Alice in Chains & GNR Kick Some Terminator Salvation Tail

Terminator Salvation was good but not great. There were some good surprises, such as the reprisal of the T800 in full governator form, but there were also some overly cliched terminator moments. For example, if you want to stop a terminator in its tracks, find the nearest pot of molten metal and pour. To me, the star of the movie was Marcus, not John Connor.

There were only a couple songs in the movie, but they kicked as much ass as Blaire the A-10 pilot. I liked the throwback to You Could Be Mine by GNR. And you can’t go wrong with Alice in Chains.

Here’s the list of songs from the movie, with links to the downloads. You can also find the videos for the songs from Terminator Salvation at

  • Starting the Jeep – Rooster by Alice In Chains
  • Radio in the road – You Could Be Mine by Guns N’ Roses
  • Main Title from Terminator 2: Judgment Day by Brad Fiedel
  • Original music for Terminator Salvation by Danny Elfman

~ by montelutz on June 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Alice in Chains & GNR Kick Some Terminator Salvation Tail”

  1. AIC was so amazing and hopefully the new cd will be great too. Rooster is such a inspiration song though.

  2. I did like the movie since it’s always great to see Christian Bale on action and it was great that Alice in Chains got featured on the film as well.


    Junssi the Alice in Chains Discography Guy

  3. The film didn’t have the heart, nor the story or excitement that the original’s did. I just wished they did more, instead of just being a typical sci-fi action thriller. Check out my review when you can!

  4. There was something in Rooster which seemed to fit perfectly with that scene. Perhaps it was that the song fit marcus in some way. Either way, it was something else to hear that song suddenly be blared and it not feel out of place.

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