Jonas Brothers Bring Night at the Museum 2 Soundtrack to Life

Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian has four songs from the Jonas Brothers, who play three cherubs that come to life in the Smithsonian. The movie also has music from Coldplay, Earth Wind & Fire and the London Studio Orchestra.

I enjoyed the movie. Not quite as much as the first, but it was good. Ben Stiller is funny as always. Amy Adams is also fantastic. She was funny as Amelia Earhart with her gobbledygook speech. The bobble head Einsteins were hysterical. It’s not often you see six bobblehead Einsteins chest bump and high five while chanting the first digits of pi. Hank Azaria is one of the most underrated, consistently funny people. Judging by the kids sitting behind me, he was the funniest character in the movie.

Here’s the complete list of songs from Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian. The soundtrack album only has the score on it, but you can download the songs from the movie below, or at


~ by montelutz on May 23, 2009.

27 Responses to “Jonas Brothers Bring Night at the Museum 2 Soundtrack to Life”

  1. […] here to see the original:  Jonas Brothers Bring Night at the Museum 2 Soundtrack to Life … RelatedBookmarksTags The Cosmic Kid: The Jonas Dilemma… I love the Jonas Brothers. I do. […]

  2. thanks so much for posting this.. i was wondering who was the artist of the credit song found at the end part of the movie and now i know! i wanna ask too if where can i can download it? limewire and even amazon doesn’t have it yer.. 😦

  3. how can i download the songs of the three cherub? is there a payment? thanks

  4. I like Coldplay and the Jonas Brothers. I thought that the cherubs made the movie different in a good way but I agree with you that the first movie had a better plot.

  5. @ maly naine – you can download lovebug by the jonas brothers by clicking on the song name “lovebug.” that will take you to amazon, where you can download the mp3.

    you can also download the original versions of “more than a woman” and “my heart will go on” by clicking on the names of those songs. I could not find the jonas brothers versions but will be on the lookout. if you find them let me know and i will post them.

  6. awesome, thanks for the great info. Just download and play it!

  7. […] Jonas Brothers Bring Night at the Museum 2 Soundtrack to Life Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian has four songs from the Jonas Brothers, who play three cherubs that come […] […]

  8. i’m looking for them jonas brother songs too. if u find them plz let me no

  9. hi ya. thanks so much for posting this. just wondering, where u get all the info on the music credits? been looking everywhere, just found it in ur blog. i really like the last song before the closing but i dont know who’s the singer. turn out to be my favourite band afterall, coldplay!

  10. hey guys where could i download the more than a woman sang by jonas brothers?? pls help…

  11. I really l0ved the j-br0ther’s versi0n 0f the said s0ngs.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us where we can find them.

  12. yes,me too.i really want the jonas brother version..
    pleaaaaaaasseeeeee.. i like it so much..

  13. Same here, please tell us where we can find the Jonas Brothers version of three songs. Those three songs brighten the movies alot. Thanks.

  14. I have searched everywhere for a song that I found in the one of the Night at the Museum 2 commercial which aired during American Idol on Tuesday, May 19. Does anyone know the songs that were used? They are not any of the songs which are listed above or the original theatrical music, nor are they played in the movie.

  15. Thanks for posting this, so nice of you!
    I was wondering about some of song in movie. Thanks.

  16. i love the song “fly with me” wow! it was so amazing

  17. alguien me ayuda necesito la cancion my heart will go on en version de los jonas brother x favor no la encuentro por ningun ladoo ayudaa!

    (someone help me I need the song my heart will go on version of the jonas brother x favor not find anywhere helps!)

  18. I didn’t find page to download these jonas brothers’ songs.

    But if you really really want those songs maybe you can find those video from youtube then download it’s flv file. After that, convert the flv file to mp3 file with a program (like flv2mp3 converter, oxelon media converter, etc).

    It’s difficult, but i often used this way.

  19. the end credits song is a song sung by the jonas brothers. the song is called “Fly with me”, it is from their latest album, lines, Vines and Trying Times, which released in june this year. you can find the original video version of the song (from Hollywood Records) in

  20. el o la ke hizo esto es un(a) tez@ gracias de verdad… the jonas brothers… i love you…..
    i love you joe

  21. is “more than a woman out on a cd or can i download it somewhere

  22. jones bro’s u guys rock!

  23. hey guys nick,joe.kevin guys u rock man!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ur so cool!
    and kevin cougradulation tat ur married!

  24. guys can you review song more than a women I like it..!!

  25. am i mean jonas brother can you review it for me.!!^^

  26. if anyone finds MY heart will go on of Jonas Brothers song in MP3 kindly post d link i need it thanks 🙂

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