All 17 Songs from the Bruno Soundtrack

They didn’t release a Bruno soundtrack album. Not to worry. You can find all 17 songs from the movie Bruno here. And the music lives up to the billing of the movie.

The music from Bruno is as eclectic, even downright bizarre, as is the man himself. Where else are you going to have Snoop, Elton John, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Slash, Sting and Bono collaborate on a song? Where else can you find AC/DC alongside Celine Dion or The Village People cavorting with Soft Cell?

I am debating whether I am going to see the midnight show tonight or if I am going to wait til tomorrow. One thing is for sure, I am trying to stay away from the previews, because I don’t want to spoil any more of the hilarity. It’s always better when you see Sacha Baron Cohen’s antics for the first time on the big screen.

Update: Here’s the complete list of songs from Bruno in the order they appeared in the movie. I have notes on a bunch of the scenes that the songs are in, but I missed a couple.

  • Opening song – Nessaja by Scooter
  • Pygmy boy scenes – Popcorn by Crazy Frog
  • Thunderdome Til We Die by Peter by Paul Pigmans (aka 3 Steps Ahead)
  • Stravinsky’s Bass by Peter by Paul Pigmans (aka 3 Steps Ahead)
  • Raver by Showtek
  • Arrives in the Middle East – Hava Nagila (Club Mix) by Axel Jaeger and Sebastian Wernke Schmiesing
  • Bruno sings a song of peace – Dove Of Peace (Middle East Version) by Sacha Baron Cohen and Erran Baron Cohen
  • For Sho by DaVinci’s Notebook
  • Sings baby to sleep – Schlaf Kinder Schlaf by Sacha Baron Cohen and Gustaf Hammarsten
  • Sexin’ Me by Christian Ebner
  • Baby headphones – Yo Mo-Fo by K.I.N.D.
  • Protesters, strapped together – Tainted Love by Soft Cell
  • Military barracks – In The Navy by The Village People
  • In the tent – Divide & Conquer by Pete Scaturro
  • Cage match – Back In Black by AC/DC
  • Kiss during cage match – My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
  • Singing in the studio – Dove Of Peace by Snoop Dogg, Elton John, Chris Martin, Slash, Sting and Bono
  • End Credits – There are three songs that play. I’ve had trouble placing them precisely, but the first one is used in his TV show toward the beginning of the movie (words include In und Aus). The second song is the same that plays during the Ron Paul scene (words include Oh Yeah), and the third is what plays when he arrives in LA (words include coming to LA).

Original music to Bruno by Erran Baron Cohen

Here’s the opening song that a lot of people are looking for:

And Thunderdome Til We Die, which people have been looking for too:

And a couple other songs from the movie:


~ by montelutz on July 9, 2009.

187 Responses to “All 17 Songs from the Bruno Soundtrack”

  1. theres a part where bruno goes to L.A
    so the lyrics of the song there go like “ich gehe nach L.A”
    know the name of it?

    • The song plays twice – when he is in LA and during the closing credits. I could not find it specifically among the songs listed in the movie though. I think it may be original music by Erran Baron Cohen. The “In und Aus” song during his TV show is also score I think too.

  2. I am suprised that even the dutch dance scene is in it!
    Like Peter Paul Pigmans (3 steps ahead, died at cancer).
    Like Showtek!


  3. whats the name of the techno song they play during the opening credits of bruno?

  4. […] All 17 Songs from the Bruno Soundtrack They didn’t release a Bruno soundtrack album. Not to worry. You can find all 17 songs from the movie Bruno here. And […] […]

    • You keep saying you can find all 17 songs from the movie Bruno here, so where is the song Sexin Me by Christian Ebner? I find no link to get it, and I keep getting emails saying they are here, but no they are not. Unless you see something I don’t, I click on the song sexin me and nothing happens no link to download. And again, nor was my last post answered also. Crappy site in my opinion.

  5. whats the name of the song in the opening credits

  6. There is an electro song in there that brought me back a memory, and I am wishing I knew what the title is. It is in most of the previews.

  7. does anyone know that song when bruno goes to the middle east?

    • It is the Hava Nagila (Club Mix) by Axel Jaeger and Sebastian Wernke Schmiesing

      • No it isn’t. That’s incorrect. The artist of the song is Alex M. vs Marc Van Damme. You can clearly hear “Alex M. vs Marc Van Damme” at 31 seconds into the song.

