Aliens in the Attic Soundtrack is a Quiet Tisdale Riot

The music in Aliens in the Attic is as slim as the script of the movie. While you can’t go wrong with Quiet Riot, and the tween crowd is sure to like Ashley Tisdale, there are only four songs total in the movie.

The ads for Aliens in the Attic looked like it could be funny. The critics weren’t as kind to it. I guess Matrix style grandma karate moves isn’t as funny the 14th time you see it, when you actually make it to the theater.

Regardless, here’s the complete list of songs from Aliens in the Attic. They didn’t release a soundtrack album with these songs on it, but you can find them here.

Original music from Aliens in the Attic by John Debney


~ by montelutz on August 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “Aliens in the Attic Soundtrack is a Quiet Tisdale Riot”

  1. what was the song playing in ricky’s car when he arrived at the house?

  2. whos the dr love song by ????

  3. Dr.Lone by Donnie Klang

  4. *Dr.Love

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