All 16 Songs from the Public Enemies Soundtrack

It was the jazz era. Billie Holiday and Benny Goodman ruled the roost. So went the Roaring Twenties into the Early Thirties; and so goes the soundtrack to Public Enemies. There are 16 songs in the movie Public Enemies, about half of which are on the soundtrack album, which also prominently features the score by Eliot Goldenthal.

John Dillinger was public enemy number one. The government hated him, but the public had a strange fixation with the jackrabbit, who leapt into and out of both banks and jails. He broke into two dozen of the former and out of two of the latter. As told through the eyes of the debonair Johnny Depp, the movie version of Dillinger is sad, loyal, even tragic. You know how it ends but want him to make to Caracas with Billie any way. The only thing I could have done without in the movie is Christian Bale, whose performance seemed awkward. It’s not the Untouchables, but it ain’t such a bad flick either.

Both the movie and the music will transport you to another era. Diana Krall’s version of Bye Bye Blackbird will haunt me for a while. I don’t know whether the lyrics were metaphor or anecdote, but it worked. Otis Taylor’s Ten Million Slaves – the song from the Public Enemies preview (and the chase scene in the woods during the beginning of the movie) – was also perfectly suited.

The soundtrack features the incomparable Billie Holiday, as well as Benny Goodman, Otis Taylor, Gene Autry and Blind Willie Johnson. Here’s the complete list of 16 songs from Public Enemies in the order they appeared in the movie, with notes on the scenes that most of them appeared in.

Update: Thank you to Liz for finding the video of Diana Krall’s version of Blackbird:

And a few more videos:


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30 Responses to “All 16 Songs from the Public Enemies Soundtrack”

  1. hey i think i found a better version of Bye Bye Blackbird for you…

  2. I love your blog! Very insightful!!!

  3. I saw Public Enemies this weekend, and the soundtrack is wonderful. However, I was shocked when I heard Billie Holiday’ voice. Of course, you have to love her music, but… her first recording wasn’t until a year after Dillinger’s death, and until then she was virtually unknown as she had only started singng about a year earlier in small clubs. It bugged me through the whole movie. Had her career started in Chicago, I wouldn’t have bugged as much. At least the songs were written in Dillinger’s lifetime.

    BTW: These songs were recorded by Billie Holiday in 1939 and 1941.

  4. I saw the movie this week. The soundtrack for Drive to Bohemia sounded very much like a very slow version of second eight measures in Afro Blue by Mongo Santamaria 1959. I was wondering if it adapted from that song or just sounds like it. Thanks!

  5. […] All 16 Songs from the Public Enemies Soundtrack It was the jazz era. Billie Holiday and Benny Goodman ruled the roost. So went the Roaring Twenties into the Early […] […]

    • I had exactly the same experience. (Coincidentally, Otis Taylor is a good friend and I managed him for a year, so I came to the film with a real anticipation for the music.) As I listened to Elliot Goldenthall’s score, I kept returning to the notion that he had taken Mongo Santamaria’s Afro Blue theme and used it as the core thematic element through the film. The recollection of John Coltrane’s marvelous tenor sax wailing over these same Afro Blue changes kept intruding on my memory.

  6. here’s the diana krall version of bye bye blackbird 😉

  7. love this movie very much! Johnny depp is the best actor on earth!

  8. I’m lucky that I found this site at the moment I started to search.thanx thanx thanx ! =) so my work is done n I’m not tired ^^

  9. go to they have a lot of their music

  10. Depp is Dillinger, or anyone else he chooses to portray because, YES, he’s just that good–the BEST! Loved the music too.

  11. […] itself. Bye Bye Blackbird by Diana Krall is my favourite song from the soundtrack. For other songs, this site lists the titles of all 16 tracks from the […]

  12. where can i get/hear the background music that plays when depp is in the dillinger squad room? (its like a guy humming..)

  13. This movie is simply just awesome. Love the soundtrack. Bye bye black bird is nostalgic. Gotta be watched by everyone movie. Its great to have seen the movie.

  14. Ten Million Slaves performed by Otis Taylor is wonderful. The scene in the movie is great too.

  15. Whats the song played when he is flyed in on the plane to go to jail that he eventually brakes out of.

  16. whats the song at the part when hes in the plane about to be put in jail.

  17. I love Johny Depp too, his face was so perfect and his ability in acting was so awesome. best wishes for him!

  18. […] Enemies er fejende flot iscenesat med masser af forrygende intense actionsekvenser og et solidt soundtrack (som dog til tider lyder lige lovligt inspireret af The Dark Knight). Ingen af delene – […]


  20. awesome movie, love 10 million slaves

  21. this is a really perfect movie & perfect acting by Johny Depp.
    And i love the soundtrack either.

  22. i thought the movie was awsome, but what made even better was the soundtrack that went with it!

  23. Some of the scores reminded me very much of Hans Zimmer, I could have swore I heard a refrain or two from some compositions that were from the Thin Red Line….loved the movie, very well done, outside of the cops not recognizing Dilinger at the end when he dropped off his girlfriend and she was apprehended

  24. Didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I had expected 😦
    perhaps i had expected to much, even though my favorites: johnny depp & the fabulous voice of diana Krall singing Bye Bye Blackbird.

  25. please can annybody tell me where i can find the track “Hanna Shoots Neil” from Elliot Goldenthal????

  26. This sitez awesome….thank ya guyy..;)

  27. I consider myself a fairly well educated student (although compared to others a relatively poor one)of the outlaws,of the 1930’s.

    I am still learning a new fact of the era nearly eery day.

    The music of the soundtrack fit their role very well.

    As far as the movie script, Hollywood took liberty with the facts. The events pictured occurred in a relatively short time span of 1933 – 1934. Scenes and happenings were taken out of chronological order and were adapted to make a “movie”.

    I encourage everyone to read “Public Enemies”, “The Alvin Karpis Story” and Girardin’s version of Dillenger.

  28. Just stumbled upon the site looking for the title and artists for the theme song to Public Enemies and I wanted to compliment both the look and content! 🙂

    Meanwhile, may i say YouTube getting to be a *real* PITA. As I clicked on each youtube module to get a “video removed for violation of blah blah blah” . The suits really don’t get the joke now do they. If one can’t share the material then there’s no one to be inspired by it, now is there? JMHO

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