      • Actually thats wrong sir. It is hava nagila Club mix, but the song is by Alex M VS Marc Van dam

  8. what is the the techno song at the “ending credits”??

  9. theres a song that i cant find. its the one bruno danced to while in the room trying to seduce paul into a sex tape. it also plays at the very ending of the credits, any help?

  10. Mensch, it’s Brüno, not Bruno! Sometimes those two little dots – the Umlaut – change the sound and sometimes the meaning completely.

    • Not everyone enjoys taking the time to insert a letter with an umlaut over it. Everyone knows what they mean by just putting Bruno…

  11. Does anyone know what’s the title of the closing credits song? I mean that techno one.

  12. i´m looking for the song at the end credits,does anybody know the title?

  13. What is the name of the song that plays after the screen goes black at the end?

  14. […] comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s new controversial movie “Bruno” and apparently, according to, the movie’s wide range of music is as bizarre as the movie […]

  15. Hello guys,

    I’m searching also for the song that was played while Brüno was trying to seduce this politician and he turns the cd player on to listen to the music….thanks for your help

  16. Yes, Scooter with the opening track. Nessaja is a fantastic song.

  17. whats the name of the song from the trailler

  18. Hey! This is completely off topic. I’m just here because I’ve run past your avatar about a billion times in the past two days and I must say you have a GREAT smile! It seriously cheers me every time I see it, so….

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  19. the LA song?! ich bin in LA?! i really want it 😛

  20. i cant find the last song, does ANYONE know where is it?

  21. I too am curious about the last song during the credits.
    If it’s an original creation by either of the (other) Cohen Brothers, it sounds like the singer on it was meant to parody Laibach singer Milan Fras.
    Would sure like to find out who or what it was.

  22. i agree with sno- the ich bin in LA song is EPIC and i’m really set on finding it.

  23. The voice in that song “[SOMETHING] IN L.A.” sounds like the main guy from RAMMSTEIN! Any possibility??

  24. does anyone know how to download dove of peace with sacha and bono,slash,snoop dog,elton john and others?

  25. ich bin in la. where do i find that song?


  27. Btw, it’s 3 Steps Ahead – Thunderdome Till I Die.

    The story of 3 Steps Ahead’s life is a tragic one, he died of cancer in the early 2000s.

  28. @ 123: it’s Scooter – Nessaja

    I’m looking for the Dove of Peace mp3. Shit, why don’t they release it?

  29. The song that’s playing during the ending credits is a remix of the theme song from Funkyzeit mit Bruno on Da Ali G Show. I don’t know of a title for it, but it was obvious to me that it was a remix of that theme song.

  30. when does the soundtrack for bruno come out in america or columbus ohio?

  31. OMG still no response to mines and juliens previous questions 😦
    helppp please

  32. cant find the song the baby was lisening to anywhere

    • Yeah, i checked it today, it really says k.i.n.d. – yo mo-fo in the credits, but i cant find it neither… even not the band.

  33. i thought it sounded like rammstein too (Ich Bin LA or whatever it is!) hopefully someone knows!

  34. What a cool song

  35. Any ideas to the song when he is trying seduce the guy for the sex tape? The song he dances to. Thanks everyone!

  36. Kant find “for sho” by DaVinci’s notebook

  37. Lyrics so far, please help me correct it.

    I’ve written a song
    that I hope is gonna bring the world together
    Put down your guns and bombs
    and just make love forever (Okay then)

    He’s come to heal the world
    and make our nations calm down
    I am the Austrian Jesus
    He is the white Obama (He’s the white Obama)

    War’s just based on hate and fear
    Stop fighting North and South Korea
    You’re both basically Chinese

    He’s Brüno, dove of peace
    Ey yo Brüno, where the bitches at?
    You are Brüno, dove of peace
    You’re a [?], you got the [?]
    You are Brüno, dove of peace
    (No I love black guys, I’m a chocoholic)
    You are Brüno, dove of peace

    I have a dream for the Third World: clean water, food and teaching
    In every village and every town, a place for anal bleeching

    We need to rid the world of hunger
    I’m just like Bono except much younger
    He is only nineteen
    Ich bin Brüno, dove of peace

    Ey ey, he gay, he gay

  38. thats who did the remix of “in odor aus” that dude has been around long before, he needs a film spot

  39. watch out!
    scooter- crank it up 😉

  40. list is incomplete you are missing 5 tracks i will get the names and post them, one is FUNKYZiet Theme second / third track in film

  41. What about all those German techno/rave songs? Sure would like to find name of those.

  42. ok

  43. i´m looking for the song that plays during the Ron Paul scene,does anybody know the title?i can´t find it. Help Pleeeeaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  45. does anybody knows the song from the Ron Paul scene????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  46. the words in it are oh yeah, erotisch

  47. The song at the beginning of the credits (in und heraus) is on Bruno’s ‘MeinSpace’ page. I’m trying to find out how to download it, but I can’t find out how the page directs to the music…

    Any help would be appreciated!

