All 32 Songs from the Funny People Soundtrack

There are 32 songs in the movie Funny People. The soundtrack album has 10 of them, but you can find all of them here. It is an interesting mix of music – “grown up” is how I would characterize it – as is Adam Sandler himself.

I have not seen the movie yet (stay tuned for an update with information on the songs in each scene), but I have a feeling that this film is going to be a bit like Adventureland – a heartfelt and heartwrenching film wrapped in comic stylings. Although the music is certainly a departure from the eighties inspired Adventureland, there is a commonality with the 32 songs from Funny People.

The movie features a number of songs from Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison, not as the Beatles, but as individuals. It also has a bit of a reggae tinge with Bob Marley, The English Beat and a Clash song that is more reggae than rock. It also features James Taylor, Little Feat and Warren Zevon. Not to be typecast as middle age muzak, the movie also throws in Alice in Chains, Kool & The Gang and The Bangles.

Here’s the complete list of songs from the movie with links to the downloads for most of them:

Original music for Funny People by Jason Schwartzman and Michael Andrews

Extra songs on the soundtrack album that aren’t in the movie:


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37 Responses to “All 32 Songs from the Funny People Soundtrack”

  1. I am looking for a clip of the movie that shows James Taylor. Where can I find it?

  2. Hey,
    Do you know which song was playing in the second half of the movie when Ira is going to the airport to stop Leslie Mann’s character, Laura?

    • hey the song in the airport is I Am Young by Coconut Records, the part of the melady they use in the film is from 2:15 to 3:07. however the version in the film is different from the actual track by coconut records

    • hey,
      the song in the airport is I Am Young by Coconut Records, the part of the meledy they use in the film is from 2:15 to 3:07 in the song. but the version in the film is different from the actual track by coconut records.

    • the song is I Am Young by Coconut Records. listin to the whole song and ull realize!

  3. Do you know the 3 songs that were played when Ira was making a song list for George’s Ipod?

    • yo, so the three songs are:
      Three Little Birds by Bob Marley & The Wailers
      Keep Me In Your Heart by Warren Zevon
      (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes


  5. Hey can someone please tell me the song that is being played in the background right after they do the myspace gig and George gives Ira the 1000 dollars? It is a famous song but it is very faint and I cannot make out any of the lyrics, thanks

  6. “George Simmons soon will be gone” IS in the movie. Sandler plays it when he’s doing his standup routine, in one of the montages.

  7. What is the song when Irah and George are in the car and they are mad at eachother when irah leaves the care there is a song with piano and a guitar anyone know what song it is?

  8. its this song btw iam looking for please help me

  9. Does anyone know the song that’s playing, (it’s just the intro i think) when George and Ira are first walking up to Laura’s house the day after their big gig?

  10. Can someone tell me the song that is playing during the movie credits? Thanks.

  11. hey yeah i would really really really like that piano song on video.

  12. What’s the song that’s playiing right after george finds out he’s healed and he calls ira in the car then goes into his house and talks to the housekeeper?

  13. can anybody tell me what song plays right after they do the prank calls

  14. What is the song George plays on the piano, not the George Simmons will soon be gone but the one he plays in his house?

  15. Yes I am also intrested in the linked youtube song above with the guitar and piano. Played after their fight in the car

  16. There’s an acoustic guitar piece that’s played in the menu section before you select “play “movie”. Anyone know the name of this song?

  17. does anyone know the song or guitaring bit when ira says that geoege willbe fine to his ex then george walks on stage real happy shit

  18. okay, I really liked the tune that was in the extras section––you know, it played over and over again, or at least I played it over and over again––nice strong drum beat . . . any idea where that was from?

  19. what’e the title of the song adam sandler is singing with the band at his house in the movie?

  20. Nice stuff! I do like funny people but its not as funny as mcserved


  21. Whats the song playing when George calls Ira to tell him he is ok?

  22. id like to know which catchy song was on the tv preview but not in the movie

  23. Alice in Chains and James Taylor are my favorites from Funny People soundtrack! (:


  24. What’s the name of the song that’s played after George finds out he’s sick at the beginning of the movie? It’s a guitar piece, and plays while he’s driving home and hearing the doctor giving him odds.

  25. What’s the name of that song when George apologized to his sister?

  26. Who’s playing the piano and singing in the movie?! It’s were George & Irah are late for a comedy club, and they’re on a balcony type deal and the camera shoots down to this guy playing & sining on the piano. And they say something like “How did you get _____ to play?” And the guy comes up and says “If you have the money you can get anyone to play” Or something along those lines.

  27. Whats the songs that was being performed at the beginning of the Myspace gig…tom said…had put him up cuz u guys were late…the guy plays the song with a guitar…

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