500 Days of Summer Soundtrack Features 27 Songs of Greatness

I have found my favorite soundtrack of the summer. It’s the 27 songs from 500 Days of Summer. Only half of them are on the soundtrack album that was released, but you can find all 27 (plus a bonus track) here.

(500) Days of Summer features a couple songs from The Smiths, Regina Spektor, Feist, Sppon, Wolfmother, Belle & Sebastian and The Doves, as well as tracks from Poison, The Clash and Simon & Garfunkel. Seriously, how could you go wrong with this one. Even She’s Like the Wind is on it in a so bad it’s oh so good sort of way.

Here are the songs from the movie, with downloads for most of them. [Update: I have rearranged the songs so that they are in the correct order from the movie and have added notes for the scenes they are in. I hope this is helpful.]

You can also find the videos for the songs at Reelsoundtrack.com. Hope you enjoy. I know I did.

  • Opening song – Us by Regina Spektor
  • Summer effect on record sales – The Boy With The Arab Strap by Sarah Martin, Stuart Murdoch, Richard Colburn, Michael Cooke, Christopher Geddes, Stephen Jackson and Isobel Campbell (aka Belle & Sebastian)
  • Elevator – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths
  • Office Party – Bad Kids by Black Lips
  • I’m in love with Summer – She’s Like The Wind by Patrick Swayze
  • Going to the supply closet – Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths
  • First karaoke song – Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Bobby Dall, CC DeVille, Bret Michaels and Rikki Rocket (aka Poison)
  • Summer sings – Sugar Town by Lee Hazlewood (sung by Zooey Deschanel)
  • Background music at karaoke bar – She’s Like The Wind by Patrick Swayze
  • Tom sings – Here Comes Your Man by Meaghan Smith (sung by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, originally performed by the Pixies)
  • Friend sings – God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood
  • Friend comes over – Have I Been A Fool? by Jack Penate
  • IKEA kitchen – There Goes The Fear by The Doves
  • After they sleep together, high fives and dancing – You Make My Dreams by Daryl Hall & John Oates
  • She hums song on the phone – Knight Rider (Main Title) by Glen A. Larson and Stu Phillips
  • Talking about buildings – Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
  • Driving – Quelqu’un M’a Dit by Carla Bruni
  • Bar fight – Veni Vidi Vici by Black Lips
  • They fight (or art gallery) – The Music by Paper Route
  • I hate Summer – She’s Like The Wind by Patrick Swayze
  • Singing with blind date – Train In Vain (Stand By Me) by Topper Headon, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Joe Strummer (aka The Clash)
  • On the train – Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
  • Wedding – Mushaboom by Feist
  • Wedding singer – At Last by Kevin Michael
  • Expectations vs. reality; Summer’s party – Hero by Regina Spektor
  • Watching The Graduate – Bookends by Simon and Garfunkel
  • Architecture interview – The Infinite Pet by Spoon
  • End credits – She’s Got You High by Mumm-Ra
  • Vagabond by Wolfmother

Original music for (500) Days of Summer by Rob Simonsen

Extra song on the album that was not in the movie:


~ by montelutz on July 17, 2009.

38 Responses to “500 Days of Summer Soundtrack Features 27 Songs of Greatness”

  1. Love that you compiled this list. Did you by chance include the song that was played during the train scene when Summer and Tom were going to Santa Barbra? Thx

  2. I was really excited when She’s Got You High started playing. Best film of summer.

  3. sweet disposition by temper trap?

  4. I agree, it’s one of the best soundtracks of the summer.

  5. I was wondering why I couldn’t find the temper song on imeem. The first 35 seconds of the song really matched the movie.

    I googled “songs not on 500 days of summer soundtrack” and yours popped up.

    thanks for such an elaborate list.

    are you getting a lot of hits by being a soundtrack blog? or do you truly enjoy this?

    thank you so much!

    • started making lists of the songs because i could not find them anywhere else. more than mildly obsessed with movie music. definitely a labor of love.

  6. does anyone know the instrumental song played on their way back (in the train) when summer leaned her head on tom’s shoulder?

  7. what is the song that plays at the very very end of the credits after mumm-ra?

  8. Thank you! I’ll be checking out your other posts momentarily.

  9. Hi, like Robin above, I’m desperate to find out what the instrumental song is played during the credits between She’s Got You high and Wolfmother. Any ideas?

    Many thanks.

  10. Thanks for the complete list! I’m in love with this soundtrack.

  11. where can I download the instrumental tracks from?

  12. I really want to get hold of the score (album or mp3) but this doesn’t appear possible in the UK. Can anyone help?

  13. You didn’t happen to compile all the songs into one download by chance did you? Having to do each individually is a chore to a spoiled 1 click generation internet child…

  14. Muito obrigado, eu precisava disso!

  15. would you happen to know what song summer is singing right before she talks to tom about her exes? i know she sings the lyrics “you love her, you were kissin..”

  16. Hey can anyone tell me the instrumental that is played twice in the film.. once when tom and summer are on the train – any artist name or song title would be excellent

  17. […] the movie has a great soundtrack (here’s a full listing). And that can go a long way — even for romantic idiots and the hateful witches they fall […]

  18. Hey, firts I went to the movies to see this film and fell in love with it. I, like everyone in here, also love the soundtrack. There’s just one song I can’t find out, which is the playing right when Tom shows Summer his favorite spot in LA. A guy sings it in a falsetto, I’ve been looking for this song ever since I heard it on the movie.

    • Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap? 🙂 I love that song but I don’t know what the guy is saying in the song xD

  19. I can NOT find the song that is playing during the 441 1/2 day… I’ve been looking for about an hour now, and I seriously can’t find it.

  20. ah ha found it-the infinite pet-SPOON!

  21. Thank you so much! 🙂 I’ve been desperately searching for the songs since forever!

  22. Sweet Dispostion is a amazing song thank you so much I’ve been wondering what that song was called and I finally found thanx to you!!!

  23. […] Includes: The Smiths, Regina Spektor, Feist, Poison, Black Lips… check out the whole list here at a movie loving music […]

  24. Brilliant list, thanks so much! one thing I can’t find- the song playing near the end, starts right after “I really do hope that you’re happy” and leading up to his (last) job interview. Is it original score by any chance?

  25. Sin duda las canciones de Regina Spektor son las mejores… bueno, al menos para mí

  26. Thank you very much! I loved the movie, the photography, the plot, the actors, the playing, the music… it was all fantastic♥

  27. Hello,
    Its great help for me
    Thanks for the nice information, GBU, Have a nice day 😉


  28. awesomeee!, thank you for this, and taking the time of commenting all of them. 😀

  29. ma’eh tu’u soundtrack iti… kagiri ku ngarengei ye!

  30. hey thanx a lot!!!you just made ny day!!:D

  31. Thank you for posting this. I loved the music through the entire movie but could only identify a few songs — and god knows that the released soundtracks are always horribly incomplete. You have made my day absolutely amazing. Thank you!

  32. hello, i’m desperately trying to find the song played when tom finds out about summers engagement. specifically when he’s running down the stairs. its sound like a couple of cellos playing. i’d really appreciate a response. thankyouu.

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