All 21 Lucky Songs from The Hangover

First of all, The Hangover is hysterical. Second, Hangover Part 2 is also funny as hell. The music perfectly suits a crazy weekend in Thailand or Vegas. Here are all 21 songs from the first movie, with notes on the scenes they were in. Update: you can find all 20+ songs from Hangover 2 here.

You absolutely must see these movies. In fact, if you are in the DC area, ping me, and I will see it over and over again. And I have a feeling the more times I see it, the funnier it is going to get. This is Old School but Vegas style. It isn’t a film you go see on Saturday afternoon. Grab some friends and a couple beers, get your tickets early and then see the late show.

The soundtrack to the movie includes some great music too, from Kanye, T.I. and Flo Rida, to The Donnas, Wolfmother and Mickey Avalon. You can’t miss Ed Helms’ singing Stu’s Song to missing Doug and the rabid tiger either. So good.

They released a soundtrack album with about half of the songs from The Hangover, but it’s missing some of the best ones (e.g., Live Your Life and Right Round). No need to worry, you can find all 21 songs from The Hangover here, in the order they appeared in the movie and with notes on the precise scenes. You can get downloads by clicking on the links below – and can also find the videos for them at

**Update 1…there is some debate about which song it is. In order to help answer the question, I went to see the movie again. Watching the credits, it says the song is “What Do You Say?” by Mickey Avalon featuring Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy. But since nobody can locate the song, some other songs have been thrown out there as possibilities.

  • medusasmom over at thinks it is “Do What Ya Do” by Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy & Lil Jon.
  • Motor City, in the comments below, thinks it’s “Say What You Will,” which you can listen to on his MySpace page. Jane and Chase listened to the lyrics of both songs and disagree because “what do you say when you’re too f*cked up?” is not in the song Say What You Will.

What do you think it is? Anybody catch the lyrics from the song? Looks like I may go back for a third charm. Hilarious movie so I can’t say that I would mind.

Update 2: Dustin dug up the actual clip from the movie that contains the song. Brilliant work. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s not appear to be Say What You Will. Any guesses.

Update 3: Consensus is growing that the song is from Mickey Avalon’s forthcoming album. Anybody have additional insights on the new album? (Update: CDM has found the song. “What Do You Say?” is being released on August 25 on Amazon MP3.

Update 4: Thanks @Beasley in the comments for this info — Here’s a tweet from Dirt Nasty

“All you fans who heard my song with Lil Jon in the Hangover hold tight. Waiting on it to be released on itunes. Keep yall posted. Jeaaaah”10:47 PM Jun 18th from UberTwitter

Videos from other songs in The Hangover:

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233 Responses to “All 21 Lucky Songs from The Hangover”

  1. Thank you so much! I was trying to find that song from the photo montage and it’s also in “The Ugly Truth” trailer and I looked all over online, but none of the songs were the right one. Thanks and I agree, The Hangover is completely hilarious.

  2. […] All 21 Lucky Songs from The Hangover First of all, The Hangover is hysterical. Second, the music perfectly suits a crazy weekend in Vegas. Here are all 21 […] […]

  3. Thank you so much! I was trying to figure out what that Kanye song was! My husband and I saw The Hangover today. It is a great movie!! We loved it!

  4. Thanks! After I saw the movie all I could think was…”Man, I have to get that music..”

  5. where can I find the mickey avalon song?

  6. How can we download “What Do You Say” by Mickey Avalon? Or when will it be on iTunes?

  7. I need to find “What Do You Say” asap!

  8. i really want to hear the song by Mickey Avalon “What Do You Say” guessing it isnt out yet

  9. You omitted an important rap song from the movie…but I cannot recall what it’s called…does anyone have a clue?

  10. how do you know that Mickey Avalon song is the one? Apparently it doesn’t even exist? Show me the lyrics or something to prove it?

    • well it starts off with “What do ya say when you’re too fucked up” then it has that sorta kid music in the background… can’t remember any more but it fits… and I checked all his other songs and the closest one is “Say what you will” but it doesn’t sound like it at all… I think it just has yet to be released… I’m bummed

    • I am on tour with cisco alder who is in shwayze and he did the song for the soundtrack

  11. @ krock. the mickey avalon song is listed in the credits of the movie as such, which means it should be the right song. i am trying to see if i can dig it up somewhere because a number of people are requesting it. i will post a link to it if i can find it.

