All 11 Songs from The Final Destination Soundtrack

The soundtrack album to The Final Destination only has Bryan Tyler’s score, but you can find all 11 songs from the movie here. It’s an eclectic mix, including lighter fare from Brett Dennen and Greg Laswell, some heavier riffs from Shinedown, and a throwback to the 70s with War’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends.”

Brett Dennen’s “Make You Crazy” is one of my favorite musical discoveries of the year. I randomly came across  it while flying on Virgin America a couple months ago. The video of him as the shoe salesman who sales no shoes still cracks me up.

Here’s the complete list of songs from the movie, plus the downloads for the music. You can find all of the videos for the songs at as well.


~ by montelutz on August 28, 2009.

26 Responses to “All 11 Songs from The Final Destination Soundtrack”

  1. Love ‘Corona and Lime’!

  2. What song is playing during ending credits?

  3. yeah i wanna know the name of the song during the end credits as well, me and my friend stayed for the credits just to listen to that

  4. What music was playing when the black guy was hit by a bus or so?

  5. Artist Last Name of track 6 is: Shindler (not Schindler)

  6. What song was the one where thh guy is in the truck, its some metal song, but i cant seem to find it in your tracks?

  7. Wich one is the song in the beggining, while the race goes on?

  8. i m searching 4 the song of Constatine movie when he enters the club.

  9. For constantine, search A perfect circle – Passive…

  10. Can’t find the tracks #5 and #7 anywhere… can somebody help me?

  11. what song is playing while the guy and girl are having sex at the pool scene?

  12. I want to know the song when all the teens are riding in the baddass car before the one gets out at the train tracks and gets his head ripped off… some chick is singing “all the ferber/fever* in your soul”.. I had it a long time ago, but can’t find it.

  13. Found it on

  14. Whats the song that plays while the guy driving the truck is saying ‘time’s up’.

    The only thing i can nake out what the lead screamers saying is ‘it makes you wana scream 3x theve been caught in the machine.’

    I been looking for this song for like 2 weeks.

  15. The Name of the song that the racist is playing in his truck is called ‘Dave Feldstein – It makes you wanna scream’

  16. i want to hear the song “people around the world join hands…” and want to download it too…

  17. Somebody could help me i want ton know the song in the restaurant before the hero was afraid of all in the kitchen, his boss says he was to late for “the bourguignon” ?

    French thanks for your help…

  18. Your forgot Into the Void by N.I.N.

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