All 12 Songs from The Ugly Truth Soundtrack

The soundtrack album for The Ugly Truth only has the score from the movie, but you can find all 12 songs from the movie here. Given the norms of other recent romantic comedies, which typically have 20 to 30 songs, the music is a bit slim, but what is there is solid (a bit formulaic, but solid). The music includes Katy Perry, Daniel Merriweather, Nikka Costa, Josh Kelley and Natasha Bedingfield, as well as some dancy dance from Flo Rida in the form of Right Round.

Here’s the complete list of songs from The Ugly Truth with videos and downloads for most of them. (Update: we’ve added notes on most of the scenes that the songs are in.)

Original music for The Ugly Truth by Aaron Zigman. This the score album for the movie.


~ by montelutz on July 24, 2009.

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  1. […] All 12 Songs from The Ugly Truth Soundtrack The soundtrack album for The Ugly Truth only has the score from the movie, but you can find all 12 songs from the movie […] […]

  2. Can someone tell me which song was the one they danced to at the Cuban place? I loved it and was hoping to get my hands on a copy- Thanks!

    • El Gitano Del Amor is what they danced to….that dance scene was so hot! mmmmm

      • how thankful i am to you:))) i was seaking for this song by the words but …no way;[ The name of the group only helped me ! These guitars are really terrific ! i just have to dance salsa when listen to such amazing music.
        thank you one more time !!!!!!!

  3. Can someone tell me which song was the one that played when they were out walking across rocks and on a log over water. The words I remember from the song are “Take me away”.

  4. Natasha Bedingfield – Pocketful of Sunshin Lyrics

  5. nice blog post.

  6. 🙂

  7. Everybody got their something is a great song!

  8. I want to find the song when Colin and Abby go for a car ride on a beautiful bridge and mountains…the song say something like “take me away…take me home….” thank you

  9. does anyone know the song in the ugly truth that they play at the beginning of the hot air ballon scene?

  10. does anyone know that song that they danced to at the restaurant?

  11. yea, i’d like to know the dance song too…

  12. El Gitano Del Amor
    is the song in the cuban resturant if thats what you’re looking for..

  13. which is the song that plays during the credits?

  14. I liked that song as well….hope someone can tell us.


  16. Isn’t there a song by lifehouse in there…something like.. falling apart or do they say falling in love? … Help?

  17. Was there an 80’s song in there somewhere too around the beginning, cause i can’t seem to find it…. does anyone know what it was?

  18. “Steven” –> Right Round has music from an 80s song. It is by Dead or Alive “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record), it was in their 1987 Rip It Up Album…

    Is that what you were looking for?

  19. in the hotel when mike wants to go back to see abbey in her room, whats the piano music?

  20. I found the music played at the kissing scene of Abby and Mike on the fire balloon towrads the end of the movie most pretty. I found it in the soundtrack of the movie on the play list no. 33. But does the song have a name or if I could find it online w/o purchasing the soundtrack CD?

  21. Love the song Grace Kelly by Mika

  22. hi, do you have links soundtrack The U.T. ?

  23. can smebody plis tell mee the piano song when mike and abby are in the hotel … and mike wants to go back to her room… whats that piano song name??

    • lokk! I posted the same question above. Its on the soundtrack # 33. go to to preview it.

      • Yeah, I luv that music also. Just wondering if it is a independent existing song that I could download from the internet w/o buying the soundtrack. What’s the name pls?

  24. again…what was the song played while they were drivinbg in the car? thanks!!!

  25. thank you!!!!!!!!
    i really looking for these songs!!!!
    thanks! thanks! thanks!

  26. does anyone know the name of the restaurant they danced in? the Cuban one?

  27. thanks guy’s..finally i found a song’s played while they are driving in the car..

  28. THANKS FOR THIS PAGE!!!! Great to finally have the songs!

  29. the lifehouse song with the part were it goz like ( im fallin apart . im bearly breathin with a broken heart thats still beatin ) << is that wt u mean ??

    anywaay whats the song that plays in the car ??? plz answer (:

  30. Where can i download the song when mike goes back to her hotel room after the kiss?? the piano song!!! pleaseeeeeee

  31. does anyone now what is that piano song which is playing on the scene where mike is going to the abbys door!! i want it 😀

    • I guess nobody really know this one. It seems not a existing song. I would appreciate if anyone could name it n link a source for downloading the song.Thaaaaaaaaaaanx beforehand!