  12. nice work check us out sometime

  13. I REALLYYY want that Mickey Avalon song as well.
    Pleasssee find it! You will be a hero

  14. any update on the mickey avalon song what do you say?

  15. Thanks for this – I was loving that Kanye West tune when I heard it on the film yesterday. Shocked it’s from Graduation – I’m sure I have that album! Oh well..

  16. The Mickey Avalon song not called “what do you say” it is called “say what you will” here is a link to listen to it or download it on imeem

    also on his myspace

  17. I want the Mickey Avalon song too! If anyone finds it, let me know.

  18. What was the song that was played as they drove through the desert, it was a deep voice.

  19. Ok so I am not alone in my obsession with this movie LOLOL me and hubby have seen it FOUR TIMES since it came out on Friday and we want to go back again!! Everytime we go back we see MORE funny stuff!! Look at Phil when he is collecting money from the kids at school, behind him on the board says *cash only* LOL The soundtrack was fantastic and I thank you for posting ALL the songs that should of been on the CD that is being released. Live your life is my favorite song in the movie and I love the part they play it in!! Off to Vegas next week!! WOOHOOOO

  20. Say What You Will is NOT the mickey avalon song in the movie

  21. this isnt all the songs. whats the song when the vegas night lights are turning into the morning sunrise, after first drink?

  22. Here’s a link to the song!

  23. i listen to mickey avalon alot and it sounds more like dirt nasty in the song than mickey avalon but i havent had much luck finding it either

  24. Just a suggestion, about the song “What do you say”, since all three names, Mickey Avalon, Dirt Nasty, and Andre Legacy are in the credits, do some digging on the Dyslexic Speedreaders, since all of you who care know that is the name of their group.

  25. wat the fuckk i cant find this song the full song anywere!!!!!!!!!

  26. Thanks.

  27. Song is definitely “What do you say?” because it credits a sample from chubby parker. Song is still no were on the net.

    • the song is do what u do and lil jon is also on the trak but its on his new album and hasnt com out yet and since hes not huge yet his music hasnt been gankt

  28. Yea, I realize I was way off. Sorry about that. This is literally a phantom song. Can’t be found anywhere.

  29. THANK YOU for posting this!! I heard some great tracks in the movie but didn’t know where to look to find out what they were (only two songs on IMDB). So I Googled “Songs from The Hangover” and your entry popped up! You’re awesome!

  30. any real fan would know its from his upcoming album that hasnt been released yet. be patient errbody

  31. OMG! I cannot find that song anywhere! It’s like, embedded in my brain 😦

  32. Well they are idiots for not releasing the song with the movie to give it hype. By the time they release the album some people will have forgotten about his song.

  33. […] All 21 Lucky Songs from The Hangover First of all, The Hangover is hysterical. Second, the music perfectly suits a crazy weekend in Vegas. Here are all 21 […] […]

  34. do you know the name of the song when they saw the matress in the roof and the guy of the hotel says heres your car officers

  35. i man i know what you mean wat do you say song is freakin sweet, I’m just waiting for the release…and hey how the hell do the producers even find that song if we cant

  36. do you know the name of the song when they saw the matress in the roof and the guy of the hotel says heres your car officers


  37. I thank you with all my gratitude.. I wanted the mickey avalon one and the kanye west one. Thank you soo much~~~ Much regards~~~~

  38. thanks so much for posting the songs!! you rock!

  39. That’s funny..

  40. 32

  41. Thank you! I was looking for a song that is not on the soundtrack! Great website!

  42. i’m looking for the song in the car on way to vegas….maya e

  43. sad that you post a link to the song in the movie, but still haven’t figured it out. i’m an expert on this shit, and i can honestly say any and all of you have failed.

    • hey grindking – perhaps you can share your expertise with the rest of us. there’s a healthy convo going. anything you can add would be helpful.

  44. mickeys new song off the hangover is not say what you will

  45. Unkown Scene is when they are looking for the chinese mans purse in the hotel

  46. grindking is a piece of sh*t liar.

  47. Now thats Kewl!. I was lookin out for tracks! You are my star!!

  48. One of the comments left withthat youtube vid says that it’s in the movie as a promo and can be expected within the month.
    I absolutely loved this movie, couldn’t stop laughing all the way through and while watching I was thinking the soundtrack is excellent so when I got home I had a look to see if it was for sale, and while quite a few good songs are on the OST a lot were left out so I was very happy to find this blog so that I can make my own unofficial soundtrack. Thank you Montelutz, this is very much appreciated!