  48. Oh my god!
    I friggin’ love Bruno.
    The music was cool and Bruno is hott.

  49. does anyone know the track at the fashionweek in milan??

  50. Did anybody find the song Ich Bin in LA? It’s driving me insane!!!

  51. what is the song that plays on the closing credits, it keeps saying oooh yeah

  52. I loved Bruno! it was SO funny ! LOLz

  53. If anyone downloads any of these songs, is there anyway you can send them to my e-mail? It if freaking impossible to download them on my computer. I have tried everything. I was so pissed iTunes didn’t have a soundtrack. If you can do this, I would really appreciate it.

  54. i want the soundtrack for bruno. who erased my message.

  55. Looking for two songs: The one when he arrives at the Milan fashion show, and the one in the end credits

  56. must know the ich bin in LA song!

  57. i want the ron paul song!!

  58. it doesn’t work 😦

  59. yeah that track in ron paul scene is the mind boggler…still waiting for it to surface!!

  60. you don’t understand how much the ron paul song gets stuck in my head

  61. does anyone know the song playing when he’s eating all the carbs? i know i’ve heard it being played in another movie, and it’s really bugging me…i think it’s all instrumental.

  62. Why the hell is everyone ignoring the Ron Paul question?!

    I work at the movie theaters and its ALWAYS stuck in my head. We have to figure this out there is no way, just none, that there is no record of it…Come on…

  63. does anyone know the “ICH BIN IN LA” song?

  64. i have google’d this “ich bin in LA” song, and I can’t find CRAP!
    I even went to the movies to see Bruno with my gf, pulled out my iPhone and used Shazam to see if it could pick up the info on it…NO LUCK!
    I even tried during the credits when the song played clearly, but no luck again! I tried all 3 damn times it played during the movie!!
    my gf tried it with her Verizon phone, the music program she had like Shazam…NO LUCK AGAIN!
    if ANYONE can find the name of this song, please post! it’s driving me insane! My gf said that Cohen could have made the song himself…but it sounds A LOT like Rammstein! HELP!!!!

  65. P.S.
    I think he’s saying, “ISH COMING TO LA”

  66. i want the LA Song too. Please help

  67. the ron paul scene song:

  68. There is a bruno iphone app, a lot of the songs are on there,m apart from the LA one 😦

  69. Does someone knows the song at the begining where he introduces his clothes-assisstant and few secons later he said that he was 7 minutes in love with one of the milli vanilli group and the song from this sequenz is NOWHERE listed and nowhere to find!!! Why? Could someone help to find this song? Thx!

  70. Isn’t the L.A song written next to the songs in the end of the credits??


  72. yesss ronnnnn scennne

  73. lol julien that’s my video

  74. i know but nobody add the link

  75. lol i thought i posted the directions to get it yesterday- oh well. but yeah i went through some trouble to get that but i got it on the internet!!! 🙂



    PPP R.I.P

    respect to brüno for the 3 steps ahead music.

  78. wie heißt das lied bei bruno wo er mit dem flugzeug zu meiländer fahsions week fliegt? das lied fängt da an wo man das flugzeug gerade abheben sieht.

  79. lotta help guys…. keep up yhe good work. thx a lot

  80. Ich Kommen Zum (Ich Bin Im) LA is the song and it’s available on Demonoid.

    Oh, and the song “For Sho'” isn’t by DaVinci’s Notebook, it’s by D-Note… honest mistake (completely different style of music, though)

  81. me neither plz its awesome!!

  82. can anyone recognize the tracks from Brüno’s promo tape “interview with Harrisson Ford”
    i saw the movie quite a bit of time ago, so i can’t remember how many songs were played on it
    but it was the one of hardcore genre 🙂

    • The songs from “A-List Celebrity Max-Out mit Brüno” are:

      “Thunderdome ‘Till We Die”
      “Stravinsky’s Bass”
      (both by 3 Steps Ahead)

      But I don’t have a clue as to what the song is during the swinging/talking penis… if someone knows THAT they should post it!

