The Julie and Julia Soundtrack Adds a Dash of Talking Heads and Django Reinhardt

The soundtrack to Julie & Julia features 8 songs, including music from the Talking Heads, Charles Azvanour, Django Reinhardt and Doris Day. To be honest, minus Psycho Killer, I didn’t find the soundtrack to be that appetizing. Maybe I am not enough of a francophone, because I found the soundtrack to be a bit uninspired, kind of like a recipe that forgets a couple spices and therefore comes out tasting a bit like cardboard.

From what I heard about the movie itself (I have yet to see it), the Julia part is great, but Julie could use a bit of work. Perhaps I should be more kind to a fellow movie  blogger. Then again, maybe bloggers should just write about movies instead of being in them.

Nevertheless, here are the 8 songs from Julie and Julia. I hope you find them more palatable than I did. If you like French classics, then you very well may:

Original music to Julie and Julie by Alexandre Desplat


~ by montelutz on August 8, 2009.

10 Responses to “The Julie and Julia Soundtrack Adds a Dash of Talking Heads and Django Reinhardt”

  1. There are nunerous songs used in the movie that are not in the credits or on the soundtrack.

    I am trying to figure out the name and group of the one used when julie and her husband get back together outside the apartment after breaking up or a while.

    The lyrics include; “Just hold on until i come back,
    Don’t throw it away now let the train roll down the track,
    Don’t throw it away because if you do, it will be you who will be crying….

    Anybody know? Thanks for your help.

  2. I think it is: Henry Gummer – “Don’t Stop the Train”

    • That’s the one! Thanks — and thanks to the secret Santa who put a little something in my inbox yesterday.

      I think Henry Gummer is also known as Henry Wolfe Gummer and apparently his mother is Meryl Streep.

      Thanks again, it’s a great cut.

  3. WOAH– I’ve been trying to figure out this song as well. Thanks to google, I found this post.

    There is another song that I am trying to find from this movie, unfortunately, I don’t have any real lyrics just that I thought the song had something to do about never getting meet the person you always wanted to meet– it’s upbeat and I feel like I heard it this morning on the radio. Now it’s bugging me.

  4. what time does it occur in the movie?

  5. What is the song that is playing during Julia’s sister’s wedding reception?

  6. My favorite song on the Julie and Julia Soundtrack is Margaret Whiting Time After Time

  7. i am searching the same song with you…..”don’t throw it away”…something like that…i cant find it….i really cant…:(

  8. I just watched julie and julia for the 3rd time, and it stands the true test of a great film. it is watchable again and again. and for the record. bushel and a peck is such a great song, and time after time by ms. whiting is timeless. but my secret is…….happily married for 30 years and to this day doris day makes my heart skip….everytime

  9. Henry Gummer- Dont Stop the Train

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