  49. OKAY! LISTEN HERE FELLOW MOVIE GOERS! Some movies use unreleased songs that are literally straight from the wolves and in the process of being released. I noticed this once while watching the movie “21”. They had the song “Everybody Get Dangerous” from Weezer’s new Self-Titled album (The Red Album). The album hadn’t even been released, nor the song even announced on the album. Weak I know. It should be out this year…I hope.

  50. excuse me, I think you lose the song when they figure out where Doug is and went to he roof top ot get him. cuz I can’t find it in these 21 songs.

  51. i saw the movie yesterday and i heard one song that said something like ” tell god to wait a second”. im not too sure if thats exactly what was said but im pretty sure its close

  52. hey when their searching for the guys purse its not grandmas hands its something else

  53. Wow, The song is called “What do ya do” by dirt nasty, google it. NOT ANDRE LEGACY

  54. Thanks for putting this together. Trying to find Live Your Life was driving me crazy. If anything in the movie happened to me in real life I think I’d freak but because it was a movie it was all just funny. Great movie!

  55. What was the numa numa techno mix called?

  56. straight from Dirt Nastys Twitter page….the “what do u say when your too fucked up” im guessing is him and lil john…..

    “All you fans who heard my song with Lil Jon in the Hangover hold tight. Waiting on it to be released on itunes. Keep yall posted. Jeaaaah”10:47 PM Jun 18th from UberTwitter

  57. There is a rap song that’s playing during the night when they are driving i believe when they first get into vegas? it’s not listed here. It’s not they kayne west song but a different, i can’t remember what part though. Any suggestions?

  58. do you know the name of the song when they saw the matress in the roof and the guy of the hotel says heres your car officers…s.

  59. why cant i get the mickey avalon song on itunes????

  60. the mickey avalon song is un-released and should be out in a few weeks :]
    it’s called “What Do You Say?”

  61. What’s the Song on the Roof, when they find Doug, does anyone know ????

  62. I may be wrong, but I didn’t seem to see any reference to one song from the movie (it is also in one of the movie trailers) – it is Romanian (I think) and says something like “Mya Hee Mya Who Mya Ha Ha”, It is called Dragostea Din Tei & is by ozone. There are several mixes available – not sure which is in the movie, or what part of the movie it was in. Cool song – check it out. Awesome movie too! Reminds me of my bachelorette party – can’t remember a darned thing – but I hear I had fun.

    • The song you reference is sampled in Live Your Life by T.I., which plays when they are in their hotel room in Caesar’s Palace.

      • Do you know the name of the artist and song when they are on the roof taking their Jager shots. I think lyrics begin with: “take that…”

      • montelutz:

        do u know the song that’s playing in the background as mentioned in the comment below
        “Do you know the name of the artist and song when they are on the roof taking their Jager shots. I think lyrics begin with: “take that…””

  63. thanks for this! it’s just perfect!

  64. Thank you so much for posting these! I was looking for the COMPLETE music list, not only the soundtrack! 🙂

  65. Hey everyone. I work at a movie theater and have been paying as much attention as possible to the credits to find more info on “What Do You Say?”. It mentions in the credits that the song contains a sample from the song, “King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me” by Chubby Parker.
    It sounds a lot like it, just without Mickey Avalon and Dirt Nasty singing obviously.
    You can listen to it here:

    If you wouldn’t mind posting that video, it would help people out with their hunt a little bit! Thanks!

    • Thank you SOOOOO much, I was wondering where the sample came from! It sounds just like it! Can’t wait for the full song to come out!!

  66. The Dan Band also are seen doing “twist and crawl” in the wedding scene.

  67. OMG! I LOVE your blog and I LOVE all types of music. I didn’t know you were in the DC area. You should hit me up!

  68. what about Greg Laswell’s Girls want to have fun???

    Apologies if this has been mentioned..

  69. Actually the song with Mickey Avalon,Dirt Nasty,Andre Legacy & Lil Jon is called ” Do What Ya Do” and is not on the soundtrack. Interscope owns the song so get on over to Mickey’s interscope page.

    Hope this helps!!


  70. stu’s song is awesome…….

  71. record companies should not be releasing soundtracks if they don’t contain all the songs in the movie — it’s misleading and confusing!

  72. I dont know a thing about computers or have a cd burner. Was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a copy of all the songs from The Hangover. Loved the movie and would love listening to it in the car.

