All 14 Songs from The Proposal Soundtrack

The Proposal was actually really funny. And the music was damn good too. Here’s the complete list of songs from the movie with notes on the scenes they were in. Seeing Sandra Bullock throwing down to Get Low by Lil John while belting the song at the top of her lungs was hilarious.

Get Low was only outdone by Bullock and Reynold’s version of Rob Base’s It Takes Two. The high notes hurt just a little, but it was good stuff.

Of course, there was also the interpretive stylings of the waiter/dancer/shopkeeper/minister who took on Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer.

You get the idea. This is not The Hangover funny, but it was a heck of a lot better than I thought it would be – even laugh out loud funny at times.

They did not release a soundtrack album for The Proposal, but here is the complete list of songs from the movie, in the order they appeared and with notes on the scenes they were in. The downloads for the songs are linked below. You can also find them at Enjoy.

  • Opening song – Find My Way by The Gabe Dixon Band
  • First song at house party – I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Michael Buble
  • Hors d’ oeuvres – Coolin’ by Alex Wilson and Paul Booth
  • Telling proposal story – So Danco Samba by Luiz Bonfa
  • Stripper guy dancing at bar – Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  • Second song playing with dancer guy at bar – U Cant Touch This by MC Hammer
  • Chopping wood, head phones – Cult Of Personality by Living Colour
  • Bullock singing in the shower – Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  • In bed telling personal stories and singing – It Takes Two by James Brown and Robin Ginyard
  • Listening to headphones in towel – Freedom by Beautiful Creatures [thx Hyde for the update]
  • Gammy dancing around fire – Woosh Xhant Wuda.aat by Ed Littlefield
  • Sandra Bullock dancing around fire – Get Low by Lil Jon
  • Unkown scene – Love Me Tenderly by Johnny Lidell
  • Wedding – Canon In D by Johann Pachelbel
  • End credits – It Takes Two by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock
  • Original music – Original Music for The Proposal by Aaron Zigman

~ by montelutz on June 19, 2009.

74 Responses to “All 14 Songs from The Proposal Soundtrack”

  1. […] All 14 Songs from The Proposal Soundtrack The Proposal was actually really funny. And the music was damn good too. Here’s the complete list of songs from […] […]

  2. i loved the addition these songs made to the movie. great movie! thanks for blogging these!

  3. Thanks for blogging this – I saw the movie tonight and loved te music. Any idea what composition was toward the end of the movie (around the break up scene)? It sounded almost like a piano / violin melody. Great music!

  4. That movie was so very funny. It totally took me back to that era in my life. I’m still smiling ear to ear just thinking about “The Proposal”


  5. haha this helped alot!!!!

  6. Sandra Bullock dancing around the fire to the tune of ‘Get low’ was out of place and plain dumb.

  7. i’d love to know that music’s name too. Exactly when the final kiss starts the melody is incredible! I’ve heard that music before, just don’t know where it was. But thanks for the post… very useful.

    • I think the song you guys are talking about is an instrumental version of a song called Glorious by Andreas Johnson. I can’t find the instrumental version of it. It gave me chills as soon as I heard it playing in the movie theatre. The instrumental version in the movie is beautiful.

  8. LOVEEEEEEEE The Proposal!!!

  9. Thanks Lina! Thats the song i was after too!

  10. ryan cabrerra’s ‘she’

    exactly the same feeling when it played in the cinema!

  12. thanks for ths blog….lovely muvi…gr8 music!!

  13. Thanks guys! Helped out alot!

  14. hey thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this really appreciate me. helped me identify the songs and get them.. super!! 🙂 thanks once again…

  15. hey guys Im wondering if you know what’s the title of the song in the end credits, I think its an oldie song, please reply thanks 🙂 God bless

  16. hey guys im wondering if you know wht’s the title of the song played in the end credits i think its after it takes two ( by Dj E-z rock) its a guy singing a romance song i think its an oldie 🙂 please reply thanks a lot! God Bless :))

  17. Shiver down my spine too!

  18. […] Especially the DJ EZ-Rock thing. HAHHAHAHA! Sorry, you should really go watch it. I don’t wanna write a spoiler here. After the movie I caught myself singing “relax, don’t do it, when you wanna go to it. Relax, when you wanna come…”. Later I found out what she was singing/dancing to from this blog. […]

  19. Thank you very much for this list! 🙂

  20. can somebody tell me wat is the song title appear in the trailer towards the end (the song begin when they are on the bed). please advise thanks

  21. Just found the instrumental version of Glorious on itunes, it’s by E.K.Ltd. Shiver me timbers!

  22. It’s a lie. The version by E.K.Ltd. is not the instrumental version from the film. It is an instrumental version in that it is the original Glorious by Andreas Johnson without lyrics but it’s not the one we’re all looking for.

  23. I was immediately caught when I heard the song in the movie. And with good reason: I’ve heard it before!

    It’s also the chorus of “Hand i hand”, a Swedish song by Martin Stenmarck ( — iTunes also has an English album of his). I don’t remember how I came across Hand i hand, but it caught my attention after watching Way Back Into Love; the main theme of that movie sounds similar.