  83. For Sho’ – D-Note

  84. can you upload it anywhere?

  85. i don’t have the song

  86. the LA-song? anywhere?

  87. ah okay thx 🙂

  88. lol my video is embedded on this page

  89. Hey guys i´ve found the track “ich gehe zu L.A.” in youtube!
    here´s the link for it
    But the quality is not the best!!!

  90. Ich Kommen Zum LA

  91. Does anyone know the name of the music playing as they drive into the Lebanon and the refugee camps? It’s so good and I wish i knew what it was!

  92. sorry i meant Lebanon not the Lebanon 🙂

  93. DOes anyone know the name of the song that plays when Bruno and other guests enter the talk show “Today with Richard Bay “

  94. Does anyone know the song playing during the talk show with Richard Bey, when Bruno, OJ and the social worker come out?

  95. could someone provide me a link to a public torrent or rapidshare link of the soundtrack? or send me an invite for demonoid so I can download it? Thanks!!!

  96. Awesome, thanks for posting this!

  97. here’s in oder heraus:

    🙂 enjoy!
    – mottbonzo on youtube

  98. here is the L.A. song, highly requested:


  99. d-note – fo sho’

    -mottbonzo 🙂

  100. What is the song where he goes to the fashion thing in milan???? please answer

  101. what is the name of the song on the bruno tv spot #10 trailer titled “Influential Roles”? just watched it on youtube. it’s at the very beginning and it’s an electronic song with a robotic male voice saying–love me, love me, love me

  102. i can’t find it 😦
    the milan song is by erran baron cohen

  103. the talk show song is used by many talk shows

    • well do you know it? because what you said is as helpful as you just saying “they use it in the movie”

  104. it’s made up

  105. What is the name of the song when he is gonna go to italy by plane.. after the sex scenes with his pygme boy?


  106. Does someone knows the song at the begining where he introduces his clothes-assisstant and few secons later he said that he was 7 minutes in love with one of the milli vanilli group and the song from this sequenz is NOWHERE listed and nowhere to find!!! This track comes again in the few seconds when he is talking with lutz before paula abdul is arriving. Why the fucking hell NOBODY knows this song and why it’s not listed in the end credits? Could someone help me to find this song? Thx!

  107. its cuz it’s not a “real song” it was made specifically for the movie score. maybe sacha’s brother?

  108. What the real name of the song Dove of Peace . It sounds very familiar.

  109. Hey, what is the title of the song / guitar riff that is played during the Straight Dave’s Man Slammin’ Maxout intro, BEFORE the AC/DC song. Just the song at the ‘intro’ of the Maxout. Tnx

  110. 1. italy song sounds like perfect exceeder, but it’s probably made up
    2. milli vanilli not a real song
    3. guitar riff sounds like it’s included with back in black

  111. The song Schlaf Kinder Schlaf is a adaption of the first strophe of Schlaf, Kindlein, Schlaf, which is an well-known German lullaby. Although they pretty much fucked it up. It doesn’t even make sense to children, when a tree falls down (from an abyss or something, not to be confused with cutting down a tree), because their father is tending sheep.

    They mixed up Bäumelein with Träumelein. Bäumelein means tree and Träumelein means dream, so they left out the part, when the mother is shaking the tree, that the dream can fall out of the tree. And by the way all the words ending -lein are diminutive. So, you can look up Baum, Traum and Kind (Kinder is plural) in a dictionary.

    original text:,_Kindlein,_schlaf

  112. milan fashion week song pls??? the part after the sex scene and before de la prada!

  113. I don’t like the fact that the dutch hardcore music is in it (I am dutch myself) and it should stay dutch (to some extend european)….. we’ve been dancing to it since the early 1990s….. and it would be a shame if it would globalize… because its a subculture here….. and I wouldn’t be happy if America (where I have lived for some years) would all start listening to the same music…………… it wouldn’t be the same.

    sorry if this offends anyone

    • Well Sir Just saying I am American and i listen to hardcore constantly, all hardcore, and one movie wont let it globalise, if anything the only poeple who are gonna listen to it is the people who love it and they are only gonna have the songs from the bruno movie.

  114. i wish i knew what you just said

  115. I need the song where he is talking about millan fasion week… Ive been trying to find it every where and i cant find it please help!!!