  32. The lifehouse song is called : Broken

  33. Thanks for this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. what is the song plays durind the credits?

  35. durin the credits is Right Round- Flo Rida
    does anyone know whats the song that plays in the car???
    plz, answeer!

  36. soorry, found it!
    song that plays in the car: Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield (up here on the page)
    the cutest song *-*

  37. OMG you all soooo coool……I am looking for the same song too. and I just got the tittle in this blog… I though that the tittle would be take me away…..and I was wrong that would be pocketfull of sunshine….thanks guys for sharinng!!!!!!

  38. I think everyone should watch this movie.

  39. Pocketful sunshine is one beautiful song…

  40. Does anyone know where to download all the songs?

  41. yeah,does anyone know the title of the piano music where mike was going to abby’s hotel room.. puhlease.. iv really fallen in love with that music, with the movie also, most esp with gerard butler! 😉

  42. love the ugly truth, love the piano music at the hotel lobby, but most esp love gerard butler! ahh..

  43. HYE does anyone know what song plays during they havin picnic? abby n colin. thaks

  44. ok got it! hhaha.. thanks!

  45. can you tell me which song played while the beginning of the movie? Thanks!

  46. If you state that you have music here….that ways that the content resides on YOUR site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop being an idiot!!
    There are way to many fart heads like yourself that supposedly offer true content to the web but FFS do it then!!!! Num NUTS!!!

    • I post links to as many of the songs that I can find. It’s not perfect, but hopefully it helps people find the songs they are looking for. I understand your frustration. It’s the same frustration that led me to create the site in the first place. I was repeatedly bummed that the soundtrack albums released for movies only contained a slice of the music, if any at all. So this is my small attempt to help alleviate that headache – for myself – and for others in the same boat. I don’t own all the songs, so I can’t post them. But I link to as many as I can, so that it is easier to find them than having to criss-cross the web for each of them individually.

  47. This is, without question, the worst soundtrack ever created.

  48. what was the song in the part where they we’re on the hot air balloon? the instrumental song?? can any1 plz tell me??

  49. wow wow wow!! love it)) love this movie,,,love Jerard…love soundtrack!

  50. Does anyone know the name of the final song when Abby & Mike on the bed ??


  51. its called the kiss…heres a youtube link

  52. nice help me find out all the music!!! thank u..

  53. All these times I thought pocketful of sunshine was titled “TAKE ME AWAY” no wonder I looked to the end of the world searching for it! THANKS A BUNCH! LOVE THE SONG and the movie 😀

  54. hi! anybody knows which melody plays after Right Round- Flo Rida?

  55. Thnx for the person who made this post!!!

  56. El Gitano Del Amor by Latin Soul Syndicate…wer can i download dis song..??

  57. Really nice place to get the information (at the least)about the tracks one is interested in.

  58. El Gitano Del Amor by Latin Soul Syndicate…wer can i download dis song..?? lemme noe

  59. thanks to everyone who helped me in finding that cuban place song!..cheers…this blog rocks!

  60. thnks vry mch i was realy lookin for these songs…

  61. Thank you for this! Just what I wanted. I love music in this movie.

  62. pocketful of sunshine, the best song!

  63. Horrible soundtrack. Whoever was in charge of the score should never work in the industry again. Spin me round is about giving a blowjob and pocket full of sunshine is about abuse. If I was in charge of music in a movie, I think I would know these things before putting them into a movie.

  64. Where is the Cuban Club and What is the name?

  65. heylo 🙂 can anyone kiindly tell me that how can i download da piano track which i gues the theme song of this movie ?