    I don’t know Swedish, but in my opinion Hand i hand as a whole sounds better than Glorious… Nonetheless, can’t beat the chorus, and here’s hoping someone finds a true instrumental version.

  24. anybody know what the score/song is playing when they kiss at the end? i know it’s my Aaron Zigman, but what’s the title? =]

  25. ommgg awasome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ryan raynolds

  26. finally i find the song iam lookinf 4 thankz alott 2 y alll

  27. I need this song!! (kiss scene) anybody can help us?
    I cant find it. =(

  28. Great blog! Thanks for putting this up!

  29. Oh my god I loved this movie. It had a typical ending- yet un-typical. I assumed that ryan would get back with his ex, but he didnt. it made me cry (inside). it was really beautiful.
    my boyfriend loves the sandra dancing song and i found it here. ha ah

  30. Can someone help me find the song where Andrew is running up the stairs after the wedding. Please help as soon as you can please thank you.

  31. A band called Bond also play an instrumental version of that song, they call it explosive on their album. It’s alot faster though.

  32. Can’t find the better quality one. But for anyone that enjous cars. And the Glorious song here is a great clip.

  33. Here is a better link

  34. does anyone know the name of the song that plays at the end of the movies, when they are kissing. and if someone has the download link I would appreciate!!! :]

  35. nvm someone already post it hehehe thanks everyone~

  36. That music is definitely “Glorious” by Andreas Johnson. But who redid it for the movie, and why is there no credit for Johnson? It’s been bugging me since I saw the movie the other day, and the minute I heard it I recognized it. Beautiful melody.

  37. I want to buy the soundtrack to this movie, and the movie I loved it.

  38. I don’t understand why they did not release the score of instrumentals as the music was wonderful. Anyone know where to buy the score? Thanks!

  39. I love this movie!

  40. Does anyone knows what is the song playing when they are arriving to the island on Boat, Kinda like celtic music!

  41. HEEELP!
    The song when Andrew is running up the stairs after the wedding, I know I’ve heard it but WHAT SONG is it?!?!
    Someone said River flows In You by Yiruma, but it’s absoluley NOT!
    I REALLY need to find this out, but I can’t find it ANYwhere!
    HEEELP?!?!?!? 🙂

  42. heya, cane anyone tell me the song that plays between the kissing scene at the end and the credits. I think it goes something like “I wanna wash my hands”. But, I couldnt really pick it out…so i need help. thanks.

  43. Glorious – Andreas Johnson
    is that song that everyone heard and thought ‘ohhh whats the name to that songgggggg!!!!?’ lol i just googled it..

  44. Uh the second song when the girl got caught by andrew what was that called please reply!

  45. what songs do andrew listen to on he’s ipod??

  46. I’m actually after the song Ryan Reynolds is listening to while taking a towel from the cupboard when Sandra Bullock is getting out of the shower, because he changed it from “cult of personality” when he entered the home. thanks.

  47. Guys… Theres a bad news and a good news. The good news is that i found the exact same song ya’ll been looking for “glorious by andreas johnson instrumental” Bad news is its not free. You need to buy it. PLEASE POST IT ON YOUTUBE IF YOU REALLY DID BUY IT cause many of us are crazy over that melody! The website it: Hope this helps.

  48. Love the film, love the music – and love this blog, thank you!!!

  49. Just so ya know, Beautiful Creatures – Freedom was what he was listening to on his headphones when he entered the room and grabbed a towel and headed out to the balcony.

  50. Just so I am clear, we haven’t found the instrumental version of Glorious when Ryan was running up the stairs? Bummer…i would love to have that in my wedding! Beautiful


  52. how do you download love me tenderly by johnny lidell? I am desperate for it!




  56. Glorious instrumental can be bought at i-Tunes for 0.99 euros: Album: Easy Karaoke – Instrumental Hits, vol 77, Artist: E.K. Ltd

  57. Thank you for this fantastic information because finding relevant sites on this topic is sometimes hard to find. You did an excellent job covering the subject and I look forward to more posts from your site. Do you offer RSS Feeds or feedburner to get more content for our blogs? I will be sure to include links from my other blogs to yours.

  58. iv got find my way downloaded onto my computer :), its so awsum 2 listn 2 cuz many songz frum the proposal is great, great 2 hav n ur ears playin, u should download it or u should die of starvaton of no music in thy s0ul

  59. omg… diehard! how the heck do you get that “find my way” downloaded to your own computer, i mean, seriously, where did you get it? when i checked onto limewire, it was like, “seriously, chica… error ‘don’t have it on limewire'”. ay yai yai!

  60. HEY EVERY1. This song Glorious is one of my favorite songs since it first came out in 99, but feel completely crapped on cuz i think this dude stole the beat from robert miles. Listen to this track and tell me if it doesnt sound the same. its around 2:30 in the song. its called landscape by robert miles. I just jeard it the other day and was dumbfounded and no1 has put 2 and 2 together

  61. do score of the film available? Especially when margaret fall into sea or when she is saying personal life and child days and while she packing at end deporting to canada,if anyone have pls reply,those musics are really lovely

  62. no reply?

  63. awesome webpage, i are provided ever again.

  64. Forget that Instrumental track! here is the real thing!!

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