    I guess let me know on here

    Thanks, Amanda

  73. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw the movie last ngiht – frikken hilaruious!!!!! :D:D we’re all part of the wolf-pack 🙂

  74. thanks for posting this….. love the kanye song!

  75. Does anybody know the name of the song when they find doug on the roof?? It’s just instrumental…no lyrics

  76. any updates on what do you say? heard it was supposed to be out soon

  77. Thanks for this ! Any update of What Do You Say? Seriously my fave song right now after that little snippet

  78. 4 days since the last post… anything new regarding the mickey avalon song?????

  79. Guys any update with the song….

  80. Thanks YOu So Much, I wanted the NAme os the KAnye West’s Song……… And Guys PLease Read My BLOG About The “POP SAGA”

  81. thanks man!!

  82. i found it

  83. It’s “What Do Ya Do”

  84. Where you find it!!!!

  85. He is probably lying. Why would you say you found and it not say where.

  86. the name of the song is wrong the name of the song is
    Say what you will – Mickey Avalon

  87. there’s a song by just jack in that movie too. do you know what it’s called?

  88. PKSRBX – Not it is not. Read the comments. We have been through this. Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty has already said the song has not been released.

  89. So the Mickey Avalon/Dirt Nasty song still hasn’t been released? I’m surprised not even a leaked version has found its way onto the internet…

  90. Come on, when is Interscope going to release “What Do Ya Do”?

  91. What is the final music when they are seeing the photos?


  92. I already see it, it´s “Right round”. But must of versions of youtube are wrong.

  93. Does anyone know the song when Stu and Jade say goodbye to each other? It’s just instrumental but wonderfull.


  94. Thank you!

  95. excuse me, I think you lose the song when they figure out where Doug is and went to he roof top to get to him. I can’t find it in these 21 songs.

  96. i love you for thissssssssssssssssssssss

  97. Grandma’s Hands is NOT in the movie.
    I’d like to know the 2 instrumentals on the roof. the first is the toast, and the second is finding Doug.
    It seems there is a running “Hangover theme song” or maybe someone knows what song that runs thru different parts of the movie:
    -getting the field trip money
    -finding the baby
    -bed on the roof statue
    -back to the hotel (before Tyson)
    -making a roofie steak
    -taking the tiger out of hotel room
    Also the wedding chapel gang with bats scene
    Looking for the purse
    Jade syaying goodbye to Stu
    Maybe they will put out a complete score which would have these clips and instrumentals, as some movies have both the OST and complete score discs.
    Great Blog!!!

    • Grandma’s Hands IS in fact in the movie. When they first get to Tyson’s house with the tiger and are talking to him before looking at the surveillance video, it’s playing in the background.

      Also interested in the song during Looking for the purse. Hope it’s available soon. And the countdown is on til Aug. 25 for that Mickey Avalon song. 😉

      Super blog!! Thanks so much for putting this together!
      Lots of luv!

      • I Stand Corrected! Grandma’s Hands is exactly where you said it was. Had to really rewatch and listen to it, but it’s there. Thanks for updating that one, can’t believe I missed it. also waiting for the Mickey Avalon song as well to complete my ipod Hangover compilation, now I have to add Grandma’s Hands back in.

    Awesome movie, awesome tunes.

    All the best!,


  99. Does anybody know the name of the song when they find doug on the roof? The instrumental. Can’t find it…

  100. somebody email me when they have this mickey avalon song cause i wanna get hammed to it!

  101. So the Mickey Avalon song is definitely from his new album cause he threw up a 1:38 sample of the song so at least its more than we had before but probably wont release the song for a while. Check it out on his myspace page.


  102. isn’t Pepper from butthole surfer in here somewhere?

    • Just barely- right as the mercedes is being driven up at the junk yard scene just a few seconds of pepper can be heard but stops quickly.

  103. here ya go. it’ll be out next tuesday 8/25/09:

  104. You can now hear a preview of “What Do You Say” by Mickey Avalon on his Myspace page:

  105. plzz does anybody know the name of the song when they find doug on the roof?? It’s just instrumental…no lyrics

  106. plzz does anybody know the name of the song when they find doug on the roof?? It is just instrumental with no lyrics

  107. Thanks I love the songs not on the soundtrack. I must have them & no one was listing them. Why aren’t they all included instead of just 13 songs on soundtrack? Let me guess something to do with money & stuff?