  66. HEY!!!
    i love The Ugly Truth!! it’s one of the greatest movies in the comedy-romantic cathegory.
    for all those people who was looking for the piano song in the kiss scene of Abby and Mike i found the guy who wrote it..the song name is THE KISS and written by AARON ZIGMAN…but!! i almost die!! ’cause i already saw another movie that i liked even more than the ugly truth (i think). It’s “Bridge to Terabithia” , i loved that movie too -first for the movie and besides i have a big big crush on Josh Hutcherson!!xD- and when i looked for some songs i found that most of the songs were from AARON so…it’s fate
    greeting for all

  67. haha i forgot to comment…most of the thingsd about love in that movie are so true..but some..just not.
    KEEP YOUR MIND WIDE OPEN it’s one song of “Bridge…” singing by Annasophia Robb….the star of that movie..and a really good song.It sticks to you xD
    jajaj i also like cats a lot..and i found very cool the name of Abby’s cat…:D

  68. and i love annasophia robb too.
    that’s it i’m done…i’m gonna be quiet now…don’t comment anymore…al least for now…xD
    my mouth it’s close !!!:):)

  69. katy perry is just awesome…

  70. does anybody know the title and atist of the song when abby and mike dance? you know: the way you walk, the way you talk the way you smile turns me on … i can’t seem to find it

  71. The biggest find on this soundtrack is Nikka Costa — awesome song.

  72. Does anyone knows the filming location of song Pocketful of sunshine in which beautiful hill and a bridge is shown.

  73. I wan’t to know the name of the song from the movie the ugly truth dance scene,

  74. what is the name of the track played in the movie ended just before the ending intro started

  75. whats the name of the final song at the end of the movie showing credentials. right after spin me around

  76. Beautiful tracks …

  77. i lvd d movie nd the songs 2.thnks for this blog tht helped me find all the songs…… fav are take me away nd hot nd cold

  78. what’s the name of the instrumental song when mike was walking towards abbey’s room in the hotel at 1.15.05 (hr/min/sec) of the movie? someone please tell me 😥

  79. Thanks for the prveiw. Enjoyed your web site.

  80. i want all of the songs of this movie plzzzzzzzzzzzzz in mp3 formate.

  81. The song “Chainsaw” is played when all the hot air balloons take off

  82. I just wanted to say thank you to the person who maintains this site. I got the list of songs from Adventureland off here. As someone who is constantly searching for the music I hear in movies, I’m so glad a site like this exists. Thanks!!!

    • glad we could help. adventureland was a great movie, made more so by the music. the movie seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, but there are more than a few of us out there that found a movie (and a soundtrack) that we could love.

  83. what’s the song they salsa dance to?

  84. hey….lovely site found all my fav songs….
    pocket full of sunshine n the kiss r really gr8…:)

  85. hey.. does anyone know the producer of the piano song – kiss?

  86. hey there. i’ve been trying to collect a compilation of the tracks featured in the film… and i’m still missing these:

    2. Rick Krive Cafe Metropole
    3. Scott Robinson Catz Meow
    4. Daniel May Solo Violin 2
    7. Josh Kelley Under the Covers
    9. Los Pinguos De Vez en Cuando

    i’d appreciate some links to go with those… 🙂

    thanks 🙂

  87. Hi… can anyone tell me what the song was when Abby was in the cab going into the hotel? It was instrumental. Thanks!!

  88. Ooops, sorry. It only had 10 of the 12 songs… it’s missing #3-Catz Meow by Scott Robinson and #4–Solo Violin #2 by Daniel May (so I am still looking for those ones).

  89. So, I think that I’m the only one here asking about the song that’s playing in the background in the scene at the “S.F. Saloon & Grille”… It’s the scene with Katherine and Gerard having drinks, but the song is very low in the scene…
    Anyone know what it is…???

  90. gde nujna zaregistrirovatsa? ya probuyu no nichego nepoluchayetsa(

  91. thx a alot

  92. Can anyone plz tell me what’s the name of the song that goes something like “and ill make you s-m-i-l-e.”

  93. Flo Rida is cool!

  94. Have you heard anything about an O.S.T. for the release of Aaron Zigman’s What’s Your Number Soundtrack?

  95. tanx !!!! i realy like take me away song !!!!! that was amazing

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