  116. Milan Fasion Week, when the plane takes off, whats the songs name????????????????????+ it kind of reminds me of mason – exceeder,BUT i NEED THE REAL TITLE AND I AM GETTING PISSED OF IF I DONT GET IT SOON!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 Nah, just kiddin’, but i really want it, please help me/us who are trying to find this song,,,

  117. OK, i am going to clip that scene from the movie and promote it on youtube, and as soon i get som answers and checked the song i will post it here!

  118. I have posted the video so if you want answers:

  119. Daaalaaaa, I know exactly which part you mean, I myself have been trying to find that “milan fashion” song for ages now, I even check back every week on this site, just to look for a comment where someone says: I FOUND IT! People out there, WE NEED TO FIND THAT SONG!!! Watch the youtube link if you dont know what we mean, the part where he goes to the milan fashion show, that soundtrack is awesome!!! I desperately need to find it!

  120. I know the part. (btw your video doesn’t play in all countries) and the song is not real.

  121. ok thanks, i’ll fix it 😉

  122. The song is not real? If so they must have ATlEAST published it somewhere, damn it, we need a petition to get that song out there: The milan song, it would be a shame if its not available:(((

  123. God damn it, someone please post that fuckin’ title or I freakin’ shoot somebody, FOCK!

  124. God damn it, someone please post that fuckin’ title or I freakin’ shoot somebody, FOCK!!

  125. ok everybody check here: I’ve start to ask who knows what the song is called so check it recently because it might update and maybe some might leave a comment on what the answer is 😉


  126. I really want to find that “Yo Mo-Fo” by K.I.N.D. but I still come up with no results… has anyone found it on youtube or at least some more info on that song? Please let me know :).

  127. I’m looking for the name of the song that plays when Bruno is ripping the shirts off the two girls at the Straight Daves’ scene. It come on just after after AC/DC and all you hear is the guitar riff.

  128. I was sure it was the intro to a Lords of Acid track…..


  130. whats the song that bruno dances to in the alist celebrity max out video?

  131. jamie it’s thunderdome til we die, if you mean the first song.


  133. It’s like this but before it there is this:
    tet tet tet tet tanana
    tet tet tet tet tanana
    tet tet tet tet tanana

    then he wave his dick with this song:

    Tetetetouv tetetetouv tetetetouv tananana
    Tetetetouv tetetetouv tetetetouv tananana
    the his dick freezes and say ‘BRUNO’ 🙂

    (Tetetetouv tetetetouv ….)

  134. Hello. Is the VERY opening song (with Chip munk vocals) included in this list?

  135. The LA song that plays during the credits is Ich Komme Zum

  136. Whats the song that is a remix of Rihanna’s Live Your Life
    It goes – bia bi bia ah ha bia ah ah

    Sounds like Eurodance…


    • The song that was sampled for Rihanna’s Live Your Life is “Dragostea Din Tei” by O-Zone (also known as the “Numa Numa” song) but it has nothing to do with Brüno…

  137. hello

    just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

    hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read and then a lot to wright

  138. whats the song played during the bruno iphone epp? thanks 🙂

  139. In Oder Aus

  140. WTF havent anybody found the milan fashionweek song jet ??

  141. this blows.. the ron paul oh yeah link doesn’t even work.. wtf? what’s the name of the song? just ‘oh yeah’ any artist? this blows.

  142. I’ve been looking for Sexin’ Me for over a year. No luck anywhere. Any ideas? THanks

  143. I really want to know the name of the electronica song from the Ron Paul scene too. Please help!!

  144. Why do they say all the 17 songs are here when in fact many can’t find the one they are even looking for on here? beats me for sure and most people don’t reply to the people who ask questions. So what is the use?

  145. I’ve been looking for the weiner-shaking song forever. Can anyone help me with this?

  146. What is the name of the second electro music after the opnening music because the crazy frog is not.

  147. What is the song name playing in the background when Bruno is dancing all over that guy on the Spanish talk show anybody (HELP) ??

  148. […] Dicas via ReelSoundtrack. […]

  149. Good website! I truly love how it is easy on my eyes and the data are well written. I am wondering how I might be notified when a new post has been made. I’ve subscribed to your feed which must do the trick! Have a great day!

  150. Im trying to find the final song where start the credits, is like techno, just when finished the dove of peace. then started In oder aus, but inmediatley startes another techono song!! is like a mix crossing eachother!

  151. Valeu, valeu meeeesmo. Tinha uma música que é justamente a do crazy frog que eu não conseguia achar. Obrigada, mais uma vez.

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