  108. gosh, can anybody tell me the title of this song when they find sleeping Doug on the roof?

    • It’s looking like the instrumentals for the roof scenes (beginning toast and finding Doug) could both be the same song, composed by Christophe Beck. I’ve been searching thru his works and I hope it’s part of a complete score that will be released. Search his stuff online and you should get a feel for it. Christophe Beck has composed tons of soundtrack scores such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer among others.

  109. Um. Dirt nasty (also known as SImon Rex- actor) has posted the song “what do you say” on his myspace page


  110. it is now released on itunes.

  111. it is now released on itunes….

  112. Thanks for the great list! Awesome soundtrack for an awesome movie! And you’re totally right: The best 2 songs were Right Round and Live Your Life

  113. TY for saving my time with this list. Seen the movie yesterday, still laughinh today =)

  114. Thank you so much.

  115. thank u so much for the songs!!!!!
    it was a great movie…

  116. thanks for the valuable info

  117. The Mickey Avalon song is a SAMPLER of a COUNTRY/FOLK song. It is NOT ORIGINAL. Does anybody know what the title of the original song is? I heard it on a local community radio station the other day.

  118. The sample is from an old traditional folk song
    “King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me” or sometimes “Froggie Went a Courtin”

  119. Does anybody know the name of the song of finding doug on the roof?

    Do anyone has it?


  120. Excellent list, my friend. Thanks for giving it to the world. After seeing the track list from the OST, I knew much was missing. Apparently I’m not the only one.

  121. limewire has the mickey avalon song..dont be lazy look it up!

  122. there’s another song that sounds like Rage Against the Machine, you only hear about 7 seconds of it though. ANYONE know what i’m talking about??

  123. thank you so much !!
    sorry if this has already been mentioned but does anyone know from what song this reaaally short part is when phil’s collecting the money from the children at school?!

  124. There is an instrumental song after “Right Round” in the closing credits. Anybody know the name?

  125. […] The Hangover – 21 lucky songs packed into the funniest movie of the year. Kanye, T.I., Flo Rida, The Donnas and Mickey Avalon are the perfect soundtrack for a raucus vegas vacation. (245,000) […]

  126. The SCORE is now available on ITUNES as of Dec. 15, 2009. It features all the instrumentals + some dialog.

  127. I’m trying to find out what instrumental song is played at the very end (which would be song #22). Anyone have any ideas? The Shazam iPhone app couldn’t recognize it, so it must be something a little obscure.

  128. thank you for give the name of the songs!!
    for people who don’t find the song they want, you can always download song with “Free Youtube to mp3 converter”.

  129. What’s the song when the chinese guy drives away with “Doug”? It has a sweet guitar intro and leads into when they start looking for the purse? It’s not Grandma’s Hands, anyone know what it is?

  130. LOVE THE SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. what is the name of the song when they find doug sleeping on the roof?????????????????????/

  132. love all the songs and me and my older sister watched that movie without my perents knowing but it was the funnyest movie ever!!!!!!!


  134. You can find the Mickey Avalon song on Limewire Pro. I just downloaded it (:

  135. thanx for ”what do you say”,for this site i got this mindblowing song name n singer name…i dnt know y the hangover ppl didn’t add this song..:@

  136. we’re very lucky to have the mighty PETER MOMTCHILOFF, guitar legend from the would-be-goods, talulah gosh, heavenly, marine research and countless others, as our guest DJ this Sunday (13th September)… come along, enjoy the tunes, read the papers, eat the roasts, and sample one of the Lexington’s brand new hangover special BLOODY

  137. what is the song called that goes something like …”when we get fucked up”

  138. “what do ya say”

  139. They play part of a song when the sun is coming up…what is it called

  140. any idea what the very last instrumental song is..after the right round song, “very last” credits…sounds very clint eastwood like

  141. i LOVED thehangover best movie ever i bought it and have watched it 40 times!!!!

  142. You rock! Amazon soundtrack listing is shit compared to this- thank you!

  143. Does anyone know what the song is that is playing when they find Doug on the roof or the hotel? I really wanna know what it is 😛

  144. Wowza! This is incredible that you went to all this work to share with everyone. I love the movie and have seen in 4 times now. I suddenly because obsessed with finding out the name of the “counting cards” scene song, and Bam! You handed it to me, neatly gift wrapped and tied with a link-to-the-song ribbon. What more could anyone want. Thank you!!!

