Year One Soundtrack is a World Party of Music

There are five songs in Year One. Three of them are indistinguishable from the score, which is a curious mix of middle eastern music and modern pop beats. The only distinct songs play during the closing credits. “I See the Light” by Cracker plays when they leave Sodom at the end of movie. “Put the Message in the Box” by World Party plays mid-way through the end credits.

The music was a throwback to another time for me…

The first concert I ever went to was 10,000 Maniacs and Camper Van Beethoven. I went for Natalie Merchant, but walked away thinking that David Lowery could really sing. His cover of Pictures of Matchstick Men is still one of my favorites. A couple years later, he went on to form the band Cracker, with hits like Low and Eurotrash Girl. About the same time, World Party was getting heavy rotation on my dusty Sony boombox. Ship of Fools and Put the Message in the Box were two of my favorites.

Why should all this matter? After all, isn’t this a post about the movie Year One. Why yes, it is. But me writing about my first concert and my crappy boombox makes about as much sense as the fact that Cracker’s I See the Light and World Party’s Put the Message in the Box are featured in the movie Year One. But they are.

It’s a strange brew. The two songs from Ali Mrateh Fadh make sense. But World Party, Cracker or David Kitay’s Robot Dance? Not so much. Not that I’m complaining. They were each a pleasant surprise – like cracking open an Easter egg and finding a $100 bill. Okay, maybe a $20. Or at least a couple quarters. Shiny ones. The Texas commemorative ones.

The soundtrack album for Year One features the score by Theodore Shapiro, but you can find the rest of the songs from Year One here.

  • Allah O Akbar – Ali Mrateh Fadh
  • Desert Roots – Ali Mrateh Fadh
  • I See The Light – Cracker
  • Original Music for Year One – Theodore Shapiro
  • Put The Message In The Box – World Party
  • Robot Dance – David Kitay

~ by montelutz on June 20, 2009.

One Response to “Year One Soundtrack is a World Party of Music”

  1. Hi! Do you by any chance know the name of the song that plays directly after they get attacked by the puma? It is not on the soundtrack.

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