Under license from EMI Film & Television Music

    “Men In White”
    Written & Performed by Phat Daddy
    Courtesy of Extreme Music

    “Awasoruk Jam”
    Written & Performed by Cyrano Jones
    Courtesy of Bad Robot Music and Video LLC

    “Future Blues”
    Written & Performed by Doyle Bramhall II
    Courtesy of Doyle Bramhall II by arrangement with Bug

  6. The Cyrano Jones songs are not available on iTunes, Amazon or other popular download services. I am looking elsewhere to see if I can find them. I will update the posts with links if I do find them.

  7. I have searched Google for days trying to find them, and the closest I’ve come is a Facebook or Myspace page that has a Star Trek band called that, and no links to music. I have found a few things to download on the usual torrent and gnutella based places, but nothing legit, just trackers.

  8. What i wanna know is: If someone was able to identify the bar scene song as being Awasoruk Jam by Cyrano Jones, then why is it impossible to find? If its identifiable, someone must have it…

  9. […] car phone from the angry owner not to wreck his car. Kirk hangs up on the angry voice and puts on Sabatage by The Beastie Boys (more symbolism for your […]

  10. “Awasoruk” is Kurosawa spelled backwards, apparently an homage to famed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. I wouldn’t doubt they just heard this song in a club somewhere where they were filming and just got the guys demo and boom it’s in the movie.

  11. Bad news guys. That song did not exist previously. The name of the band is an old character from ST. That song was done by Bad Robot Music for that movie. The only way to get a copy is from them or wait until someone rips it out of a DVD or R5. Sucks I like that song to. It grabbed my attention at the theater.

  12. I am more interested in the song that is playing while Spock is in front of the council, or more so, when he leaves the council. I’ve been looking everywhere! Any clues?

    • The song that plays at the end of the council scene IS the “Awasoruk Jam” that everyone is talking about. That leads directly into the bar scene.

  13. I really want that song! It has to be available somewhere…?

  14. i really want that song too! how would one go about asking bad robot productions for a copy? if one was so inclined?

  15. Nope. 😦

  16. There must be a way to download that song. With ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE of Star Trek, I went to see it in theaters and am a serious Trekkie now. Excellent movie.

  17. just a thought. I bet JJ abrams is band that made this song. He is a musician. He does score the music for his TV shows at that. that’ll explain why there is absolutly no trace of a Cyrano Jones band or anything. because Bad Robot is part of the production that did this Star Trek movie, and oh yeah IS OWNED BY JJ ABRAMS. case solved

    • This is true. JJ Abrams claimed the song, with Uhura in the bar, as his in the directors commentary, he also said the real name is Curacao spelled backwards.

  18. Me being a musician my favorite part was the intro with the french horn solo. Any idea where I can find that song at?

  19. Just so you know, the Vulcan music isn’t with a Indian violin, its the Chinese erhu. I can recognize that sound anywhere because my mom used to play it.

  20. […] : […]

  21. you don’t think that the awasoruk jam by cyrano jam is just a joke from the guys doing the score? =p it’s probably just put together by the guys over at bad robot! =P

    • It was put together by JJ Abrams. The name Awasoruk is Kurosawa backwards and a tribute to a Japanese director that greatly influenced George Lucas for Star Wars Episode 4 and 6. Cyrano Jones is a fictional character in Star Trek that introduced Tribbles to Kirk’s Crew.

      Look at the Involvement with Star Trek section, third last line.

  22. They are messing with us! They are probably sitting back laughing their butts off at all of us! I wonder how long they will keep stringing us along before they release it?

  23. I hope they realize how many people are wanting this song and that they could easily profit off releasing it to itunes for download, or something. They could of at least stuck it on the Star Trek Soundtrack.

  24. …and the years went by… and they didnt release the song- truly a GREAT little mix! love it JJ – why wont you release it??

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