All 23 Songs from I Love You, Beth Cooper Soundtrack

The soundtrack album for I Love You Beth Cooper has 11 songs from the movie. You can find these songs, plus the 12 other songs from the movie here.

For an awkward teeny bopper falls for the prom queen who she is strangely intrigued by him comedy (I mean that in a good way), the music to I Love You Beth Cooper is a lot less pop and more guitar than I would expect. (I mean that in a good way too.) Continuing the trend of other recent comedies with love interests named Beth – such as Role Models – the KISS classic “Beth” is also in this movie.

You also have music from Against Me! and a couple tunes from the Transcenders, whose music is also in 40-Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and College. Throw in Airbourne, Alice Cooper and The Hives and you have a rockin good time.

The soundtrack is balanced out with some Gym Class Heroes, The Ting Tings and even some classic Foreigner with “Feels Like the First Time.”

Here is the complete list of all 23 songs from I Love You, Beth Cooper, with links to the downloads for them. You can also find all the videos for the songs at

Original music for I Love You, Beth Cooper by Christophe Beck


~ by montelutz on July 10, 2009.

26 Responses to “All 23 Songs from I Love You, Beth Cooper Soundtrack”

  1. hey. 🙂
    thanks for mosting

  2. beth is a good song. thanks

  3. what that song after graduation when the camaro is driving by

  4. vlwwwww!

  5. What song is playing when Dr.Gleason is making out with the guy in her flashback?!?

    • true by spandau ballet….(loyd used it as a sample in “you” featuring lil wayne)…

      does anyone know what song is played dr.gleasons flash back…after kevin ( the army kid) stomps on dennis and sum kids drive by in a convertible….thanks..

  6. When I heard New Wave by Against Me! play, I pretty much creamed myself, god I love that band

  7. Does anyone know the song that plays after graduation with the kids that drive by and shout pussies?

  8. Hey, what song is this gitar melody when the girls dance in the gym?

  9. What is the song being played at the party

  10. Which song is playing during the sunrise, when Beth and Dennis are by the water?

  11. hey what’s the song when they comming to the big party?

  12. What’s the song when the guy was putting tampons in his nose?
    it’s goes something like..
    “was it love, or something I”..blah.blah.
    anyone knows that song?

  13. mam pytanie w tym flmie i love beth cooper był watek – kocham tą piosenkę, kto by nie chciał rozwalić szkoły łoooo. coś takiego xd wie ktos?

  14. w senie co to była ta piosenka do której oni śpiewali. ;]

  15. what is the song when her boyfriend is driving the hummer. it sounds like those classic movie songs?

  16. ummmmm the song at the party?????!!!?? what was it?

  17. “I Love You, Beth Cooper” Hello, can some1 tell me plz what is the the very last music name??? Please send me to email )name/or the track music(, I would Really Appreciate……..

  18. i m also searching for song which in comes in last … may be its from adventure of robin hood i read some where but till failed to find it

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