  145. thanks buddy

  146. The Mickey Avalon song is the first result on YouTube !!!

  147. they forgot a song when the guys were on the roof and were about to leave Usher feat. Lil Jon “YEAH”

  148. THANKS SO MUCH!! Never would’ve been able to find out without this.

  149. What do you say :

  150. “what do you say?” is on itunes.

  151. ya man never would have found out if i would have seen this pce

  152. its a satchel not a man purse

  153. it is Mickey Avalon “What do you say”, on one of his live videos on youtube, he says “You may remember our next song from the movie The Hangover” before the song starts.

  154. hellz ya bitches i love this fukin movie

  155. helll yeahhhh (:

  156. Thanks for helping me to find the Flo Rida song. I couldn’t find who sang it anywhere.

  157. amOoO

  158. what do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snoose. do they dream of mauling zebras or julie newmar in her catwoman suit well dont you worry your pretty striped head, were gonna get you back to tyson and your cozy tiger bed, and then were gonna find our best freind doug and then were gonna give him a best freind hug doug doug oooohhhhhh doug doug dougie doug doug but if hes ben murdered by crystal meth tweakers WELL THEN WERE SHIT OUT OF LUCK

  159. thanks too much keeb good work

  160. I’m looking for the very last song on the DVD. It plays after the Right Round song and is an instrumental. But I didn’t see it listed on the DVD songs, or in your list. Does anyone know the name/artist?

  161. Keep up the amazing posts. WOLFPACKKKKKKK

  162. whats the song where there running and looking on the roof for doug? or whatever his name is 🙂

  163. wow! that is wonderful..

  164. No one has mentioned the song that plays when that fat kid is about to use the taser on Allen. I think they should come out with some instrumental soundtrack for the movie.

  165. I usually don’t go looking for song off of movies but these are must haves thanks guys!!!

  166. thanks man.i was really searching for titles & i found it here at least i find here

  167. hi!!
    I’ve been looking for a soong wich in the video there’s a guy walking down the street and as he goes singing…he save his life 4 or 5 times…!!

  168. Awesome. I’ve seen the movie 12 timees now, mostly for the sound track and ’cause it’s so F______Funny!! Thank you!!

  169. thanks guys

  170. Like everyone else on this thread i am looking for who and or what is that very last song played at the end of the film. Small snippets are also featured in many other parts of the film but the most complete version is the very last song played to the end of the credits.

  171. you forgot Get My Money Right when they are entering Vegas

  172. I want to thank you for another fantastic post. I am always on the look-out for fantastic WordPress theme to suggest to my own readers. Thank you for taking the time to write this post. It’s just what I was trying to find.

  173. Thank you…been trying to get the songs together for a Pandora station mix…this is a fabulous site…glad to know there are so many fans of this movie…normally not my type of music, but the movie & the music marry so well you have to love it! Great work!

  174. @Chris_the_Dude, the title of the song is can’t tell me nothing and is listed correctly

  175. You have to be really smart to count cards. Oh really?? Look at rainman he basicly bankrupt a casino and he was a ratard. A what??

  176. ok, i’m love it 🙂

  177. really thank you dude. i need name of song. and find it from you page.

  178. i like so much yar.

  179. Great blog! It is helpful to have a list of all the music from movies in the order that they appear. You saved me alot of web search time!

  180. So the song is “what do you say” by Mickey Avalon and it is available on iTunes. Just bought it today!

  181. yo you forgot my best song!

    “get my money right”

  182. Its what do ya say. I have the ring tone.

  183. Thank YOU so much for doing this – – very cool. The Soundtrack Album on itunes was missing all the good stuff.

  184. Wow, this is nice. I love the movie probably as much as you do! Can you re-post those videos – they seem to have been removed…

  185. The Movie Is Awesome ANd i love it
    mostly WHOOHOOOOOO Song


  187. what is the name of the song when mr.chow is toodaloo mother fucker and then they go to the hotel finding that man purse plsssssss tell me

  188. whats the name of the song when they find doug on the roof? there arent any lyrics, at least for the sound clip in the movie.

  189. Great site, great blog, I love, but still got a question: the very last tune in the part I – when just lines rolling up – what tune is that, sounds great. Anybody can answer?

  190. From France: thank you very much for your post!

  191. Love the song, but “what do you say” is a ripoff (sampling?) of an old 19th century minstrel song called Keemo Kimo. Cool tune.

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